A Great Find

March 21, 2008 at 6:13 am | Posted in Advice, Friends, Tech Gal, Thoughts | 17 Comments
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OK People. I have found it.

It is brilliant. It is my favorite. It is my new home page.

Perhaps I am very late to the game, but stay with me.

I have found Google Calendar.

With my upcoming job change I am moving away from ten calendars on my Outlook at work that I must keep updated and up to speed with. So in my search to simplify my life as well as mesh my personal and professional responsibilities I came across Google Calendar.

And It. Is. Amazing.

I asked my girlfriends to make one and now we can all sync our calendars. This alleviates twenty different emails trying to decide what day is best, what part of town is best, and if we are all free on a certain day. I sent one to my Mom who is now calling me on a daily basis asking if that is my car on the side of the road.

Wonder why she would ask that?!

Now she can take a look at my calendar and see where I am and where I am going. She may not be happy to know all of the places I am going. She does better under the “not knowing” mind-set, especially if it is a late night.  My Momma worries, she loves me, even though I am a big girl.

This is the best thing ever! I can keep up with when my girlfriends are going out of town on business, when we have school commitments, personal commitments, and even, doctor appts. that I want to check with them on.

It is the best thing I have found in a long time guys!


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