Update from the Cul-de-sac and Other Questions

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This just in people:

The mean neighbor mom next door waved at me today. Yes, after many many attempts to be friendly and open up the “love thy neighbor” door to her heart, the ice may have cracked.

Today as I was driving away and up by her house I again waved and flashed a smile that said, “I am slightly afraid of the child eyeing me from the driveway, but I still would like to be neighborly.”

And. She. Waved. Back.

Pick me up off of my steering wheel. I am sure I momentarily lost control of the wheel as I tried to regain my composure.


Her Hubby has not yet mowed the grass and my Hubby mowed ours yesterday.

Maybe we are making progress!


Maybe they are reading my blog, OH NO! Maybe they have hacked into my wireless and now have direct feed into my writings.

The Horrors! Things have been relatively quiet around here. Hmm.

Which leads me to something I have been muddling over. Muddling is serious business you know.

After reading Ashley’s post about her Mother-In-Law asking for access to her blog (DO NOT DO IT) it got me to thinking.

How do you decide who to give out your IP address to? For me, I have many real life followers as well as bloggy friends. I have family and friends who read on a regular basis.

It can be hard to decide who to let in your world. No one from my former job ever knew about my blogging, (no Dooce for me thank you very much) except one who is a friend, and a person I would trust my unborn child with, so I gave her my IP because her daughter was thinking of marrying a guy going into the Army. And you all know I have an opinion on that!

Anyway, while it is a great way to keep people updated on the happenings of my day to day, I also find times where I wish I could go back to the anonymous status. There are things I would like to say on a daily basis, but for fear of hurting feelings or misrepresenting a situation, I hold back.

My Mom now also begins every single conversation we have with, “I don’t want to read about this on the blog” and let’s be real, my Mom is very entertaining, but I try to respect her privacy.

My Mom’s cat even sent me an email the other day stating she had an issue with something I said about not being a cat person. Seriously.

Love you Mommy, sorry you are again the example, but there are many more!

There are also things swirling around in my head that I need to get off my chest, but again out of respect  for the people I love and others I don’t, I hold back.

And it is starting to get to me.

This is not the reason I began blogging. I don’t want to feel censored or judged or unable to fully express my true thoughts. I think you guys could give such good feedback on so many things I think and ponder. There are people I am well aware who read my blog that I need to talk about. Not family, just others. Other situations, other problems, other stuff.

Mrs. Lilac and I were talking about the importance of anonymous blogging the other night after a disturbing incident amongst her blogging world.

So, I am thinking of starting another anonymous blog. So here are my questions:

  1. 1. Do any of you maintain two different blogs? One for real life and one for outlet purposes? Is this a good idea?
  2. 2. How do you decide who you divulge your IP to?
  3. 3. For those of you have had to make the switch entirely, how did you cover your tracks and avoid the trackbacks and pings?

Tales From the Cul-de-Sac

April 9, 2008 at 8:10 pm | Posted in Random Thoughts | 17 Comments

The hilarious antics that are witnessed in my neighborhood on a weekly basis is just to good to keep to myself and Hubby for our own entertainment. So, for you my friends I am going to let you in on my little world on the cul-de-sac, in all its entirety and hilarity.

To begin this first enstallment here is the cast of characters:

  • Our neighbors to the right or the ten o’clock family on the cul-de-sac is Jan and Linda. J & L are life partners who have devoted their lives to fostering troubled adolescent boys. About a year ago they adopted one of the young boys they were fostering and have since stopped fostering to devote all of their time to being full-time Moms to this one young boy, who we will call B. He is the sweetest and kindest kid you will ever meet. He has overcome a horrific past and even though he is very introverted and shy, he is the best with Lily and Ellie and brings their dog, Jack, over to play on a regular basis.
  • The family on the three o’clock slot is Peg and Jay. They are animal lovers and take in foster dogs who are in danger of being euthanized from high-kill shelters. They have four of their own dogs and usually two to three fosters at any given time. Peg and Jay have, I think, three kids. Sometimes it is hard to tell with the amount of people in and out of their home, they are the “cool parents” to their college-aged kids and they have a ton of people over all the time. Jay is the kind of guy who wears his boxers to walk his seven dogs and somehow has convinced himself that we, the other neighbors, don’t realize he is in his boxers. All the while he is smoking a cigar – always. Their home sits on approximately one acre of land. To mow his yard he uses a mid-size farm worthy John Deere tractor, it takes him all of three minutes to accomplish the mowing and a good forty-five to un-load/load the thing from the trailer and return it to his son across town. I do not see the need in that.
  • Our neighbors to our left or at seven o’clock on the cul-de-sac is the, well, I don’t know what their names are because they never speak to anyone, ever. This family is a family with a husband, a wife, and two young boys. That is about all I know except for the fact that they yell, all the time. Everyday. The two little boys are, I am convinced, serial killers in training. The day I caught them trying to coax Ellie into walking into the electric fence to see her get shocked was the day I became afraid for my dog’s safety. While scary, they are also quite comical. The dad gets up early on Saturday mornings to don his two leaf blowers and blow his leaves across his grass and onto ours. He does have a third leaf blower which he straps to serial killer-in-training #2, all the while screaming at him to get moving. The only time said family ever speaks to us is when they come to the door on Halloween pretending to be the typical American normal family. None of us are fooled.
  • The last family to make up our little family is, well, again, I have no idea what their names are. They are an older couple who live across the street and we never see them. When we moved here they put a cake on our front stoop. They signed it “the neighbors across the street,” therefore, we have no idea who they are. The Cake was a sweet gesture. The foot long cat whisker I pulled out of it did not say “welcome to the neighborhood” in my language. They have a front lawn that consists entirely of gravel and huge trees, so they do not even come out to mow their yard. I never see them get the mail, they come and go at precisely the same time every day and they go in their garage and close the door, never speaking to anyone. I think they are up to some shaddy business. It is just a feeling.

So, tonight I come home and serial killers in training 1 & 2 are scaling the fence of their other adjoining neighbor. I watch wondering what they could be doing. I know for a fact that they do not have a relationship with said neighbors, they literally do not talk to anyone, apparently they are too exhausted from screaming all day to talk to anyone else. I don’t want to gawk, at least where the Mom can see me, so I go through my house and onto my back deck to allow myself to see the boys without the Mom seeing me. Hey, if there is a police report that needs to be filed I am going to take these little delinquents boys down. I watch as the mother is screaming at them to come back over the fence and Serial Killer in training # 2 gets stuck on the top of the fence. The dad, sans leaf-blower, comes out to take his son off of his perch just in time to see me gawking. He says loudly, (of course) “get in the house – NOW.”

They are so up to something, but now I look like the weirdo watching their every move.

Great. I would be concerned about being pegged the neighborhood snoop, but hey, they aren’t talking to anyone, so I am good.

Stay tuned. Those little crazies are up to something and I will find out what it is!

Ed. note: All WordPress users do a hallelujah that the spell-check is in fact back and working!

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