More Answers – Part Tres

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Arielle asked, “What are three things that you haven’t done that you hope to do in your lifetime?

1. Have children. Lots of children. This is a must. I will have children either by natural birth or adoption. It is my life dream that will be fulfilled.

2. Travel to many different countries including Ireland, Scotland, Italy, England, South Africa, Russia, China, Egypt, just to name a few.

3. Run a marathon. This is a very big question mark. I would love to do this, but two bad, dislocated knee-caps later it is questionable. I was listening to people at church talk about completing a marathon this weekend, and I am in awe of their stamina and determination!

Dutchess asked, “If you could have one talent, which you currently don’t have, what would it be?”

I would love to be able to play the piano and the guitar. I am in awe of people who can sit down and play and write beautiful music. I would love to be able to sit and play for hours and hours.

Rachel asked, “What is your biggest accomplishment so far?”

My biggest accomplishment would be surviving over a year without my husband while he was deployed. It was so difficult and at many times I did not think I would make it without the involvement of a padded room and a few therapists, but I did and I am much stronger for it and I have learned so much about myself and the amount of stress I can withstand.

Emma asked, “What are some of your favorite things about living in TN?”

Well, this is the first time I have talked about where I live, but I am so proud of my town, Nashville, that I need to give it a big shout-out. I love that Nashville is Music City. I love going to shows of great bands and artists for cheap mulah. I love seeing artists in little dives before they make it big and I can’t afford to go see them anymore. I love knowing people who know famous people and sometimes being introduced to them and knowing them myself. I love that it is a big city with a small town feel. I love that it is in the SOUTH. I love that I can order sweet tea at any restaurant and they don’t look at me like I am crazy. I love that it has six different roads with the same name and that I have to explain to newbies how to maneuver them. I love the skyline. I love that I can walk around downtown and not be afraid. I love that I can live close enough to it and still be in the country. I love that I was born here. I love that my children will be born here. I love that my family chose to live here. I love that I went to college here. I love it that it snows in the winter and is nice and warm in the summer. I LOVE the fall here, the colors are breath-taking. I love that it is my town and I chose to be here and I want to live nowhere else.

Nila asked, “Why did you begin blogging and how did you come up with your blog name?”

I began blogging because I was reading other blogs and I realized I needed an outlet. I needed to vent, to write, to create. I needed to record my life so that when I am old and most likely even more forgetful, I can look back on my life and remember the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I asked for help with my name from my fellow bloggers and Heather at Curious Life suggested A[tipp]ical Thoughts playing on my childhood nickname, Tipp. I loved it and I kept it.

Thanks for all the great questions ladies!


More Answers!

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Here are a few more answers to all of you great bloggers who asked some great questions:

Auburn Kat asked why I chose my line of work.

I have always loved working with children. I grew up a PK (Preacher’s Kid) and was the kid who always taught the nursery class, helped with children’s groups, and babysat kids during choir practice or other church functions. I have always been more comfortable talking to children rather than adults. I got involved with children with special needs because they taught me something everyday I worked with them. They and their families exemplify perseverance, character, and joy. They are the best that the world has to offer!

Chickbug asked if I had one post that I could have everyone read what would it be.

Most likely anything under my Choice Thoughts Page.

My first pick would be anything from the Army Wife Series.

1. Five Years Ago recalls the memories of marrying my husband weeks before he deployed to Iraq.

2. A Piece of My Mind was written after my husband was involved in a panel for war veterans and I wasn’t able to express my thoughts on the war to the panel so the blog got it all.

3. On That Note is my view on war and a follow-up post to A Piece of My Mind.

Renee asked what song would be playing in my version of Hell.

This is so easy. They are both Bette Midler songs, The Rose and Wind Beneath My Wings, and they would both be on repeat and shuffle, just those two. I hate them both. I have no reasons why except that I do. Nothing against Bette. Just the songs.

Alexa asked what was my favorite 80’s movie, what is my favorite movie quote and what is my middle name.

My favorite 80’s movie is, don’t hate, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. We used to watch it at every slumber party when I was young and it was the best!! My obsession with Sarah Jessica Parker began early.

One of my favorite funny movie quotes is from Coyote Ugly, again don’t hate. It makes me laugh every time. I can still picture this woman getting an attitude.

Violet: Hi. I’m Violet Sanford. I just recently moved to New York and was wondering if you’d give my tape to one of your artists. 

Wendy: Violet, that is so cute! Now lemme tell you about me. My name is Wendy and I first moved to New York when I was 21 to be a dancer, but I broke my big toe and then I got knocked up by this actor who dumped me to join the Peace Corps, so for the last 16 years I been raising my daughter all by myself and then two weeks ago, she tells me that she is a bisexual and that she hates me more than any person on this planet.

Wendy: Now tell me how I can help you, please, because I am dying to make your dreams come true.


And my middle name is Renae, not talk as some of you may have thought.

I will be back with the answers to all of your other questions very soon!

I’ve Got Answers Part One.

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Wow, I was so overwhelmed with all of you curious cats out there! You guys came up with some great questions so here we go with Part Uno of this look into my life.

1. Submitted by SleepyJane and EP

“What is the most embarrasing thing that has happened to you? EVER?”

When I was in High School I was a JV cheerleader the year that my brother was a Senior football player. I was the Captain of the JV squad and I was responsible for helping the girl who was the Captain of the Varsity squad plan and prepare for the pep rallies.

She came up with this great idea to “roast” the Senior football players at the Homecoming pep rally by having a Varsity cheerleader dress-up in the guys’ jersey, pads, and helmet and “perform” as the Senior guy to a song specifically picked out for them that was kind of autobiographical of them. It was such a cute idea and I was all for it. That was until I learned that there were only ten Varsity cheerleaders and eleven Senior football players. Since my brother was one of the Senior players it was quickly mandated that I would be the one to “play” him on the day of the pep rally.

So, they picked an “autobiographical song” they hoped to best represent each of the guys. The redneck cowboy got a Garth Brooks song. The hip-hop lover got something by Coolio like Gangsta’s Paradise. You get the idea.

Well, my brother was one of the shortest on the football team and so I got to “perform” to the great song (sarcasm implied) by Skee-Lo that went something like this:

I wish I was little bit taller,
I wish I was a baller
I wish I had a girl who looked good
I would call her
I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
and a ’64 Impala

I had to walk out in front of the whole student body as the only JV cheerleader and pretend to be my brother and free-style dance to this song. I am pretty sure that there was some butter-flying involved.

As if this wasn’t embarrassing enough, his helmet was so big I couldn’t see out of it and it kept falling down over my eyes. I myself am very short – 5’1″ to be exact – and having to wear a huge jersey with full pads, coupled with a way to big helmet and my legs sticking out the bottom because I was in my cheerleader skirt, well, let’s just say I was a sight! I looked nothing like my brother, more like something out of a really bad high school football movie meets alien invasion.

It is a wonder that I made it out in front of the crowd and was able to stay on my feet. I was so mortified. My brother loved it though and they thought his song was the most original. He was proud of his sister’s interpretation of him.

There is a video, but it is “lost” somewhere. Thank God!


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