Takin’ A Fall Break

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Last week (yes, I said last week, I know I am behind-no judgement) was one of the best weeks. I had a few days off from the grind and that just happened to coincide with my Aunt Cora being in town! I am convinced that she and I are in many ways the same person. It is kind of like being a twin, but not. It is kind of scary. We spent one whole day just loving on my new nephew, talking, laughing, crying, and laughing more. It was fantastic. It is like we are in many ways living parallel lives. We married basically the same man, have the same dreams, feel the same on issues, religion, family. It is in many ways like talking to a mirror.

The next day we headed out for sushi, nature, photography, and shopping. Perfection. Thanks Aunt Cora. I LOVE YOU!


One of my favorite places in Nashville.


Pausing for a pic on a beautiful Fall drive.


The big boy loves to sleep!


Fall Awesomeness!


I’m Baaaacccck!

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Hello Darlin(s), it’s nice to see ya. It’s been a long time. Your just as lovely, as you used to be. . . 

I am singing. Don’t tell me you don’t know Conway Twitty? For shame! Be still my Nashville-lovin’ heart! Expose yourself people! No, I mean to different music. Oh gosh, not looking forward to the google hits I’ll get off that one!

So, I have missed you guys! Yes, I am fine. Yes, the hand is fine. Still sore. Looks like I wacked a nerve pretty good, but all is well. So, what happened? Well, let’s just say that if you are flinging, yes, flinging boxes under a curtain make sure you are fully aware where the support stud is and avoid it at all cost. Me, I had never heard that piece of advice so I wanted to enlighten you all so that you will not be in the same predicament as me! Thanks for all the get-well soon comments, messages, emails, and tweets. And a huge muchas gracias to my awesome friends and guest-bloggers. You guys rock!

So much has happened I don’t even know where to begin. 

I thought I would tell you about how in the midst of not being able to have full function of my hand last week I:

  • almost killed a certain mortgage broker who continues to want to get paid for doing no work whatsoever. No, I wouldn’t have really killed him. Torture? Still considering it if he doesn’t shape up! His secretary is in for it too if she doesn’t return my emails ASAP. I realize I am now the customer who will not let them rest, but they did it to me with their lack of communication and their desire to take boatloads of our cash with no real customer service or work ethic.
  • went to see The Dark Knight with Hubby, Rosy and B-Man and successfully cemented my admiration and undying love for Christian Bale. If Heath doesn’t win an Oscar there will be a public mutiny.
  • (almost) successfully helped throw a surprise superhero themed party for Rosy. We kept the secret from her up until the moment that she was brought to the party place and she saw Mae’s car. I find this even more comical and ironic because Mae in her ultimate desire to plan the perfect party specifically covered incognito parking with all the guests, and it was her car that gave it away. 
  • almost cried in church, no not due to injury, but due to this song. Have loved it for a long time, but the girl who sang it was so good.
  • was so excited to learn that my friend Hilary has started a blog! Go welcome her to the blogosphere! She is and will be a great read!
  • had this conversation with Hubby in preparation for Rosy’s party, which is indeed worthy of note:

Me:  ”I can’t wear heels all night, I am going to take a pair of flats to change into for later.”

Hubby: (attempting to be witty in referencing my birthday) “Are you going to wear your Crocs?” 

Me:  ”Have you not yet learned in five plus years of marriage and two years of dating that that would not be an acceptable choice?”

Hubby: (being dead serious) “What does it matter, shoes are shoes.”


I know he did not just say that. All I could do was stare at him with my mouth wide-open in hopes that I would detect any slight sign of sarcasm or misplaced humor. But there was none. I am honestly shocked and stunned at what he just said. I am sure at that moment that comment could have keeled over every single Carrie Bradshaw wanna-be and as well as every single woman alive. And the most disturbing part was he.meant.it.

Where did I go wrong people, where? I have failed as a woman, as a shoe-lover, and as wife. There is no hope if he truly believes that. 

I will leave you with a few pics of Rosy’s party. I was way to busy eating cake socializing to continually snap pics, but we have a few!

The Girls
More Girls
Jenn didn’t do her Superman face.
Notice said injured hand feeling better. I think the superhero bracelet helped.

Our Walk

June 24, 2008 at 11:07 am | Posted in Photos | 23 Comments

I wish we could stay here all day!

Hide & Seek

June 12, 2008 at 3:56 pm | Posted in Life, Photos | 14 Comments

Can you see it?

I almost couldn’t, and this is a close-up.

The grass is really not that high. He is just teeny!

One More

April 19, 2008 at 10:24 am | Posted in Family, Photos | 3 Comments

. . . one without my Mom’s hair blowing in the wind!

You have to have at least one posed shot to make the collection complete.

Island Living

April 18, 2008 at 9:47 pm | Posted in Family, Photos | 13 Comments

Or the one where we all wish we went on their vacation.

My parents just got back from their 35th wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii!

Since they travel such cool places and this is just the latest you all can live vicariously through them just as I do! Just let it take you to another place!

They really are so cute together! Mom said she loved Hawaii but it was “so windy and kept messing up her hair.” I guess no place is perfect. Sidenote: I totally inherited my inability to tan from my Daddy. He got sun-burnt at the flea market. Yeah, that is so me too. It does not take direct sunlight for us fair ones.

Random Hula girl before the dinner cruise. Her picture was included multiple times in the batch they sent me. I find this very hilarious.

I need to go here. Fast.

They rented a car and did a lot of driving up the coast. They are such vagabonds.

That’s my Daddy on the edge, this is one of my favorites.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, you have taught me so much about love, life, and marriage and you have made me the person I am today. Here is to many many more years together!

I love you.

From Sun To Snow

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Yesterday was beautiful so we spent the afternoon down by the river.


 Moments before Lily decided to go for a swim in the river, thus forcing Hubby to rescue her. He left wet and cold – poor guy! His cell phone drowned. Lily didn’t care.


 Today it was raining and snowy.


So I got to wear these. Yeah!

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