Tada For the Day

March 2, 2008 at 1:40 pm | Posted in Life | 1 Comment

My to do list for the day:

  1. Yummy breakfast of oatmeal
  2. Make a Sonic run for an Ocean Water
  3. Go to church
  4. Finish off my California rolls
  5. Finish watching “The Gladiator”
  6. Try to comment on Oh! How Lovely Jamie’s page to tell her that No, you don’t need extra postage to mail gift cards so mail away! The comments today are giving me fits!
  7. Start reading A History of Love for my book club
  8. Finish four loads of laundry
  9. Take Ellie and Lily to the dog park
  10. Return phone calls and emails

Let’s see how far I get today!

I swear my daily NaBlPoMo won’t be this worthless!


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