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Last night our good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Peanut asked us to go to see this new movie Fireproof.


It was so great! I laughed, I cried, Hubby did too even though he won’t admit it! (Yeah, it would be better if you didn’t tell him I said that!) It reminded me so much of The Notebook in the storyline, but it follows a couple after all of the romance and the newness of a relationship have worn off. It is the story of a man trying to save his marriage. He works day by day to win back the heart of the woman he chose to spend the rest of his life with. It was an amazing story. Go, go to the theaters now!

Did I mention Kirk Cameron? Yeah, really, go!


Why Hubby and I Don’t Do Movies (Together)

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We spent last night watching The Sound of Music, the new digitally restored version, and I have to say I could tell the difference. It was amazing. What was even more amazing to me is that Hubby had never seen The Sound of Music. How this is possible I have no idea. I realize he is not really a movie person, but, really, The Sound of Music?

Hubbs never really invests in a movie he actually is forced sits and watches with me, but last night he invested. I have never seen him get so fired up. My biggest mistake was telling him that there would be Nazis. This was my meager attempt to get him interested from the very beginning, whereas if I told him it was a musical he would have jumped ship very early. So, for the entire course of the movie he is on war criminal watch like it is his career. 

Is he a Nazi? I bet he is. Hate him. 

First, he said it about Christopher Plummer, then about the boy Von Trapp children, but when he moved on to Maria and was trying to make the nuns from the abbey be in cahoots with the them I had had it.

JUST WATCH THE MOVIE. They will explain it all-I promise!!!

That’s when I realized why movie-watching is hard for him. Quite simply, he is as impatient as a kid (and quite possibly ADD) when it comes to waiting for something, like a movie plot, to unfold. Same goes for reading books for entertainment. He can’t do it. Books about sports, historical figures, and instructional books are no big deal because he basically already gets the gist of what is going to happen. But, put him in a scenario where he is forced to wait on an outcome, and it drives him crazy.

This is very strange for a person who is very laid back and patient in matters when it comes to real life. Who would have thought that some simple movie-watching would have sent him over the edge? After the movie, I had to look up the personal history of the entire Von Trapp family because he could not rest until he knew what happened to them after they crossed that green mountain. For me, I am happy knowing that they made it safely somewhere ( I used to firmly believe they lived in the woods behind my house) and I was content to believe that all was well in their world, but not him. No. I had to google all things Family Von Trapp and was forced to map their entire singing trek through America after they fled Europe. I was exhausted and didn’t get to bed until after midnight.

He was still asking me questions about the story as we went to bed. 

This is quite possibly the very reason we don’t do movies together. 

Or perhaps he is way smarter than I give him credit for and he thinks that if he takes all the fun out of the movie experience I won’t ask him to watch with me anymore. By Jove, I think I’ve got it! 

Oh, he is in trouble now.

We’re Crazy For Swayze

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Yesterday, after the culmination of a very bad couple of days, I finished all of my responsibilities and went to meet Rosy, Anne, and their four legged babies, Atticus and Duke, for dinner. We then headed to the airport to pick up Mae, who is quite the jet setter these days. We had a whole night planned. A whole Crazy for Swayze plan.

One of the greatest things about Nashville is the summer activities. Big Band dancing in the park, picnics, hikes, movies in the park, ghost walks, picking parties (guitars not fruit), Frist Fridays, etc. etc. etc. All so much fun!

Last night was Movies In the Park at Centennial, one of the city’s many great parks. Us girls, B-Man, Atticus, Duke, and a couple thousand of our closest friends converged on the lawn to watch Dirty Dancing.

We had all the essentials for a fun movie night. 

1. M&Ms-check

2. Sour Patch Kids-check

3. Twizzlers-check 

4. Three Muskateers-check

Oh yeah, and a couple of a blankets, doggie treats, and cameras. I however forgot that I had run the battery down in my camera so you will all have to deal with the run-down of the night without any pictures. Sad, I know.

We arrived with all the essentials in tow and tried to find a spot on the very crowded lawn. People were everywhere and unwilling to move their blanket a quarter of a inch to make a comfortable spot for us, so we wound up sitting on the side tyring to sneak peaks of the screen in between a million walking bodies, dogs, babies, and a few rogue tree branches. But, we were there and that is what counts.

As Mae and I annoyed everyone around us by quoting the entire movie, Rosy and Annie tried to maintain their four legged children. We all cheered when it came on the big screen. Watching a movie in the park amongst so many people will always be one of my favorite summer experiences. So many different people all around you all there to have a good time and just be with the people they love. And it is so awesome.

Well, almost all people anyway. During the last few scenes of the movie, some guy runs up to a jogger (seriously who jogs during movies in the park) beside us and starts asking in a very frantic voice where the park ranger was, where the security people were, wanting him to call 911, etc. He was very loud and I was annoyed because I did not understand the seriousness of the situation. Annie and I proceeded to shush him until we realized someone had stolen his friends purse at knife-point as she sat and watched the movie. Sure enough, sirens and crying woman made me realize that even in such a perfect place where all seems to be right there are still bad things that go one. We couldn’t for just a few hours feel like we were a community of people all just out to have a good time. Our perfect little world was shattered and as I walked back to my car Rosie and I remembered how back when we were in college no one ever came to this park at night. It is not the safest place at night even today, but really, to rob a woman in the midst of thousands of people is just unreal to me.

There is no such thing as total safety. Even with Johnny Castle around. Really, don’t we all just need a Johnny in our life to stick up for us and rescue us when we need it?

All in all, it was a very fun night surrounded by people I love. We all cheered when he rescued baby “from the corner” and when they did the perfect practiced lift at the end, and when they took over the resort hall. Seriously, a great movie experience. I am only regretting the M&Ms!

I Gave In

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I don’t ever do things just because everyone else is doing it. It is a old trait that I never really grew out of. My parents taught me to be independent-minded and think for myself and it has kept me from a lot of drama in my day. I am usually the person who sits back and judges a situation fully before I dive in. I figure that if it is worth waiting for it will be there when I am ready to take advantage of it. (Case in point Hubby also falls into this category.)

It usually takes me just a tad bit longer to splurge on extras, but when I do I am hooked. There has been one thing I have been resisting to join and I think I am the last in the universe to jump on the bandwagon.

Finally, I gave in. I couldn’t resist anymore. I had to.

I joined Netflix.

I miss watching movies. Weekly. When I was a teenager I lived at the movie theatre and at “C’s” house watching tons of movies. Well, Hubby is not really a movie buff. He prefers to do more constructive things and while I can’t argue with the fact that he wants to change every single light fixture in my house, sometimes I just want him to freakin’ sit down and relax a minute and watch something that is not ESPN related.

And. We. Are. Going. To. Do. It.

We will enjoy watching movies together if it kills us. He has so much catching up to do and I am going to rejoin the land of imdb fanatics.

My current queue look something like this and my first choice, Once, is due to be here tomorrow! Thank God it is Spring Break and I actually have time for some guilty movie pleasures!

  • Michael Clayton
  • Becoming Jane
  • Away from Her
  • Why Did I Get Married?
  • La Vie En Rose
  • American Gangster
  • Gone Baby Gone
  • Becoming Jane
  • Into the Wild
  • Casablanca

Any suggestions for those of us who have been left behind the past few years?

Let’s Break from the Heavy Stuff

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and pause for a moment of silence in great anticipation of . . .


. . . being “Carried” away.  Girlfriends everywhere unite. Only 2.5 more months!

 Somehow we will be patient until the day comes!

I want to make me and my girlfriends shirts with our corresponding “character” names.

Don’t hate.

I desire to be more crafty. I long for the time to be more crafty.

I am so a Charlotte. No questions. It is so obvious.

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