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Following a brief encounter with some very outrageous children I have decided on the Top Fifteen Things to remember when I become a mother:

1. When you have company, all children need to be dressed appropriately for the day. Appropriate clothing, not just underwear, is a must, especially if children are over the age of two. All day underwear, especially that which is not being worn correctly, might make said visitors uncomfortable. 

2. When you are nine months pregnant and you start to get a strange feeling, go to the hosptial. Do Not wait around wondering what exactly is going on which may lead to you having your child on the side of the road on the way to the hospital!

3. Do not allow your child to only drink straight juice. Hello, childhood obesity?

4. On that note, when you child is particularly ahem, robust, do not allow them to have, “whatever they want or will eat.”

5. Do not allow you children to talk back to, hit, or pinch visitors. This will seem especially rude if you do not take a moment to correct audacious behavior.

6. Do not allow children to imitate Evil Knievil by jumping onto or from furniture. Also, do not allow children to use the excuse, “but Daddy let’s me do it” and get away with it.

7. Do not attempt to carry on an important conversation with children screaming over you. Stop the discussion, handle the situation, and give full attention to your guests. It will only irritate your guests more if you try to talk loudly over the screaming and pretend it is not there.

8. Teach children to accept correction. Screaming, kicking, pinching is not an acceptable way to accept correction, especially over the age of three.

9. Teach children to flush. Everytime.

10. No matter how busy you are always supply soap and toilet paper in the bathroom.

11. Teach children they must wash hands following every trip to the bathroom, not just the No. 2.

12. Do not trust that a child is not involved in mischief when they are quietly playing in the next room. They most likely are up to no good.

13. Insist children sit and eat like human beings. Carrying food around in their hands and calling it lunch is not acceptable.

14. Teach children to be responsible for their own things. Refuse to pick up after them and do not allow yourself to become a maid.

15. You can never “squash their tender personality” with behavioral correction or the word “no.” Do not allow children to be brats. Ever. No matter what.


At My Finest

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I am feeling very accomplished today. It is only 2:30 and so far I have:

  • peeled myself out of bed for an 8Am class when it was storming outside. For this I should get a huge reward!
  • Attended said class and stayed awake, big bonus!
  • Vacummed my entire house
  • Taken Lily to the vet to help her bum situation- don’t ask!
  • Done 4 loads of laundry
  • Transcribed six reports
  • Attended a visitation at a funeral home to be there for a friend who just lost her dad(Love you K!)
  • Caught up on my Google reader for the past two days
  • Cleaned my kitchen
  • Sorted my recycling
  • Checked in with my Mom
  • Returned emails

Now on to the fun things! For the rest of the day all I will do is:

  • Watch La Vie En Rose
  • Watch the Duke Basketball Tourney game with Hubby – Duke attire required
  • Cuddle up and listen to it storm
  • Take a nap
  • Attempt to read some of The History of Love. I am having a very hard time with this book. I just don’t get it. If I am missing some grand piece of information, which I feel I am, please enlighten me!
  • Take a long bath, open up my blinds and watch it rain. Can you tell I love the rain when I can be home to listen to it hit my roof?
  • Go to Publix for some yummy food shopping and some Sushi.


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Are you ready?

It is time to kick off NaBlPoMo for March and yes, I am attempting it! The theme is lists and since I heart my Tada so much this seems to be fate for me to step in now!

Here we go March.

My list of Top 25 songs played on my Ipod:


  1. Five More Hours – Gabe Dixon Band
  2. Defying Gravity – Wicked Soundtrack
  3. No Good Deed – Wicked Soundtrack
  4. I’m Not That Girl – Wicked Soundtrack
  5. September 22 – Nathan Angelo
  6. World Spins Madly On – The Weepies
  7. Until You- Dave Barnes
  8. For Good – Wicked Soundtrack
  9. All I Need – Matt Kearney
  10. Out Tonight –Rent Soundtrack
  11. Over the Rhine – Be My Love
  12. Scratch – Kendall Payne
  13. Gravity – Sara Bareilles
  14. The Way I Am – Ingrid Michaelson
  15. Rent – Rent Soundtrack
  16. Into the Colors – Ben Harper
  17. Light My Candle – Rent Soundtrack
  18. Fools Gold – Katie Herzig
  19. Without You – Rent Soundtrack
  20. All We Are – Matt Nathanson
  21. Come to Jesus – Mindy Smith
  22. Breakable – Ingrid Michaelson
  23. Season of Love – Rent Soundtrack
  24. Eyes – Rogue Wave
  25. Fireflies – Faith Hill

Wow! What a pattern! I Heart Musicals!


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