Top Ten Favorite Google Searches

March 25, 2008 at 9:36 am | Posted in Advice, Blogosphere, Tech Gal, Thoughts | 13 Comments

To those of you who found me via random Google searches, this is for you.

10. Army Girlfriend- I am no longer one of these, nor am I an Army wife. I am not strong enough for such a role.

9. Her First Stockings – I have no idea how you got here, you must be very desperate on a search for something. But then again, if you googled ‘her first stockings’ you obviously have way too much time on your hands. Might I suggest you go volunteer somewhere?

8. Real Ways Get Husbands Come Home – I am sad for you if you need to google a way to help you get your husband to come home. Might I suggest a good counselor?

7. Celtic Women Fiddle- please, no more email about how great The Fiddle Girl from Celtic Women is, I simply said she was ahemm, sassy.

6. All the children walking home past the factories . . . – If you like Gabe we should talk. He rocks.

5. Katie Herzig and the one who played oh tike – I have no idea what you were looking for with that one, she has no song that resembles that line,┬ábut see number 6.

4. Slutty Little Sister – wow, go away, NOW!

3. Little Girls in Bra- No, REALLY, Go Away. Don’t come back. Ever!

2. When do Brittany’s Puppies Start Teething- I don’t know and I don’t care and I have no idea why you would either. You are sad and I am now not only afraid for her children, but her dogs as well. See Number 2 & 3.

And my favorite Google Search Is:

The one where you ask for me by name.

1. (Tipp)ical Thoughts – so glad you found me, now might I suggest Bookmarking people? Or subscribing in a reader? It really would save you SO much time!


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