My Ultimate Blogger Meet-Up. Minus Pictures. Boo.

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I am so angry at myself. Why? Because I met one of the seriously coolest human beings alive last week and have nothing to show for it. We are both bloggers, both had cameras on our phones, and NEITHER of us took a picture! Seriously, I am sad.

So, who was the fabulous blogger I met last week? Well if you follow me on twitter you know, and if you don’t follow me on twitter, why not?

Ok, really, enough suspense. Last week I met the wonder EP from Stylish Handwriting (oh yeah, I might have mentioned that on a previous Vlog. So much for suspense right? I apparently suck at surprises.)

She was in town to see me visiting her boy who happens to be planted right here under my nose here in Nashville. So, when she came to visit him we decided to met up and “really” meet each other.


We met at one of my favorite coffee shops, which she knew how to get to, thank goodness. I planted myself in the window not sure which door she would come thru and as soon we saw each other we knew it was going to be a fun time. We hugged. We ordered. We sat. We talked. And talked. And talked. And talked. We talked so long her boy had to call and say something along the lines of “have you been kidnapped by some random stalker?”, “are you going to meet me for lunch, it is THREE hours later?”

Seriously, THREE hours later. And it wasn’t enough and we both had no idea we had been talking for that long. I thought it had been maybe 45 minutes or so. For real. 

Non-Bloggers People, for all of you out there who give all of us bloggers a hard time for having “imaginary friends” or “random stalkers”  (yes, I have heard all of this) you all can shut it. Seriously. I have met some of the sweetest, most genuine, most passionate and caring individuals in the blogosphere. Some of them I love much more than my real life acquaintances. You all know. Don’t hate.

There is something so amazing about meeting someone randomly who you have so much in common with and respect and care about who you might not ever have met any other way. I remember the first day EP and I “met” via 20sb. We both joined the same day and on a fluke friended each other and chatted the day away. It was so fun! Now we have met in real life and I am so glad to say that I count her as a Real Life Friend as well. She WILL be moving here soon. Half of our conversation may or may not have been eaten up with us conspiring how to get her here sooner rather than later, but whatever. I am so thankful to have met her. We will be friends for so very long. She is amazing and inspiring and lovely all the way around. 

It got me to thinking. I think we all have a group of bloggers who would be in our ultimate blogger meet-up. Who would be in yours? Nothing matters. It is totally imaginary. They can live far or near. Be famous or not. Who would you love to hang with for a day?


Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming

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Is it really May 29th? Does that mean tomorrow is *gasp* really May 30th?!

If you do not know the significance of tomorrow to females under the age of 40, you are living under a rock!

Tomorrow my seven girlfriends and I are going to see. . . Everyone together now. . .



 So, the obvious dilemmas abound. What to wear? What to wear??

I am hoping you can help me out. I have narrowed it down to two dresses. Which one?

The purple floral?


Blue Abstract Print?

Girlfriends Are a Necessity

May 21, 2008 at 10:53 pm | Posted in Friends | 16 Comments

Tonight I had a date with my three main girlfriends. I have missed them so much. It has been ages since we have all been together, just the four of us.

We used to have a standing weekly date, every week without fail. We had some good times. Now new careers, distance, school, and other commitments seem to keep us from being able to see each other as much as we would like. It seems that when a few of us can get together at least one of us is traveling, or taking an exam, or just plain slammed and unable to commit.

Well, tonight, for the first time in forever we all made it. I have missed my ladies and love how no matter how long we have been away as a group we can pick back up and just be the same way we always are together. We all need a great inner-circle. I would not make it without mine. These ladies know me, challenge me, and inspire me with the the way they live their lives.

We are all on different life paths and we all came from different places. We are very diverse, but we are also the same. We have learned to respect and love each other for our uniqueness and our different perspectives. We share the same love of so many things, yet find our passions lie in many different areas. Yet, we understand each other, love each other, and lift each other up.

Do you have people that inspire you and help make you a better person? People who know what you want to say when you can’t say it? People who know when to step in and when to back off? People who encourage you to fulfill your dreams? People who care about you and your passions and take an interest in your life? People who are always there, even when they are nowhere near you? People who tell you the truth, even if it is hard to hear? People who make you want to be a better person?

I hope so. I know I couldn’t make it without mine. Love my ladies.

For All of My Girlfriends

March 10, 2008 at 8:48 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 8 Comments
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Apparently I missed a very important day. According to Girlfriendology, last Saturday was International Women’s Day. This is a day set aside to show extra appreciation to all of the women who have made a difference in your lives. To all the women who have helped make me who I am, I love you all!


Mom – Thank you for making me the woman I am.


Carly D – Thank you for all the wonderful memories


Mrs. Peanut – Thank you for helping me keep the faith

Jen Bran – Thank you for always keeping me laughing


Jen Ben – Thank you for keeping me real

Amz – Thank you for encouraging me to strive for my potential and beyond
D – Thank you for always being my confidant

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