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Last night our good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Peanut asked us to go to see this new movie Fireproof.


It was so great! I laughed, I cried, Hubby did too even though he won’t admit it! (Yeah, it would be better if you didn’t tell him I said that!) It reminded me so much of The Notebook in the storyline, but it follows a couple after all of the romance and the newness of a relationship have worn off. It is the story of a man trying to save his marriage. He works day by day to win back the heart of the woman he chose to spend the rest of his life with. It was an amazing story. Go, go to the theaters now!

Did I mention Kirk Cameron? Yeah, really, go!


Confession Time

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I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, ahem-Mrs. Lilac, ask me about Pandora the other day. I thought everyone knew about this amazing music-lovers dream come true, but the more I talked to people it seems I was wrong about that fact along with many other things which I don’t find necessary to bring up at this moment.

Besides there are way too many. Moving on.

To sum it up it is an online website where you can type in the name of a song or an artist you like and it will create a “radio station” just for you which will play music that fits the same genre and mood.

To my extreme delight I found the Itouch application for Pandora. Fan-tastic. Itouch users get it now, it alone is worth the software upgrade to install applications. Just do it. You will not regret it-at all.

But, in my total tweeting mania the other day, where Ashley and I got into a Name That Tune sort of game, I realized that I was a little embarrassed to admit some of my stations on Pandora. So here we go, it is confession time. Here are my most embarrassing ones:

1. Nice and Slow Radio. I don’t need to give an explanation. 

2. Spice Girls Radio. Hey I am a child of the 90’s what do you expect?

3. Love Shack Radio. Who doesn’t love the B-52s?

4. DooWoop Radio. Ahh. Oldies.

Now. Don’t leave me hanging. I know you have some you are quite ashamed to admit. Go.

Blast From the Past

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Thanks to Alexa, who sent me down memory lane, I found this old gem. This was my all-time favorite show as a kid. And if you say you are too young to remember this we will no longer be friends.

I am quite positive that the only reason I learned to rhyme was due to Muffy. Looking back though it is quite sad to see a grown woman spend most of her time with a make-believe plastic man, a mouse, and a couple of puppets, but it was my favorite and Jodie was my hero!

A New Set of Role Models

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The Summer Olympics are my favorite. I love the fact that every four years the world, for the most part, seems to stop, watch, and realize that our planet is full of amazing and talented people who may not look like us, worship like us, or live like us, but all in all we come to realize that we are all just people living on a rock.

I love the unity that it brings, the exposure to other cultures that it gives us, and the heroes it produces for us to admire. 

One of my favorite stories so far from this games comes from the example of Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson. Comeptitors, teammates, and roommates, they hold many roles to each other.

In the midst of the most heated athletic competition known to our world, these two women have competed against each other and won the women’s highest honors, all the while remaining friends and supporters of each other. They exemplify class and respect each time they speak about their relationship. They went into the competition as individuals, yet they committed to supporting each other as teammates. They said from the beginning that they wanted to go 1-2 in the Women’s All-Around. And they did. But they both understood that one would be first and one would be second. But in the midst of it all they remained each others biggest supporter.

How phenomenal is that? They chose to use each others talents and strengths as catapults to drive harder and push themselves at their own training and aspirations, instead of tearing each other down and competing negatively which would have lead them to ruin.

While they were both each other’s main competition, they remained friends and teammates first, refusing to hinder each other’s goal. 

What an amazing example this is to women everywhere. 

I have been the first-hand recipient of some less-than-nice women all of my life. Instead of seeing me as a teammate or a friend, they chose to lash out in fear of their own territory and in the end it caused great strife and rifts in the attaining of our common goal. I have left jobs because of it, lost friends over it, and refused to participate in organizations because of the drama that some women bring upon their own. Women everywhere, take notice. These two young women have it all figured out. 

Life up your teammate, even in times of competition. Support their process, even at the cost of your own gain. Celebrate their success, even in the midst of your own set-backs. It’s really not that difficult.

And that is why those two young women make me proud. A few medals gold and silver medals are just to boot.


Another Reason Hubby Boycotts Movies

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Or the one where Hubby grounds me from the computer and blogging forever. Or because you all love Hubby stories (even though he doesn’t!) 

I mentioned last week that Sunday after church we hung out at the theater, (yes, we go to church in a movie theater, how cool is that?!) to watch TDK. We were meeting Rosy and B-Man shortly after so we snuck in a lunchbox and some sandwiches so we wouldn’t starve to death by the end of the movie.

I ate when the movie began, but Hubby kept insisting that he would wait. I thought this was odd. I knew he was hungry because I was famished! I finished my drink and since he literally had not touched his I decided to take his.

Hubby: “That’s my drink. I am saving it for the ride home.”
I guess I should interject here that we are on a strict budget these days and apparently he did not want to splurge for another drink.

Me: “But I am thirsty, mine is long gone, and you haven’t touched yours. Why don’t you eat your lunch?”

Hubby: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

This is our code for “seriously, drop it” in our relationship. By this time the movie is well past half over. I let it go. Not my problem. But, I am thirsty!

Thirty minutes later I get frustrated.

Me: “If you aren’t going to drink it, I want it. It is just going to waste.”

Hubby: “No. I can’t drink it now. I have to (in an even more hushed voice) go.”

Me: “So go. What is the big deal. Just get up.”

Hubby: “No, I will have to step over at least five people and it is dark and I don’t want to.”

Have I ever mentioned that sometimes Hubby’s stuborness parallels that of five year old?

Me: “Suit yourself.”

Fifteen minutes later he is, shall we say, uncomfortable!

Hubby: “How long is this movie?”

He did not like my answer. Panic came over his face. 

Hubby: “WHAT?!”

I laugh. I can’t help it. It is about the only thing keeping me from having a psychotic break watching that movie. I tell Rosy because she thinks I have lost my mind in a fit of giggles. We both laugh at him. I am sure the people around us thought we really did have some kind of joker-induced psychosis.

He quickly gives in and crawls over about five people to make his way out of the theater. This is a token shy guy. He doesn’t even want to bother people at the movie theater even at the expense of his own personal comfort.

But I love him anyway.

You can’t tell him I told you this story, Ok? Great, just between us!

Why Hubby and I Don’t Do Movies (Together)

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We spent last night watching The Sound of Music, the new digitally restored version, and I have to say I could tell the difference. It was amazing. What was even more amazing to me is that Hubby had never seen The Sound of Music. How this is possible I have no idea. I realize he is not really a movie person, but, really, The Sound of Music?

Hubbs never really invests in a movie he actually is forced sits and watches with me, but last night he invested. I have never seen him get so fired up. My biggest mistake was telling him that there would be Nazis. This was my meager attempt to get him interested from the very beginning, whereas if I told him it was a musical he would have jumped ship very early. So, for the entire course of the movie he is on war criminal watch like it is his career. 

Is he a Nazi? I bet he is. Hate him. 

First, he said it about Christopher Plummer, then about the boy Von Trapp children, but when he moved on to Maria and was trying to make the nuns from the abbey be in cahoots with the them I had had it.

JUST WATCH THE MOVIE. They will explain it all-I promise!!!

That’s when I realized why movie-watching is hard for him. Quite simply, he is as impatient as a kid (and quite possibly ADD) when it comes to waiting for something, like a movie plot, to unfold. Same goes for reading books for entertainment. He can’t do it. Books about sports, historical figures, and instructional books are no big deal because he basically already gets the gist of what is going to happen. But, put him in a scenario where he is forced to wait on an outcome, and it drives him crazy.

This is very strange for a person who is very laid back and patient in matters when it comes to real life. Who would have thought that some simple movie-watching would have sent him over the edge? After the movie, I had to look up the personal history of the entire Von Trapp family because he could not rest until he knew what happened to them after they crossed that green mountain. For me, I am happy knowing that they made it safely somewhere ( I used to firmly believe they lived in the woods behind my house) and I was content to believe that all was well in their world, but not him. No. I had to google all things Family Von Trapp and was forced to map their entire singing trek through America after they fled Europe. I was exhausted and didn’t get to bed until after midnight.

He was still asking me questions about the story as we went to bed. 

This is quite possibly the very reason we don’t do movies together. 

Or perhaps he is way smarter than I give him credit for and he thinks that if he takes all the fun out of the movie experience I won’t ask him to watch with me anymore. By Jove, I think I’ve got it! 

Oh, he is in trouble now.

Redeeming Love

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I love a good book. There is nothing better than carrying a book around with you for two days straight because you can’t wait to see what happens. It has been a while since I have found a book like this, but I just finished Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and it is going in my list of top five favorite books I have ever read. It has been out for sometime, with almost a million copies sold, but I wanted to wait until I could buy it for myself, just to see what all the interest was about.

Redeeming Love is a retelling of the Old Testament book of Hosea. Hosea had a wife who was a prostitute and God had told Hosea to marry her. He did and in facing the turmoil of her past and the uncertainty of her future she ran away from him. She never knew or was shown love and for someone to want to love her was very traumatic for her. She messed up, she ran away, she fought him. He followed her, brought her back, and loved her through it all, even when she did many things that are hard to love someone through.

Even in knowing the story of Hosea, I found this story so inspirational and more relevant in a more present day telling. It is set in the gold rush of the 1800’s when Angel is sold into a life of prostitution as a young girl. The story follows her through tragedy, heartache, and loneliness. Then there is a man. A man who is lead to take Angel, love her, and make her his own. He does and even though she is unable to understand or comprehend the love he has to offer, his patience and perseverance is astounding. Still Angel felt lost and unsure. Still she couldn’t understand. To follow her on her journey was so sad, so frustrating, and so heartbreaking. There are many ways that many of us can relate to Angel in our own lives.

I think all women should read this book, no matter what your stage in life. If you are single, dating, engaged or married it is a great reminder that there are men out there who are wanting to love you unconditionally for who you are and not who you could be. Hosea in this book shows that there are great men out there, yes, even in present day time. Men who honor and respect, who give and don’t just want to take, and who will love forever. For men it is a great read to remind them of their place with women. To show patience, to show love, and to show forgiveness, just like we all need to do. Such a great reminder too that our God loves us all no matter what our past, our situation, or our circumstances.

A Piece of Advice

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This tidbit is for free, no charge.


plus this

equals a crazy, sleepless night.

Seriously, what was I thinking?

I will be having dreams about Jack Nicholson coming to get me. That man is scary enough looking in real life without me thinking he is some mob leader.

Darn you two at a time Netflix!!!

The One Where We All Go…. WHAT?!

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Last night, did you all feel a significant drop in the air pressure as we all gasped in horror followed by screams of anger, howling dogs, and things being thrown and broken? It was most likely around 8:50 CST. Well, if you did don’t fear. I have an explanation for the natural phenomena. It is the moment where all of America and later, many other countries went. . . .

WHAT……THE………HECK????. . . .

It was the moment when Deanna picked Jesse.

Hold on. What just happened here? Did she really just pick the snowboard instructor who used words such as “rad” and “totally awesome” to describe his feelings for her? I have nothing against snowboarders, just this one in general. His quirky demeanor alone did not push me away from his fan club, it was the feeling that the entire act was a total farce. I have a friend who used to live in Colorado who actually knew the guy. He taught her sister snowboarding lessons and she said that this is not him at all. In fact, he is very much a jerk who makes all of his students cry during their lessons. I get he wants his students to be good at what they do and all, but to make teenage girls cry?! Not cool. 

Left to go home was Jason, the single dad who was romantic and loving and um, secure in his career and who wanted nothing more than to marry her. He had been hurt so bad before when his former wife left him to care for his son, and in his words he “let down the armour for Deanna” and poor guy got his heart sent packing.

Let’s compare:

There is Jesse who looks like he is being led to his death leading up to the big decision. I get that he was nervous, but I don’t think it was about him wanting to be with her, I think it was about marriage in general. When he went to pick out the ring he was bent over, head in his hands, literally freaking out and hyperventalating at the thought of looking at rings. Really? If you are so freaked out, let’s take a step back and figure out if you really want to be here.


I am all for finding love in all places, but c’mon dude, if you loved her so much you would have done a few things. 1) I think you would be a little more sure if you felt the need to propose. 2) You should have been able to win over her family more and convince them that you were the man for her 3) You could come up with more descriptive words for the woman you wanted to spend the rest of your life with other than 90’s surfer slang.

Now, to the guy she passed up. I am sure that women everywhere who are single are storming the ABC office this very morning demanding he be the next Bachelor and waiting in line to fill out an application to be on the show. Oh Jason, our hearts broke with you. The fact that she did allow you to get down on your knee and begin to propose only to reject you sent Deanna down negative levels in my book. You were so confident, and you were not the only one. She fooled us all. America is sorry. Go home and be a good dad to your son, and know you are the better for it.

And the three second proposal which consisted of:

Jesse: “Deanna, will you spend forever with me?”

Deanna: “Yes.”

Way to be climactic ABC. Could you not at least have given him something more to say when he was proposing marriage?!!

And all Deanna could say when it was over?! “I can’t believe I picked the guy with the pink shoelaces!”

We can’t either girl, we can’t either.


Ghost Hunters!

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Today was my day home/work from home/do school work day. Around noon I realized that I was done with all I needed to do and decided to take a break. Twenty minutes later I was in my PJs, laptop in hand, surfing Hulu and looking for something to occupy my time. 

A while back, someone had told me to check out Ghost Hunters, so today I did.

Oh My Gosh. Instant Addiction.

A little background on me. I love all things spooky, haunted, and paranormal. I find it so very fascinating. So much so that in every town I frequent on vacation I must find a ghost or legend tour to do. So far, I have done one in New Orleans, Savannah, Key West, and even one near here in Franklin, TN. Hubby expects this as part of each vacation itinerary and is very supportive of my fascination. 

I think the love of all things haunted began early back during my Babysitters Club fascination. Dawn was my favorite and she had a secret passage circa Civil War/Underground Railroad era in her bedroom which had its own ghost. Ever since then I have wanted a creepy experience of my own. Wow, I just dated myself with the BSC reference. On another, more random note, I was not allowed to keep and read that particular book after my Mom realized they were performing seances in the book to reach the ghost. She promptly took that one from my collection.

So, back to ahem, a few years later, there I was all cuddled up in bed and becoming addicted to Ghost Hunters. This is a show about a team of ordinary plumbers by day and ghost hunters by night. And it is fascinating. They have the best and most advanced equipment to sense and detect any kind of paranormal activity. 

I love the history of each place they visit the most. Old Civil War prisons, Revolutionary War homesteads, old vaudeville theaters, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Have you all heard of this? Probably so, the no-cable lady is way behind!


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