We Are Almost There

November 3, 2008 at 2:39 pm | Posted in In the News | 16 Comments

In less than 48 hours we will hopefully know who the next leader of our country will be. I am relieved and exhausted for many reasons. While even in the midst of such political, economic, social, and civic turmoil I still believe that we are the greatest country in the world. For all that is labeled “wrong” with our country (and trust me I could make a list just like any of you) at least we are free. Free to speak, free to worship, free to agree, free to disagree. We wake up each morning allowed to make our own choices. That is much more than so many people all over this world. For that alone I can be thankful.

I think this election has been so difficult for me because I know so many wonderful people on both sides of the political spectrum. Both sides I respect, both sides I can see their points. Therefore, it has been difficult for me to hear the constant degrading and disrespect slung from both sides. I just think that we as a nation should be better than that. Yes, we disagree and issues are important, but can’t we just do it respectfully? What good do we think we are accomplishing in the eyes of the world for us to rip each other apart every 2-4 years for the sake of winning an election?

Why do we choose to degrade the choices of friends, family, and aquantinces all in the name of a political party of candidate? Can’t we just respect that they are intelligent, free-thinking human beings who may have an opinion? Shouldn’t their opinion matter to us? Isn’t your relationship with that person so much more weighted and important than any stance or agenda? Unfortunately, as evidenced by this divisive election, our passions have lent themselves to lines being drawn. Lines I had hoped to stay very far away from. I didn’t want to be grouped with an “us” or a “them” side, instead I chose to stay right where I feel I literally am-in the middle.

I am concerned about people loosing their homes in this economy. I am concerned about people being one lay-off away from not having an income. I feel deeply about the sanctity of life in terms of the unborn, but I also am concerned about the millions of children across this world and yes, even in our country, who are not cared for and loved. I want our world to be a clean and safe place for our children, but I also know that to put food on the table and provide health insurance people (at this point) must still drive to work which keeps us a slave to the oil industry. I want my children and my friend’s children to grow up in a world free of tyrants and those who seek to kill and destroy their way of life. I also hope they never have to endure the hardships and separations of ¬†an ongoing war.

So, where does that leave us? For me, it keeps me right in the middle. Both sides I see good, both sides I see bad. So what is a person like me to do? It has led me to do what I am hoping that everyone who chooses to take on the awesome responsibility of voting will do. To educate themselves, to know the issues, and to seek out God’s will in their right to vote. That is really all we can do. I hope you all are voting or have voted your conscience. I know I am.

And no matter what happens come Wednesday morning or January ’09, it is important to note that no matter who is elected our next leader they deserve our respect, our prayers, and our support. If their political stances differ from yours work to change them, after all that is your right, because you are an American. The next decade will not be easy, not matter who is in office. Just work to make this country better, don’t choose to become indifferent and detached, that is when we will all loose.

Vote your conscience.


Don’t Be A Moron!

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I want to thank Angela for brining my attention to this awesome video.

Don’t be a moron! And if you are as sick of all the election mumbo-jumbo as I am, you will enjoy this!

Weighing the Options

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This is such a sticky subject, but I am going there. I consider myself a pretty moderate person when it comes to politics. There are a few issues I am very passionate about. Just to mention a few: foreign affairs, the environment, the war, our veterans, family issues and healthcare. I was so impressed with the ability everyone had over at Alexa’s to nicely discuss their need or lack of party affiliation. It seems overwhelmingly that most of you are not connecting to a party but to the issues, which in my mind is very wise. I also was so relieved to see that most of us seem to really understand and are passionate enough to be educated about the issues that are deciding the course of the future of our country. No longer are we just voting a certain ticket because someone told us to or because our great great grandfather did, we are choosing based on our conscious and what will impact our future. Bravo!

It got me to wondering. If we are breaking the mold of generations and not necessarily choosing our candidate based on their party affiliation, what are the issues that will ultimately decide your choice for the next president? What do you do if you are like me and you find yourself supporting different platforms of both candidates? How do you weigh the importance of one issue versus another?

Like Alexa said, discuss nicely!

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