The First Book Club Casualty

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Last night we had another installment of The Best Idea. Ever. Book Club.

We read The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and I think the consensus pretty much was that we all didn’t understand the book. Really, it was pretty much that simple. Well, one of us got it, but she was new, and I don’t think we really got her, if you know what I mean.

We were all discussing how we were trying to figure out the ending when she jabs in and says, “I totally got that” with accusatory eyes. She could not however, tell us what she “got” nor could she enlighten us lowly peons or help us understand.


Perhaps I was too quick to brag on my Perfect Book Club. Seems as though last night God sent us the epitome of everything we may not have wanted.

She showed at least, but she came saying, “I read it years ago, I didn’t want to re-read it, and I didn’t bring the book.”

Well, nice to meet you. Now leave.

She was already on a bad note with us because she got snippy with one of our members via email telling her she did not want to read her next pick for the month of April.

Hello? We sent you the rule list. It says you agree to read what other people pick. When you get a chance to pick, you can pick what you want. It is about expanding your literary choices. And you are brand new. How about giving it a few months before you start getting demanding.

Maybe we should get people to sign a contract. Something to consider. Ok, maybe a scoche far.

Seriously, people, why would you come to a book club, unprepared, unread, and only contributing to the conversation with smart remarks about how you understood everything when us lowly neanderthals obviously “just didn’t get it.”

She conveniently took a phone call the moment we ended the discussion and left a very few moments later.

Very Charlotte and the “something bad happened” emergency phone call a la Sex and the City. It did not hurt our feelings.

“She won’t be back,” said Mrs. Lilac.

We can only hope.


The Best Idea. Ever.

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Can I just say I am in love with my book club? About a year ago me and a few girlfriends who are avid readers decided we should choose a book once a month and discuss.

It was the best idea. Ever. Period.

Who knew we would have so much fun? Who knew that we had such varying opinions? Who knew I would look forward to it every single time? Well, I do. It is one of my favorite things. We have read some of the best books which I now count as some of my favorites reads.

A few weeks ago the core girls and decided that we should expand and look for a few different people to diversify our group. What to do? What to do?

We knew what we wanted. People who love to read. People who will actually read the book. Yes, we had a problem with that with some. People who will actually want to discuss the book.

We put the word out and had our first meeting on Monday night. Have you ever sat in a public place and had no idea what to expect from people you will meet? We had no idea what to expect. Yeah, we had all exchanged a few emails, but really, what can you learn about a person from an email?

I was just hoping that we didn’t gain a random stalker from the whole process. Craigslist is not always that safe! No creeps present though the two ladies who were knitting at the table next to us did look suspiciously curious. It’s OK, we could take them.

In a few words – it was awesome. There are no other words. We had the best time. We spent two and half hours just chatting, discussing, laughing and getting to know each other. I invited a friend of mine who everyone loved. Two other women came who I would pick out of any group to be a person I would instantly want to know. There were three preachers daughters among us. So random.

It went so well. There were no weird getting to know you moments. No awkwardness. No one went running for the door or had that emergency phone call to answer. We had an excellent time and a great discussion.

We read The Secret Life of Bees By Sue Monk Kidd. A good read about a young girl, who lost her mother at a young age, is living with her emotionally detached father in the south during the civil rights movement. I would recommend it, especially if you like a coming of age story about a child who finds a family in a less than obvious place.

Our current read is The History of Love by Nicole Krauss.

Here’s to the next read! Our group needs a rockin’ name? Ideas?

Wanna read with us?

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