Choice Thoughts

A few of my favorite posts. Some I wrote in one sitting, others took a little more time. They are all just me.

Why Blog??

Why It’s All About the Blog

The Army Wife Series:

Five Years Ago – March 2008. Observations on the beginning of the war and the day my life changed. Written on the five year anniversary of the Iraqi conflict.

On the Flip Side– February 2008. A Soldier’s perspective of war.

On That Note – February 2008. Follow up to a Piece of My Mind and my view of war.

A Piece of My Mind – February 2008. Thoughts on my husband’s veteran status and the way the war changed our lives.

Our five year anniversary/make-up honeymoon trip:

Christmas In New York – December 2007

My Hubby:

My Man – November 2007

My Dogs:

It’s Gone To the Dogs – February 2008 Adventures in Doggie Day Care

Catching Up– January 2008 The Story of Ellie



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  1. It’s nice to find another dog lover!

  2. […] Choice Thoughts […]

  3. Arem you like batik from Indonesia? I like you header….

  4. Wow Stephanie! Thanks for visiting Your site LOOKS GREAT! I look forward to coming back! 🙂 Say hey to your hubby for me!


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