Dancing Observations

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Observations on Dancing With The Stars:

  • I think Priscilla Presley is a little creepy looking in that outfit, kinda like an I Dream of Genie episode gone very wrong. I especially thought she had lost it when she said that she liked to throw her feet off the floor – REALLY?

  • I really want Derek and Shannon to kiss, they are so cute and embarrassed.

  • How mean is it for them to actually judge those kids? Talk about heartbreaking.
  • Does anyone else think it is a little weird when the kids dance? They look like pageant kids on display.  They are eight years old! And I don’t like it that he is stradling her on National TV. Very strange.
  • Poor Julianne being stuck with that weirdo, he is annoying and the only reason that they are still in the competition is because everyone doesn’t want Julianne to go home. Really? A unicycle is the best you could do?

  • Yeah, that is about right that they sent him home.
  • Has anyone else noticed that Cheryl does the exact same celebratory move every time her and her partner are told they are moving on? Fists go over her head, arms straight, with a brisk twirl to bury her head in her partner’s neck. Really, I love you girl, but can you be that elated every single time your name is announced?
  • How much spray tan can Karina wear? It kinda hurts my eyes to look at her tonight.

  • The Paso Doble is my favorite dance, but I feel this year’s competition didn’t do it justice.

This is what a Paso Doble should look like:

In honor of Julianne, we know you got it. I so miss these two together, so cute!
Sidenote: This dance officially elevated my love for Apolo. An athlete and a dancer. Um yeah. That’s Hot.

Who is your favorite and who do you think is going to win it all?


Dogs Rule.

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I may be an aunt. My friend may be adopting a cutie patootie little guy who was resucued from a high-kill shelter. The details are still being worked out, but here he is:

She has some excellent names already picked out. Everyone send my friend good positive thoughts so that all will work out soon. He needs a good home and he has many sisters according to his profile.

Which brings me to the subject at hand.

Did anyone else watch Oprah yesterday? I didn’t and I will tell you why. Those images from the previews alone are already haunting me and I am physically and psychologically unable to view the things that go on in puppy mills. Dana wrote an excellent review of the episode. Go read it here. Then go and read the account of Lisa Ling’s investigation on Oprah here. Everyone of you should go now and read the statistics and the information on the puppy mills. It is absolutely appalling. There is absolutely no reason for someone to support a breeder’s business when there are hundreds of thousands of animals being put down in shelters all across the country because they are not able to place them in good homes.

It is reprehensible to know that the value of a life is so poor in our country. I have heard all of the excuses and I rarely agree with the reasons why people do not just adopt an animal who needs a home.

Another blogger friend of mine led me to a great post about animal testing and the companies that use dogs and other animals to learn the the effects of their chemicals. She learned that the companies clip open the eyes of the dogs and restrain their paws to keep them from fighting and moving. It is horrendous. Go see her complete list of companies that do animal testing here.

If you feel strongly enough about it, write the companies and refuse to buy their products. I am already revamping some of my products in my house. Just another reason to buy all Method products who NEVER test on any animals!

And because dogs rule so much here are my babies. I couldn’t do a complete dog post without showing off my children!



I hope you all are having a great weekend. Now go read the links. Go. Really Go. I can tell if you click on the links or not and I will be highly disapointted with you all as human beings if you choose not to educate yourselves on the treatment of animals.

Can you tell I am a tad sensitive about this subject?

Dogs Rule.

Ed. Note: Since WordPress has decided to re-vamp their entire dashboard, I am unable at this time to find the spell checking tool, so bear with me as I am unedited!

Don’t Mess With the Hummus

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It is raining here today. The kind of rain that won’t go away and is just enough to be annoying. It is not hard enough to cause a problem, just consistent enough so that you have to use your umbrella every time you go out no matter how much of an inconvenience it is.


Another fun thing to talk about. While driving to my first appointment this morning my windshield wiper decided to fly off of the driver’s side and curl back toward my window.

Excellent. In the pouring rain. Now I can’t see and I am on the interstate. My life is a joke.

I know what you are thinking.  “You just got your car back. How is it possible for you to have another car issue?”

I like to think it is God’s little way of continually messing with me. Just a way for Him to say, “you are so not in control.” Well, I have a big brother who has given me enough trouble to last a lifetime. So, I don’t want to play this crazy game anymore! Move on to someone else!

New topic: Do you ever feel as if you are in a never-ending episode of “The Office?” I do. On a very disturbingly daily basis. For instance, today my lunch is almost over and I am still hungry. Why? Because someone stole my hummus. Yes, my hummus which I keep clearly labeled in the staff refrigerator. This would not bother me so much if I was not in such a financial constraint that I may not buy groceries again for a long time. If I was able I would buy me some more hummus. I get it. It takes a village, someone was hungry. I have to think that this person was so hungry and had not eaten all day and they are probably a single mother who works three jobs and can’t feed herself or her children, but something tells me that it was a very sneaky and annoying office neighbor who only works here to annoy me on a daily basis. We will call her “Meredith.” I can’t even go into her right now. She is way too complex!

Normally something like this would not bother me so much, but this is not the first thing that has disappeared.

The first time it was my salad dressing. Actually the Balsamic Vinaigrette spritz with like 5 calories a spritz or something like that. I noticed a while back that it seemed to be going way faster than I was using it. And then I caught her.

Random office mate was using my salad spritzer – without my permission. Everyday. I watched her. She knew it was mine. She never bothered to ask. She just helped herself.

Now being the introverted and non-confrontational person that I am, I let it slide. She used most of the spritzer and I never said a word. But, now it is my hummus and I won’t stand for it. There will be retribution if I find out who stole it! Now, I am the hungry one and I need my hummus!

I suddenly feel like Ross in the Turkey Sandwich episode of Friends when someone ate his beloved “day after Thanksgiving moist maker” sandwich and he was forced to be placed under administrative leave because he snapped and couldn’t pass his psychological exam. Yeah, I am pretty close to that.

This week needs to be over!

Fox. . . .

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. . . is trying to make me have a stroke.

According to Perezhilton.com there will be no more Jack Bauer until . . .

. . . 2009!

What?!! There are NO Words for ridiculousness such as this! They have eight episodes sitting in the archives that we have not seen, they are all just sitting there mocking us.

Throw us a bone Fox, give the people what they want (of course, I am refering to my family who may never get over this earth shattering news!)

Ugh, yes, yet another casualty of the war!


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The Writer’s Strike is over!

This means more of The Office, Brothers & Sisters, and we may even find out what happens to Jack Bauer in 24! Could I be dreaming! It has been a LONG three months!

For the Children

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I woke up this morning and turned on the TV. The Today Show is a staple of my morning. I have been watching it since I was 13 and I got my own TV in my room. I slacked off some when Katie Couric left, but my faithful following has continued through the good, the bad, the big Al, and the little Al.

I have always enjoy Ann Curry’s special reports and I catch her on Dateline when I can. She tends to do what I call human stories. They are not about research or science, statistics or politics, but about people who are encountering the horrors that sometimes this life has to offer. Her reports are heartfelt and show the personal side of people who are suffering in this world. This morning I watched as she did a report on mental institutions in Serbia. You can see the video here.

The story was a report on how disabled people are sent to institutions to live out their lives in horrible conditions. It is an astounding display of the human race at its worst. Children with mental and physical disabilities are placed in “mental institutions” to basically live out their lives with no services, no contact from the outside world, and only their basic needs meet. They are tied to their cribs and left for the duration of their lives. Parents are told by the government to institutionalize their children if they are born with special needs. This is done because they have no way to provide support or services in a country where poverty is rampant. These institutions look exactly like I feel the concentration camps of the Holocaust looked. Public showers with people being wheeled in and hosed off in groups, bars and locked doors with children and adults laying on the floor with no care, no therapy, and little or no physical or emotional contact. There are children tied to cribs; their bodies distorted and atrophied from neglect. There was one man who was at least twenty years old who looked like a small child. “Failure to thrive” the government called it. It is not – the term failure to thrive is a legitimate medical diagnosis where children’s bodies refuse to grow but it not a result of neglect or lack of physical and emotional interaction.

My heart literally broke as she moved from child to child. Some with cerebral palsy, some with Down Syndrome, some with blindness and deafness. If these children had been born in our country there would be services, health care, and professionals lining up to help them gain access to a life full of possibilities and limitless joys and dreams. How sad that these children are forced to witness firsthand the evils of a world without understanding, compassion, and empathy. Only God knows what they could have been or accomplished.

I was talking to a friend today and her child has Down Syndrome. She is a first class mom who shows nothing but first class love for her child. Her world, as seen through his eyes, is filled with love, possibilities, and limitless opportunities. The world is wide open for him; if only every child everywhere had support like that. She reminded me that less than half a century ago, forty something years, we, in America, also institutionalized and put away our children who didn’t turn out “just right”. She has told me that sometimes when she is out and older women look at her son she sometimes sees a sadness come over them. She wonders just how many of them gave their children over to a life in an institution and never heard from or saw them again.

Another friend of mine, whose child also has Down Syndrome, was telling me about an article they were recently apart of in a magazine. She told me the story of giving birth to him and learning two hours later that her child had special needs. She said, “You cannot tell me that my child’s life does not have quality or a purpose. I try to give him the tools that he needs so he can can grow to his full potential- not so he can reach a standard I expect of him.”

These women are my heroes, if I can only be half the mothers that they are.

The report gives ways to help. Also, there is a great website I have had posted her for a while. It is Reece’s Rainbow and it has special needs children all around the globe who are in orphanages and awaiting a family to adopt them. Most of the children are under three because when they are three they are placed in institutions just like the ones in Serbia and they are lost in the system. Adoption is not for everyone; there are ways to donate, via Paypal, to buy specific needs for the orphanages. Some need chairs, some need beds, some need windows to keep the cold out and keep the children dry.

Talk about an assignment, talk about a way to change the world.

I Get It Now

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I was pretty upset about the whole writer’s strike. I had been ignoring the news updates, the blogs, the Internet pleas to support the Writer’s Guild. All I knew was that it meant no new Office episodes (for shame!), Brothers & Sisters, and even Late Night with Dave. The strike truly hit home with me when I realized that there are only TWO more new episodes of The Office this season and 24 can not begin production until the strike is settled (or until Keiffer can stay sober, but that is another blog). I got pretty upset. After all, when a long day ends I want to see some good TV. I want to be entertained. I want to laugh. I want to hope that one day Toby will find love and be happy. I do heart Toby!

I was pretty deflated. Like most of America, I wanted the writer’s to go back to work. I just wanted all of my favorite story lines to continue uninterrupted until the obligatory season ending cliff hanger. I expect that and secretly I look forward to it. How will they keep us hanging for five whole months this time? It has to be better than Jim asking Pam to dinner or the Walker clan jumping into the pool after a heartbreaking year. Now, I may not get that, but after all I have seen I think I am accepting of the writer’s decision to strike.

I was reading Pam/Jenna’s myspace blog tonight (hey, hubby is working late, again- what else do you want me to do?) and she eloquently explains the whole situation and how The Office crew and cast have decided to support their writer’s. Most of their cast are the writer’s but I digress. She said her trailer has been cleaned out and she will not cross the picket line. Production is shut down and we may not know – for a while – what will happen to Pam and Jim and Dwight and Angela. (I think hubby may cry!)

So to sum it all up – here it is. The writer’s get paid a measly percentage of every DVD of your favorite show that you buy in the store. That is only part of the problem. The production companies have started airing full episodes on the Internet for which they get paid nothing. Every time their handiwork is used to make NBC or CBS and others money via the Internet they receive no royalties. The production companies sell advertising around all of the webisodes. (Hello, have you ever missed Dancing with the Stars and had to watch it the next days- you HAVE to watch those advertisements if you choose to watch it on the Internet). However, the production companies make a huge profit off of these webisodes, (think about it no packaging, no shipping, no nothing- just you and your computer screen) but under the current contract the writer’s receive 0% of the royalties. That does not seem fair to me. If I was an integral part of the creation of a product and then that product was used to make other people and businesses money, I would expect a piece of that pie. I would demand it. That is what they are doing.

Check out this video, they are not asking for much. In a world where the Internet is taking over they only want the security of a paycheck when TV and Internet become one. It is already happening and they want to make sure that they are protected under the new contracts.

So, for the sake of all of us whole love our TV – Fix it, give the writer’s what they want!


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After much deliberation we have decided on our Halloween ’07 attire! Drum roll. . . we are going as Dwight and Angela. I will have to borrow my friends Chi just to get hubby’s hair into a coif resembling anything near Dwight! I plan to wear a very mean face all night – we will both be absolute jerks, just to stay in character of course!

Brothers & Sisters

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One of the best things about Fall is that all of my favorite TV shows come back to tie up all the loose ends they left earlier in the Spring. One that I have been waiting impatiently for to return was Brothers & Sisters. I was glued to my TV Sunday night watching to see the return of the family with all of its trials and triumphs. The biggest story line I was most interested in seeing was the one following the youngest son, Justin, who was deployed to Iraq on the Season Finale back in the Spring. They pick up with the family dealing with his deployment as they endure days and weeks with no news from him. I have to say that Sally Field deserves a huge award for her portrayal of a soldier’s mother. She captured the feelings a family experiences while they watch and wait daily. I was a wreck watching this portion of the show. It brought so much back to me from my past.

There is a scene where she is on the phone with her brother and suddenly the doorbell rings. She is faced with the fact that she may not want to see who is on the other side of the door. The constant fear of the unknown is so real in her. The reality that every time the phone rings, or the news is on, or the doorbell rings it brings back that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach – that absolute fear. Fear that there is news, fear that there is no news, fear that there is no end to the constant limbo of feelings of stress and worry that accompanies loving someone in the military.

I applaud this show for actually bringing this issue to primetime. So many people know a military family who is in this same situation. Their ability to hold their families together across the miles is astounding to me. I did it with no children involved, I cannot imagine taking on that kind of responsibility. If you are not watching this show you should be, it is the story of a family loving each other and standing up for each other in the face of constant trials.


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Two days and counting until the Office season premiere!

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