The By-Products of Insomnia

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I love finding new bloggers. It is so great to see what other people are reading and what they are enjoying. Last night I had a raging bout of insomnia and couldn’t seem to simmer down when I got home (we’ll blame it on the almost-ugly cry during RENT last night. More on that to come). I hopped around from blog to blog, going on the recommendation of some of my own blogging friends and I continue to be amazed at the amount of really great blogs out there.

Confession: I tend to only read and land on women’s blogs for some reason. I realize we are monopolizing the blogosphere and I do have some great blogs by men that I have found through 20 something bloggers, but the vast majority of what I read is by women.

Why? Because they inspire me to try the things that interest me, to be a better person, to see things from a different perspective. So, since all of you gave me some great recommendations that I happily surfed through last night, I wanted to give some more lovely ladies some link-love. Some I just found in the past few weeks and some I just found last night!

UPDATE: I stand corrected ladies (and gentlemen), I am now a manblog reader. I found Benjamin via a 20sb forum discussion where we were defending the “In a relationship” bloggers in a debate about single vs. coupled bloggers. I am so impressed and delightfully surprised to have found him. He will be the first man in the Google reader and the blogroll. It is high time. Go give him a shout-out. Way to go Benjamin, you converted me. Go get converted ladies!

Now, on to some more lovely ladies.

Chickbug lead me to these lovely ladies:

  • Michelle from Gooseberried – we share a big devotion to 20sb.
  • Auburn Kat – she is in the starting over phase and I can relate to her so much.
  • Just Jamie from This Is Me Now – I am really excited about continuing to read her. She wrote an amazing post about losing a loved one in Iraq and the movie Stop Loss. Go read it. I am making plans to go see the movie today. Or I think I am, I am not sure I can handle it. I will go without Hubby, of course, I know he does not need to see it. The nightmares have finally stopped, fingers crossed.

Through Jimaie Marie, who I love because her playlist rocks, led me to:

And finally, some that I adore and have recently found.

  • Are You Willing to Change? – anyone who spends her weekend running a 5K has my respect and she is a Georgia girl and us Grits have to stick together.
  • Devon from FanFrickingtastic – this girl is awesome. I started reading her last week and she has yet to disappoint.
  • Tara from Tied Together With A Smile has been so encouraging to read. She just returned from alternative Spring Break where she went to work with children with AIDS. Mad props.
  • I found Britini and Teri through the Blog Party and I feel like I have so much in common with them both!
  • Dana and her friend Danielle are also new finds from the block party and I love reading them both. Dana is a fellow 20sb who keeps it very entertaining and Danielle has the most adorable daughter Eliza, and her product reviews rock.
  • Courtney from Word Perv is also a good read. I immediately loved her dog stories. We both have similar dogs named for flowers and her stories about Daisy ring so true to me.
  • Katelin from Gorgeous Footprints in the Sand is a SoCa girl who keeps me up on all the entertainment stuff.
  • Ashley from Our Little Apartment gives great environmentally friendly tips and she is inspiring me to going back to be a vegetarian – almost.

Thanks ladies for all the great reads. Now Go. Give them comments. Tell them you came by. Tell them how great they are. Really.


A Steve Martin Moment

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I feel like Steve Martin in the old movie The Jerk when he goes screaming down the street. “The new phone book’s here, the new phone book’s here!”

Well, it is not the new phone book that has me so excited, but . . .

My NEW Phone!!!!!!!


My old phone has hung in there very well despite the fact that it has been dropped, water-logged, chewed on (by a teething Ellie), and used as a prop during therapy. But, it has done its due and it is time to move on. No more locked up screens, missed calls and voice-mails, or the inability to send a complete text message.

It really is ridiculous how happy this makes me.

Insert one Debbie Downer sad note: Since I have programmed my new phone I am unable to get my ring-tone reset to my most favorite Sex and the City ring-tone because it is either unavailable for my phone or just unavailable all together.

So, I need a new ringtone. Any suggestions?

Better Days

March 11, 2008 at 2:40 pm | Posted in Life, Music, The Others | 8 Comments

Today I feel like I am living out the lyrics of a good song, “World Spins Madly On” by The Weepies. I never feel as though everything I set out to do can be done. I can’t be there enough for people who need me, especially when they are hurting. I am troubled by external circumstances getting in the way of my success. I am hurt when people do not use their words wisely.

“Everything that I said I’d do like make the world brand new and take the time for you, I just got lost and slept right through the dawn, and the world spins madly on.”

The crazy days just keep coming and coming with no consolation sometimes. I am yet again feeling overwhelmed today. These past few days have been difficult.

I have seen a friend from work walk away from a job she loved and was excellent at because of the incivility and disrespect of others. It is hard to understand people when they seem to loose all sense of decorum and humanity, when they go to great lengths to manipulate another person. I realize deep down that they are acting out of hurt, but it still makes me angry. Watching her pick up the pieces has been difficult and being there for her seems unrealistic at this point because I have no solace to offer.

Another girlfriend lost someone very close to her today. I wish I could be there to wrap my arms around her and tell her to just cry, but I can’t. She has to be strong for her family in many ways and I would love to be there so she would have someone she could fall apart on. It is difficult when someone you love is having a hard time and there is nothing you can do about it.

Someone hurt my feelings today – badly. It hurt the most because of who it came from, someone who has known me longer than most people on this earth. This family member and I have never been particularly close, distance being the main reason. There are other reasons too, but they are not important. She said something to me today that hurt me so bad I couldn’t talk to her anymore. I lied and told her I had to go. She didn’t mean it and I am sure she has no idea that I am hurt, but that does not change the way I feel. I am sure following our conversation someone told her it was something she shouldn’t say to me, but now I have no idea how to remove it from my head. It is there. Stuck. And I can’t get it out.

And in the never-ending drama that is my car, Old Non-Faithful, that is what I am naming her, left me on the side of the road yet again with another flat tire. I literally laughed at the situation. You cannot write this stuff. Well, I guess you could, but who would believe it right? I am not sure I would.

But, the light is shining at the end of the tunnel in many ways. My friend will heal, my hurts will heal, and eventually my woes will heal. Good things are coming. Good days are coming. So, my new adopted song is an old favorite from the Goo Goo Dolls.

“And you ask me what I want this year and I try to make this good and clear just a chance that maybe we’ll find better days.”

“Cause I don’t need boxes wrapped in strings or designer love or empty things, just a chance that maybe we’ll find better days.”

Better days are ahead. I can feel it.

We Are Going. . . .

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. . .on a trip!! Can you guess where???? It is a lifelong dream of mine to be in this place at Christmas and my wonderful, awesome, totally rockin’, love of my life hubby is making it all come true! After a few chats about “taking off” and a few internet reservations later we are booked!

Guesses anyone??! For those of you who know – no guessing!

Where is October going?

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I just looked up today as I was writing the date and thought, ” it is October 19- what in the world”. My favorite month is almost gone! Where in the world has this week gone? The days have just flown. I seem to have had something every night this week to occupy my time. My great hubby has kept me afloat these past couple of weeks and I am so thankful. I have not cooked, cleaned or done any laundry for three, count them, three weeks. He has done it all and I couldn’t have made it without him! Some of you might think that that is actually a good thing, but in my house I WANT to be the domestic one. I am weird I know, but my perfect Saturday is cleaning my house from top to bottom and then relaxing after it is done. I LOVE to organize and clean- again, yes, I know I am weird. Anyway, all that to say, I have had a fun week. I have also learned a few things. Do you know what snickersnee means? Or Looby? Or how bout indole– look that one up! I do now thanks to girls night last week. Let’s just say that a few rounds of Scene-It, Taboo, and the dictionary game can be scary with us 6 competitive females, but we didn’t kill each other- in a kind and caring I am going to stomp your team into the ground – over a game of friendly competition. Let’s just say things were thrown, but that is us- LOVE US!

Anyway, all that being said, this next week is going to be just as excellent. Busy, but excellent. Tonight begins all the fun. When the Reeve’s come to town there is going to be a party – it will be memorable! DSAMT Buddy Walk is tomorrow- can’t beat that! So much to do so little time. All that to say, my departure from blogging is excusable and necessary. To many things to do- Where is October going? Before we know it Christmas will be here- YIKES!

One of those

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So, you know it is probably not the best day when you have to email a girlfiend and vent to keep from as I told her and I quote, “shoving a pencil in the eye of the next person who asks me a stupid question.” I have been in the worst mood today! Weather, hormones, stupid people, I like to blame all of the above. Today is one of those days when I just want to go home and make the whole world go away. Luckily, I am leaving early. A little project I have been working on is taking off and a group of us are being interviewed by The Tennessean today, so that is exciting!

I do think I know what is bothering me, but I don’t want to talk about it, not just yet anyway, maybe soon. I guess I just feel like there is something that I am suppossed to be doing and I am not. How that is possible considering all the activities I have been slammed with this week is questionable. I guess it is this thing that just keeps nagging at me and I am ready to make a decision about it. So send a thought and say a prayer that hubby and I can come to a conclusion soon.

Until next time. . .

Hopefully, it won’t be so long – a few secret projects this past week have kept me hopping. One seems to be on the checked list- yeah!

Flower power

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Yes, they are actually mine! My Momo would be so proud!


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Caught relaxing!

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