New Year!

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Happy New Year Friends!

We truly believe this will be our best year yet!

Hil and Liz throw one awesome party! It has something to do with being a blogger, I think.

We celebrated with 80-something of our “closest friends.” He’s my closest friend.

She will always be my celebrity-sighting coffee buddy. Watch out universe.

These two are some of my favorites, too.

I hope this year is the best for you all too!


A Less Stuff/More Memorable Christmas

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If you will be receiving a present from me in the next two days stop reading. Seriously.

Ok, now we can continue. . . ahhh, anyone ready to actually get down to Christmas?


You know why? Because life is good, we are loved, we are blessed, and we can all be thankful. In the spirit of a more meaningful Christmas I decided to hand-make all of my family’s gifts this year! 

Crazy? No. Fun and memorable? Yes! 

Also, Hubby and I decided to forego all gifts for each other this year. Yes, you read that right. Neither of us got each other anything. Why? Well, because quite honestly, we need nothing. Literally Nothing.  It may be my type A anti pack rat personality, but I just feel like we are drowning in stuff. Stuff everywhere. I can’t close my drawers or my closets. My garage is about to become more storage for random things rather than for our cars. I could take a huge load of stuff I don’t need or use to charity right now. I may not be able to wait for Spring Cleaning.

Also, I just feel so blessed this year. I am so aware that there are people so very close to me who are struggling, really struggling. It has really put things in perspective for me how blessed I am. I want for nothing. I am supplied everything I need. My husband and family are wonderful, my friends are the most genuine caring souls, and I am surrounded by people who support and inspire me. I need nothing.  So, we decided to anti-stuff ourselves this Christmas. And can I just say that this is one of the most anticipated Christmases I can remember in a LONG time. 

So I thought I would share with you some of the gifts I have done for my family.

For my baby nephew:


Christmas blankets with his initial. He is not even three months old. I will get into the toy buying soon enough! I also made him an Auburn blanket complete with a logo to match that I stitched on. No photo of that one yet, sorry. I also made my Dad one to match! 

For my sister-in-law:


I made this huge tote for her to store all of her and baby’s stuff in on the go. I just love the pattern! I hope she will too.

For my Mom:


She has been wanting a new bag for all her “Nana” stuff. So here is my solution to the problem. I am in love with all the fabric choices out there. 

Also, I made them all a “baby video” of the boy’s first three months. It will surely bring a tear to all of their eyes. Low-key and highly meaningful Christmas? Almost accomplished!

Here are a few shots of some of my favorite things from around the house:



Excuse the half-wrapped bags. I still haven’t received some gift wrapping I ordered from the neighborhood kid to “support the school system”  about three months ago. . .oyy. And I refused to purchase more wrapping for an anti-stuff Christmas!



JOY because that is really what it is all about.


I just LOVE getting mail. Christmas cards and pictures are the best. Some blogging buds sent me a few of these!






I just love beautiful Christmas ornaments!

Well, there is a little sneak-peek of my Christmas! Tomorrow will be full of fun and family and a wonderful church service that I wait all year long for. Highlights to come from that!

Merry Christmas everyone. And Happy Holidays too!

Happy Easter

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One of my favorite bloggers so eloquently captured her feelings on Good Friday. To remember why we celebrate this day, go read Jess’ post from Good Friday.

So beautiful!

Climbing on the Words – Good Friday

Laughter is the Best Medicine

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So my Aunt sent me this email with this great Elf feature. I had received a few before but never opened them, but I did open her family’s with my adorable cousins and it made me go “Awww so cute”. Then I decided to “Elf” me and the girls.

Wow! Talk about hilarious. I am the one who has no rhythm, Amy is the dancing machine and Jen and D look like porcelain dolls. I am in tears laughing. So funny! Enjoy!

My poor elf cannot keep up and the fact that Amy is the one who is cutting the rug makes it even more hilarious! Amy is self-admittedly not a dancer, while the rest of us are the ones usually begging her to get out on the floor with us. So Amz, this is your time to shine!

Exit Scrooge

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We did it! We have jumped right into the Christmas season. Thanks to Amz and her rocking Christmas CD and D’s enthusiasm for decorating her own tree on girl’s night last week, I have succumb to the fever. We put up most of our Christmas decorations. We only lack the outside decor, but let me bask in my accomplishment for just a minute. It may not look like much but we like it. Hubby actually has his own tree in his man cave (the bonus room) which I conveniently left out of the pictures.

Not that I don’t appreciate his taste, I just think he can have his tree of all sports memorabilia, gold colors, etc., and I can have mine. So here is a few shots of “our” tree as we call it. I will leave it up to him to share pics of “his” tree if he so wishes!

It just occurred to me we need another stocking hanger for Ellie. Do they make a four letter word stocking holder – may be Noel, that would be cool.
Did I take the picture crooked or is my tree leaning? Hmm, the Olsen boys put it up. I think it is just the picture.

One of Ellie, because she thinks it is her mission in life to protect the house.

Kick, Kick!

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Thanksgiving was filled with family, fun, food, and the Rockettes!

I have never gone out to see the Radio City Rockettes, but this year mine and hubby’s family all went and took up an entire row at the Opry House. I was not really expecting the show we got. I was so impressed. Even though the actual time you see the Rockettes is limited, (hey, those girls have some major wardrobe changes) when you did see them they were great. Call me predictable, but the March of the Toy Soldiers was my favorite!

The Nativity Scene was fantastic too! Live camels, donkeys, and one very unruly sheep later made for a great finale!

Veteran’s Day

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So, it is techinically not Veteran’s Day, but my aunt sent this to me. I almost didn’t watch it. I thought I was too busy, didn’t have time, etc., etc., etc. You should watch and if it doesn’t touch your heart check your pulse.


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After much deliberation we have decided on our Halloween ’07 attire! Drum roll. . . we are going as Dwight and Angela. I will have to borrow my friends Chi just to get hubby’s hair into a coif resembling anything near Dwight! I plan to wear a very mean face all night – we will both be absolute jerks, just to stay in character of course!


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Since last Halloween was so fun with Punky, June, Hillary Swank, and Madonna (with baby – not shown), I am taking suggestions for a Halloween costume. Last year Hubby and I went as Johnny and June Carter-Cash. We don’t have to be a couple, but it gets hubby excited about a holiday he is not that into. I am taking all suggestions, I have no clue! I think my procrastination is a direct result of having 85-90 temps in the first week of October, but maybe that is just me!

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