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I just hit “New Post.” Not really sure why except for the fact that I feel I should, ya know, post something since its been oh, too long.

So, you get bullet points cause this is gonna be random. Hold on to your hats people.

In the life of me for the past few months:

  • I read the entire Twilight series in about two weeks. I get it now. If I were not married I would move to Forks to find him. I was the person standing in line with a girlfriend at midnight for the DVD release. That is all.
  • I am still so unbelievably happy with my job right now. Funny how I can be happy doing something that I feel is meaningful and other people just don’t get it. Oh well.
  • Good thing I have a two job(s) I love right right now. Hubby was actually laid-off a few weeks ago. Before you all freak out like everyone else in our life, we are fine. Let me say that another way. We are great. Really. Let me just say, there is nothing like faith to get you through a situation you dreaded being in. For months we dreaded what we felt was an inevitable lay-off only to discover once it happened that life goes on. Can I just tell you how good God is? He really is. He is teaching us patience, trust, and to not fear. Last time I checked my cable is still on, my phone working, and we are still eating out occasionally. Yes, we have made a few adjustments during this down time, but we are very blessed. God knows right where we are and He is showing up daily. End of story.
  • Hubby and I celebrated six years married yesterday. SIX years. Married. I still don’t get it. I would do it all over again.
  • I am sad that some of my favorite bloggers are calling it quits lately. But I get it. Thank goodness for twitter! (Which by the way is totally being taken over by celebrities, we were totally the cool kids first!)

I am still here. Thank you all for caring about me!


Tap, tap, tap

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Yes, I am still alive.

Thank you all for asking. No, really, thank you for asking.

I know I have been so very absent as of late, and every now and then I would think, “I really need to update the old Blog” only to leave it for another day and yet, it would still go undone. I would rationalize it by saying, “Oh, its not a big deal, I don’t even know if anyone is still out there reading.” Then I get some really awesome emails, a few cards in the mail, and just in general “checking on you” tweets and I remember my other little world of support.

Nothing is really wrong or different. Life is just heavy. Do people still use that word? Somehow even typing that makes me feel like I should be wearing a poodle skirt and going to the soda shop with Marty McFly. There are a few people out there who will get that.

Anyway, I am just bogged down: work, life, people, frustrations, changes, stress. Pretty much everyone’s story. Expect that when things get hard for me I tend to clam up and hunker down and sort through. I am hoping this is the beginning of some light at the end of a tunnel. 

So yeah, just heavy. Friends are hurting. Like every. single. person who is in my “core.” Ya know? They all have issues right now. Real hard issues. Things I feel helpless to fix or change. And I am a fixer. I feel pretty much helpless if I can’t fix it.

Add to that four months of lay-offs at Hubby’s company and him actually surviving over 500 cuts, needless to say it has been a stressful couple of months and weeks. Yes, over 500 people fired. My Hubby is one of twelve left standing. How does that feel? Honestly, crappy. Because you see him feel guilty and yes, very overworked, but in the midst of all of those emotions you are supposed to feel thankful and blessed, even if it means being happy that they guy that was with the company thirty years was sent home with no warning. And even Hubby still doesn’t feel safe. They sent him home with new a re-up for his insurance and benefits Friday. I am taking solace in that.

And people once again have reminded me just how mean and hurtful they can be. I am the type of person that will worry to death if one single person in all of this earth is unhappy with me, even if it is their fault. I am working on it. I am being worked on. And I will be a better person for all of it.

So, thank you my friends. I am still here.


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You guys were so awesome to help me out with the last survey, so here I go again, asking for more favors. 

Basically, I think this game is going to be a popular one so I wanted to do some more questions to put in the “just in case” file. Would you guys do it again?? Pretty please? Once again, you all rock!

Click Here to take survey

Help A Girl Out!

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Hello Faithful Blogging Friends, 

I need a favor! Next week the Hubby and I are throwing a little game night and we are playing a little friendly fued game. So, I need you guys to take this survey so that we can have a “survey ” that “says” something!

Would you guys help me out? Pretty please with a cherry on top? Click down below and your anonymous results will help me out so much!

You’re all jems! And you all have an open invite to join the game crew! I can’t promise warm weather, but I can promise a good time!

Click Here to take survey

Because. You Should.

January 13, 2009 at 7:17 pm | Posted in Blogosphere | 19 Comments



–verb (used without object)  

1. to lie or wait in concealment, as a person in ambush; remain in or around a place secretly or furtively.
2. to go furtively; slink; steal.
3. to exist unperceived or unsuspected.

Blog lurker:

One who reads a blog which results in tons of entertainment and insight into blog author’s life while acting as if said author does not know of lurker’s presence. Or DOES she?

Yes. Really. It is that time. You have been lurking, tons of you. How do I know? Cause I have a GREAT tracker program baby! So, come out and say hello, hola, ciao, or whatever you say in Chile, yes, I am talking to you, you avid reader you! 


Seriously, let’s be friends, even if you feel like a stalker. I will be nice. When am I not? There may or may not be a prize. I’m just saying!

Everybody’s Doing It

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The Year In Bloggy Review

January started off quiet in the blog world as I was still lusting over our Christmas Vacay to NY and proved to you all just how much of a Renthead I had become. We celebrated our first “birthday” with Ellie and I shared her story of the way she came to be ours. There were semis and interstates involved.

In February, I had the Best. Idea. Ever. and we are still going strong! I cried on the side of a bypass and I got angry about my husband’s “veteran status.” Apparently it was therapeutic and I felt the need to further clarify my view on war, which led to a good friend of mine, who is in Iraq right now, gave us his view to even it out. I did that thing every dog owner said they would never do and if they do do it- they lie about it. 

March started with me breaking Hubby’s heart. Don’t touch a man’s stuff without permission, especially his mixed tapes. I finally stopped ignoring all the signs and quit my job. It was the best thing I have EVER done. We took a snow day and I almost killed the Hubby in a fit of tax-related stress. The five year anniversary of the war in Iraq hit me hard and I wrote my favorite post to date. It has opened many doors which I am very excited about. I ended my emotionally charged month of change by crying my eyes out with two girlfriends at our favorite show.

April came and we had to basically kick “that girl” out of our book club and I spent my last day at my job. I had to have a friend console me in public and I almost had an altercation at the dog park. Don’t mess with my babies. Seriously, the ugly comes out. The girls started our semi-annual clothes swap. It has saved me a ton of mulah and kept Dave Ramsey off my back. Hubby and I celebrated five years of marriage and I introduced you to the crazy neighbors who are still as crazy. Mrs. Lilac and I tried to save the world thru a sweet little kitty and I almost had a nervous breakdown giving her up

May came with a great surprise when we found out my nephew was in fact A BOY! While canoeing with family I realized my Ellie would die for me before my Hubby would. And all the anticipation came to realization when the movie we had all been waiting for came!

And that is the first part of the year. It really has flown by. Looking back I can say that I have made changes for the better in my life this year. Many things have come and gone and the future is bright. I am eager to see what this new year holds!

My Beautiful Scarf!

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What is wrong with me?

How in the world could I have forgotten to tell you about this lovely addition to my wardrobe?! 

We’ll blame it on the sugar coma I am surely under from eating copious amounts of sugar.

Fa la la la la!



Lily wanted to get cozy too.


Obviously, I was excited!

Seriously, my scarf swap buddy was the absolute best. You all have been hiding the wonderful Talia under a rock! I am blessed to call her a “friend” now as well. Thanks to you Ms. Talia for working so hard to pull off this huge exchange. Everyone got such lovely additions!

Here’s to a cozy new year!

Random Stuff and Help Wanted

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Just a few things:

  • Tonight I am just sitting here in my pjs (yes, already), having eaten some yummy Chinese take-out (shhh, Hubby is not here tonight and it wasn’t in the budget), and planning my coming week and wow, I am already in slight panic mode about the fact that Christmas is coming so soon! I just agreed to do some alot of extra things these next few weeks and right now I am feeling well, overwhelmed. And I hate that. -Insert annoying childish whine.
  • On Saturday I am having a group of ladies over for an annual gift exchange/Christmas Party and every single box of Christmas decorations is still in storage. Yeah, not good.
  • I am super stoked that the partner results came back for the scarf swap. I am, however, very intimidated that I was paired to swap scarves with THE Talia who has orchestrated and organized this entire shindig. This basically cements the fact that everyone and their grandma is going to tune into her blog to see what awesome scarf she gets in recognition of orchestrating this entire awesome event. I am a knitting failure so I will be scouring every store here in Nashville to find the cutest and most original scarf available so as not to be a total failure in the scarf swap department. I don’t want to be “that girl who totally got Talia a lame scarf when she put so much time and effort into the swap.” No pressure though. Eeek.
  • AND finally I need help. Serious help. I need to choose a picture of Hubby and I for a little project that will be revealed ohh, soon-wait for it! So you guys get to help me out! Which picture should I use? Yes, most of you know what I am talking about and it is for THAT!




*Choosing from this bunch makes me seriously aware of why we need to book a photoshoot for an updated picture-STAT.

**Sorry some of these are too huge and such. I am not a photoshop girl. I wish I was. Really.

So, help me out people!

My Ultimate Blogger Meet-Up. Minus Pictures. Boo.

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I am so angry at myself. Why? Because I met one of the seriously coolest human beings alive last week and have nothing to show for it. We are both bloggers, both had cameras on our phones, and NEITHER of us took a picture! Seriously, I am sad.

So, who was the fabulous blogger I met last week? Well if you follow me on twitter you know, and if you don’t follow me on twitter, why not?

Ok, really, enough suspense. Last week I met the wonder EP from Stylish Handwriting (oh yeah, I might have mentioned that on a previous Vlog. So much for suspense right? I apparently suck at surprises.)

She was in town to see me visiting her boy who happens to be planted right here under my nose here in Nashville. So, when she came to visit him we decided to met up and “really” meet each other.


We met at one of my favorite coffee shops, which she knew how to get to, thank goodness. I planted myself in the window not sure which door she would come thru and as soon we saw each other we knew it was going to be a fun time. We hugged. We ordered. We sat. We talked. And talked. And talked. And talked. We talked so long her boy had to call and say something along the lines of “have you been kidnapped by some random stalker?”, “are you going to meet me for lunch, it is THREE hours later?”

Seriously, THREE hours later. And it wasn’t enough and we both had no idea we had been talking for that long. I thought it had been maybe 45 minutes or so. For real. 

Non-Bloggers People, for all of you out there who give all of us bloggers a hard time for having “imaginary friends” or “random stalkers”  (yes, I have heard all of this) you all can shut it. Seriously. I have met some of the sweetest, most genuine, most passionate and caring individuals in the blogosphere. Some of them I love much more than my real life acquaintances. You all know. Don’t hate.

There is something so amazing about meeting someone randomly who you have so much in common with and respect and care about who you might not ever have met any other way. I remember the first day EP and I “met” via 20sb. We both joined the same day and on a fluke friended each other and chatted the day away. It was so fun! Now we have met in real life and I am so glad to say that I count her as a Real Life Friend as well. She WILL be moving here soon. Half of our conversation may or may not have been eaten up with us conspiring how to get her here sooner rather than later, but whatever. I am so thankful to have met her. We will be friends for so very long. She is amazing and inspiring and lovely all the way around. 

It got me to thinking. I think we all have a group of bloggers who would be in our ultimate blogger meet-up. Who would be in yours? Nothing matters. It is totally imaginary. They can live far or near. Be famous or not. Who would you love to hang with for a day?

Why V-Blogging is like an Aerosmith Song

November 9, 2008 at 4:19 pm | Posted in Blogosphere | 16 Comments

This is a sick V-Blog let me tell ya. Sick as in *cough, cough* not as in fantastic. 

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