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You guys were so awesome to help me out with the last survey, so here I go again, asking for more favors. 

Basically, I think this game is going to be a popular one so I wanted to do some more questions to put in the “just in case” file. Would you guys do it again?? Pretty please? Once again, you all rock!

Click Here to take survey


Top Ten Favorite Google Searches

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To those of you who found me via random Google searches, this is for you.

10. Army Girlfriend- I am no longer one of these, nor am I an Army wife. I am not strong enough for such a role.

9. Her First Stockings – I have no idea how you got here, you must be very desperate on a search for something. But then again, if you googled ‘her first stockings’ you obviously have way too much time on your hands. Might I suggest you go volunteer somewhere?

8. Real Ways Get Husbands Come Home – I am sad for you if you need to google a way to help you get your husband to come home. Might I suggest a good counselor?

7. Celtic Women Fiddle- please, no more email about how great The Fiddle Girl from Celtic Women is, I simply said she was ahemm, sassy.

6. All the children walking home past the factories . . . – If you like Gabe we should talk. He rocks.

5. Katie Herzig and the one who played oh tike – I have no idea what you were looking for with that one, she has no song that resembles that line, but see number 6.

4. Slutty Little Sister – wow, go away, NOW!

3. Little Girls in Bra- No, REALLY, Go Away. Don’t come back. Ever!

2. When do Brittany’s Puppies Start Teething- I don’t know and I don’t care and I have no idea why you would either. You are sad and I am now not only afraid for her children, but her dogs as well. See Number 2 & 3.

And my favorite Google Search Is:

The one where you ask for me by name.

1. (Tipp)ical Thoughts – so glad you found me, now might I suggest Bookmarking people? Or subscribing in a reader? It really would save you SO much time!

A Tad of a Freak-Out

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Yesterday was March 21. That means that in less than 30 days my tax returns need to be stamped and in the mail before the post office closes that night.

How close am I to accomplishing this annual drain on my existence?

Not close at all. In fact, I think I have been avoiding it all together. You see, this has been Hubby’s department for the past 2.5 years. Bills, bill-paying, filing, they all fall under his assigned responsibilities. He asked for it. He chose it. He wanted it.

Last week Hubby gives me an ultimatum offer.

Hubby: “Since you are going to be working (it looks like) one less day a week, how would you like to take over the task of bill-paying?”

Me: (thinking to myself that I would rather be shot and left for dead somewhere on the side of the road) “OK, sure, if it would make it easier for you.”

He is after all working a lot and I could do it.

Backstory: I am a very responsible/organized bill-payer.  Before I met Hubby I balanced everything myself, paid all bills on time and in full, as well as paid them the day that they arrived. I had an impeccable system of putting whole checks into saving and living off of one week’s pay a month. Think Monica on Friends.

Oh how the times have changed.

When Hubby came home from his deployment he decided it was time for him to “be the man” and “take charge” of the finances. He is such a patriarch.

Last weekend, my eyes were opened to the deep dark world that ensues when Hubby says, “it is all under control.”

In preparation of jumping right in and taking over with the bill paying responsibility, I open our little storage compartments in our bonus room. I am greeted by something that resembles this:


There were piles and piles of unorganized papers, stubs, bills, recepits, and on and on and on. It was like the Dunder Mifflin paper warehouse had exploded in my storage space. Stacked neatly, but tons of papers. Everywhere.

It probably was the closest I have come to having an anxiety attack since I got on an airplane for the first time as an adult.

Not a pretty sight!

It took all of the self-control within me not to yell expletives at the top of my lungs.

This has taught me a few things about Hubby and myself:

  • I am becoming more and more of a Type A, over-organized, everything must be in its place, on a daily basis or I will freak out, person maniac.
  • I need to communicate better with Hubby that his lack of being as much of a Type A as I am is pissing me the heck off.
  • I must inform Hubby that stating “I’ll take care of it” or “it is done” is going to be greatly doubted in my mind for a few months to come until this little fiasco has been put to rest.

So, last weekend, I spent MANY hours on the floor of our office trying to sort, stack, organize, and file 2.5 years worth of bills, papers, and receipts. Can you even begin to fathom the amount of paperwork that was?

Unfortunately, I can. And. I. Was. Not. Happy.

My hours long organizing frenzy resulted in one huge garbage bag full of shredded papers, 15 more file folders, a new system of bill paying, and three new spreadsheets.

And that makes me relieved sane.

Now, my next task is on to completing the taxes for the year. I would like to think I could attempt this myself, being the cheap-skate and broke tax payer that I am, but I am nervous about things like audits, lines running together, not reporting properly, etc. etc. etc. But, I hate to give up a substantial portion of my income to an accountant who makes more than me and quite frankly has no right to my money.

I wonder if I could do it myself? The clock is ticking. I need to decide!

A Great Find

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OK People. I have found it.

It is brilliant. It is my favorite. It is my new home page.

Perhaps I am very late to the game, but stay with me.

I have found Google Calendar.

With my upcoming job change I am moving away from ten calendars on my Outlook at work that I must keep updated and up to speed with. So in my search to simplify my life as well as mesh my personal and professional responsibilities I came across Google Calendar.

And It. Is. Amazing.

I asked my girlfriends to make one and now we can all sync our calendars. This alleviates twenty different emails trying to decide what day is best, what part of town is best, and if we are all free on a certain day. I sent one to my Mom who is now calling me on a daily basis asking if that is my car on the side of the road.

Wonder why she would ask that?!

Now she can take a look at my calendar and see where I am and where I am going. She may not be happy to know all of the places I am going. She does better under the “not knowing” mind-set, especially if it is a late night.  My Momma worries, she loves me, even though I am a big girl.

This is the best thing ever! I can keep up with when my girlfriends are going out of town on business, when we have school commitments, personal commitments, and even, doctor appts. that I want to check with them on.

It is the best thing I have found in a long time guys!

It Is Done

March 14, 2008 at 12:56 pm | Posted in Advice, Life, Thoughts, Work | 12 Comments

AHHHHHH. . . . .

Relief. . . . . . . .

Good things are in store. . . . . .

I am quitting my job. . . . .  . .

To start something new. . . . . . .

I turned in my notice today. I cannot tell you the absolute peace and reassurance it brings me to be moving on. I know my families will be fine, my co-workers will be fine, and most importantly I will be fine.

My meeting yesterday went so great. New opportunities will be in store for me to begin in about a month. It is a life-long goal for me to do this and it will allow me so much more flexibility than my current job.  

I am trusting that God is anticipating and knowing my needs even though I may be a little stubborn and not so willing to move.

Lesson learned: The hard way is not always the best way, even if you feel it is the most successful. Sometimes the right choice is the one that is right in front of you that seems too good to be true.

Learning to allow myself to be happy has always been foreign to me. Perhaps it is my servant attitude, which is not a bad thing, but sometimes it can become a little misguided. I am learning to put myself first because no one else is. Contrary to what my Momma told me, sometimes it is OK to think only of yourself. Especially if you never allow yourself that luxury.

Sorry Mom.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and emails. You guys are the best.

I Gave In

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I don’t ever do things just because everyone else is doing it. It is a old trait that I never really grew out of. My parents taught me to be independent-minded and think for myself and it has kept me from a lot of drama in my day. I am usually the person who sits back and judges a situation fully before I dive in. I figure that if it is worth waiting for it will be there when I am ready to take advantage of it. (Case in point Hubby also falls into this category.)

It usually takes me just a tad bit longer to splurge on extras, but when I do I am hooked. There has been one thing I have been resisting to join and I think I am the last in the universe to jump on the bandwagon.

Finally, I gave in. I couldn’t resist anymore. I had to.

I joined Netflix.

I miss watching movies. Weekly. When I was a teenager I lived at the movie theatre and at “C’s” house watching tons of movies. Well, Hubby is not really a movie buff. He prefers to do more constructive things and while I can’t argue with the fact that he wants to change every single light fixture in my house, sometimes I just want him to freakin’ sit down and relax a minute and watch something that is not ESPN related.

And. We. Are. Going. To. Do. It.

We will enjoy watching movies together if it kills us. He has so much catching up to do and I am going to rejoin the land of imdb fanatics.

My current queue look something like this and my first choice, Once, is due to be here tomorrow! Thank God it is Spring Break and I actually have time for some guilty movie pleasures!

  • Michael Clayton
  • Becoming Jane
  • Away from Her
  • Why Did I Get Married?
  • La Vie En Rose
  • American Gangster
  • Gone Baby Gone
  • Becoming Jane
  • Into the Wild
  • Casablanca

Any suggestions for those of us who have been left behind the past few years?

Don’t Mess With the Hummus

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It is raining here today. The kind of rain that won’t go away and is just enough to be annoying. It is not hard enough to cause a problem, just consistent enough so that you have to use your umbrella every time you go out no matter how much of an inconvenience it is.


Another fun thing to talk about. While driving to my first appointment this morning my windshield wiper decided to fly off of the driver’s side and curl back toward my window.

Excellent. In the pouring rain. Now I can’t see and I am on the interstate. My life is a joke.

I know what you are thinking.  “You just got your car back. How is it possible for you to have another car issue?”

I like to think it is God’s little way of continually messing with me. Just a way for Him to say, “you are so not in control.” Well, I have a big brother who has given me enough trouble to last a lifetime. So, I don’t want to play this crazy game anymore! Move on to someone else!

New topic: Do you ever feel as if you are in a never-ending episode of “The Office?” I do. On a very disturbingly daily basis. For instance, today my lunch is almost over and I am still hungry. Why? Because someone stole my hummus. Yes, my hummus which I keep clearly labeled in the staff refrigerator. This would not bother me so much if I was not in such a financial constraint that I may not buy groceries again for a long time. If I was able I would buy me some more hummus. I get it. It takes a village, someone was hungry. I have to think that this person was so hungry and had not eaten all day and they are probably a single mother who works three jobs and can’t feed herself or her children, but something tells me that it was a very sneaky and annoying office neighbor who only works here to annoy me on a daily basis. We will call her “Meredith.” I can’t even go into her right now. She is way too complex!

Normally something like this would not bother me so much, but this is not the first thing that has disappeared.

The first time it was my salad dressing. Actually the Balsamic Vinaigrette spritz with like 5 calories a spritz or something like that. I noticed a while back that it seemed to be going way faster than I was using it. And then I caught her.

Random office mate was using my salad spritzer – without my permission. Everyday. I watched her. She knew it was mine. She never bothered to ask. She just helped herself.

Now being the introverted and non-confrontational person that I am, I let it slide. She used most of the spritzer and I never said a word. But, now it is my hummus and I won’t stand for it. There will be retribution if I find out who stole it! Now, I am the hungry one and I need my hummus!

I suddenly feel like Ross in the Turkey Sandwich episode of Friends when someone ate his beloved “day after Thanksgiving moist maker” sandwich and he was forced to be placed under administrative leave because he snapped and couldn’t pass his psychological exam. Yeah, I am pretty close to that.

This week needs to be over!

Good Advice

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I have a friend at work and I call her “my work Momma”. She is such a great resource on life, love, relationships, survival, etc., etc., etc. She is a creative soul with a mind that sees only beauty in the world around her, even in the midst of personal struggle and tragedy. That is such an amazing quality to have. For me, I tend to get bogged down when I feel unappreciated, unsatisfied, or just plain low. I feel it physically, mentally, and emotionally like I guess most people do. She says because I am a cancer that I feel it in my heart and it is true (ulcers anyone?) Did I mention she is very much a spiritual person who holds great value in the universe? It is such an interesting blend of thoughts.

Anyway, she is my eye of the hurricane at work. Yesterday, we were having a random conversation and I was telling her about a situation where I was feeling quite put aside and hurt and I didn’t feel like someone was taking my best to heart with a decision they were making. She said the most simple but yet profound thing. It was like Kindergarten logic, but it was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. It all goes back to having faith like a child and the eyes of a child. Sometimes the simplest things that are said or done make the most sense. In a nutshell she said, “Stephanie, you cannot change other people or how they treat you. You can change your reaction to those people and draw better boundaries. If people are draining you, not appreciating you, or making you angry, tell them. We cannot expect people to figure out your mind. Other people are too busy trying to figure themselves out. It hurts when it is the people you feel should know that you are in a place where you need help, but people are not that mindful. It is sad, but true.”

Hmm, other people are too busy trying to figure themselves out. So true, but I guess as a person who would jump over the moon if someone I loved asked me to, it makes me wonder where I rank in people’s books and on their agenda. It hurts to think that sometimes you give and you give and people don’t appreciate it, notice it, and when the time comes for you to ask for help or you have a need they do not reciprocate that behavior. I have to keep telling myself, “You cannot change their behavior, but only my own behavior and how I put myself into that relationship in the future.”

It is so simple but exactly what I needed to hear at the time.

Appreciation is a necessity

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I love reading various blogs throughout the day during some down time. It is a cyber people watching game, my major was Psychology after all. One that I read without fail is my Pastor’s blog. He had a great one today – one that needs to be shared. It is about appreciating our church leaders and lifting them up and how sometimes we forget that they are people too.

As a child I grew up in the house of a pastor. My husband’s family was in the ministry. This can make for a very hard childhood. You see your family give and give and give with little to no recognition 24/7/365. The pastorate is an around the clock, full-time, no true vacation job description. If you do get a vacation, it is usually to a church related function full of church services, training classes, and responsibilities. I remember once we got a real vacation. I was 9 years old and we went to the beach and then on to Disney World. We had no sooner set foot in our condo when the phone rang and someone in the church had died. My dad made a hard decision and decided to stay on the vacation. How hard that must of been for him to choose, I am sure he got flack from someone about it, but what was he to do? It was one of our first “real” vacations as a family.

The choices they have to make a hard, the standards they have to live up to are high, and the people they must please are never satisfied. It is a hard job. To sum it up it is time someone said all of this. It is sad that someone had to say it.

I think you should take a look, words from a wise man. Take them to heart.


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Since last Halloween was so fun with Punky, June, Hillary Swank, and Madonna (with baby – not shown), I am taking suggestions for a Halloween costume. Last year Hubby and I went as Johnny and June Carter-Cash. We don’t have to be a couple, but it gets hubby excited about a holiday he is not that into. I am taking all suggestions, I have no clue! I think my procrastination is a direct result of having 85-90 temps in the first week of October, but maybe that is just me!

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