A Staycation

April 30, 2009 at 6:55 pm | Posted in Fun Times | 5 Comments

This week was my vacation. Since Hubby is on an “extended vacation” we decided to do some local things we have never done. The Hermitage, former home and burial place of Pres. Andrew Jackson, has been on our list for years. We finally made it out there on Monday!

We donned our headphones and took the audio tour all over the property. The most memorable part for me was when we walked through the old slave quarters where they housed all the slaves on the property. During a portion of the audio tour they name each slave that they knew the name of. Over 100 of them were named as you walked where some of them lived out the entirety of their lives. It was a surreal moment. 


The tomb of Pres. Jackson and his wife


The Hermitage Mansion


Uncle Alfred’s cabin, one of the head slaves on the homestead. He is buried in the garden next to the President’s tomb.


Cotton fields worked by many hands


The rear view of the home



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  1. This is so pretty! What a lovely thing to do.

  2. It sounds amazing!

  3. Awesome & beautiful! I’ve missed you 🙂 Good to hear from you again!

  4. Your photos are beautiful, lady!

  5. So cool! I have never been there, either, and I might have to drag the boy there the next time I’m in your town. (Here’s to hoping that when I am there next, I’ll be a permanent resident!)

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