April 20, 2009 at 7:59 pm | Posted in Blogosphere | 17 Comments

I just hit “New Post.” Not really sure why except for the fact that I feel I should, ya know, post something since its been oh, too long.

So, you get bullet points cause this is gonna be random. Hold on to your hats people.

In the life of me for the past few months:

  • I read the entire Twilight series in about two weeks. I get it now. If I were not married I would move to Forks to find him. I was the person standing in line with a girlfriend at midnight for the DVD release. That is all.
  • I am still so unbelievably happy with my job right now. Funny how I can be happy doing something that I feel is meaningful and other people just don’t get it. Oh well.
  • Good thing I have a two job(s) I love right right now. Hubby was actually laid-off a few weeks ago. Before you all freak out like everyone else in our life, we are fine. Let me say that another way. We are great. Really. Let me just say, there is nothing like faith to get you through a situation you dreaded being in. For months we dreaded what we felt was an inevitable lay-off only to discover once it happened that life goes on. Can I just tell you how good God is? He really is. He is teaching us patience, trust, and to not fear. Last time I checked my cable is still on, my phone working, and we are still eating out occasionally. Yes, we have made a few adjustments during this down time, but we are very blessed. God knows right where we are and He is showing up daily. End of story.
  • Hubby and I celebrated six years married yesterday. SIX years. Married. I still don’t get it. I would do it all over again.
  • I am sad that some of my favorite bloggers are calling it quits lately. But I get it. Thank goodness for twitter! (Which by the way is totally being taken over by celebrities, we were totally the cool kids first!)

I am still here. Thank you all for caring about me!



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  1. I’m not following a single celeb on Twitter! Not a single one! I don’t get it. WHYYYYYY would I care? Well, why would I care what anyone else is doing at any given moment for that matter? Who knows, haha

    Good luck with you and your husband. Is it really tough for him finding a new job?

  2. Congrats on your sixth year anniversary!

  3. Well hey there- long time no see! btw I’ve moved blogs. Emma Elizabeth was discovered by a coworker, so I’ve made a final blog move to Reinventing Amy. I’m still anonymous, but not under a fake name anymore! Anyways- I completely agree with the twitter comment. I usually don’t log on at night because of the few celebs I follow tend to take up my entire homepage!

    You need to post more!!!


  4. Can you believe I’m still not signed up to Twitter? I spam my Facebook status updates so regularly that I already know I’d over-abuse Twitter!

    I hope things work out alright for you and your husband however – silver lining, you guys will get more time together!

  5. Um, Twilight = LOVE. And SIX YEARS! Congrats! 🙂

  6. Congrats on your anniversary!! 🙂 Glad to see you’re still around Tipp. Am missing your regular posts.

    Also. I agree. We were SO there first.

  7. You are ABSOLUTELY right….when we go through tough situations like these, we learn and we grow.

    Congrats on 6 years!

    You are also right about Twitter! It’s funny that everyone keeps talking about it now when I’ve been tweeting away for over a year! Clearly it took them long to get with the program=)

  8. I’m glad to see a post from you!! I could never ever forget about my Tipp!!!!! And all your Bloggy Buds would never stop caring!!!

    Stop by the blog and enter my giveaway!!

  9. Good to see you back. If you ever need someone to swoon over Edward with, I’m there. I just wish there were more books planned. Oh and congrats on six years. Amazing!!!!

  10. Congrats on 6 years! What an accomplishment! I’m so glad you’re back! I missed you (and I would have missed you more if not for FB)

  11. Wow six years! That’s great. I’m glad you enjoyed the books too. It makes you remember life before tv or…sleep.

  12. glad to see you are back! I am SO sorry about your husband.. and whats up with the quitting? I noticed that too.

  13. Girl, you are so inspiring. 🙂

    I love how happy you are!

  14. happy anniversary and happy twilight! woo i’m so glad you’ve joined the twilight obsessed, it’s fun isn’t it? 🙂

  15. Glad to see you back on your blog and that everything is OK. Sorry to hear about your husband’s layoff, but you are right that life does go on! =) My husband and I are both jobless right now too in CA and in the middle of selling our house and moving to your great State of TN (Chattanooga).

    Take good care!

  16. nice to see a post from you!!
    so sorry your hubby was laid off, but I LOVE your attitude and the way you are trusting. God bless you.

    my husband and I just celebrated our sixth anniversary too! Isn’t it crazy how fast it goes by??

  17. Twilight got the best of me for a few weeks too. Sooo addicting. Curse you, Edward Cullen!

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