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March 2, 2009 at 12:58 am | Posted in Blogosphere | 22 Comments

Yes, I am still alive.

Thank you all for asking. No, really, thank you for asking.

I know I have been so very absent as of late, and every now and then I would think, “I really need to update the old Blog” only to leave it for another day and yet, it would still go undone. I would rationalize it by saying, “Oh, its not a big deal, I don’t even know if anyone is still out there reading.” Then I get some really awesome emails, a few cards in the mail, and just in general “checking on you” tweets and I remember my other little world of support.

Nothing is really wrong or different. Life is just heavy. Do people still use that word? Somehow even typing that makes me feel like I should be wearing a poodle skirt and going to the soda shop with Marty McFly. There are a few people out there who will get that.

Anyway, I am just bogged down: work, life, people, frustrations, changes, stress. Pretty much everyone’s story. Expect that when things get hard for me I tend to clam up and hunker down and sort through. I am hoping this is the beginning of some light at the end of a tunnel.Β 

So yeah, just heavy. Friends are hurting. Like every. single. person who is in my “core.” Ya know? They all have issues right now. Real hard issues. Things I feel helpless to fix or change. And I am a fixer. I feel pretty much helpless if I can’t fix it.

Add to that four months of lay-offs at Hubby’s company and him actually surviving over 500 cuts, needless to say it has been a stressful couple of months and weeks. Yes, over 500 people fired. My Hubby is one of twelve left standing. How does that feel? Honestly, crappy. Because you see him feel guilty and yes, very overworked, but in the midst of all of those emotions you are supposed to feel thankful and blessed, even if it means being happy that they guy that was with the company thirty years was sent home with no warning. And even Hubby still doesn’t feel safe. They sent him home with new a re-up for his insurance and benefits Friday. I am taking solace in that.

And people once again have reminded me just how mean and hurtful they can be. I am the type of person that will worry to death if one single person in all of this earth is unhappy with me, even if it is their fault. I am working on it. I am being worked on. And I will be a better person for all of it.

So, thank you my friends. I am still here.



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  1. I love Back to the future! πŸ˜‰ Now I want to watch them again.

    And yeah, I’ll be here when things clear up a bit in your part of the world Tipp!! {HUGS}

  2. I’m glad to hear from you! Good news about hubby, but yes, I’m sure it’s extremely stressful…and I know how you feel when someone is upset with you – I’m exactly the same way!

  3. When you’re under such stress, it’s totally understandable that blogging takes a back seat. Hopefully you’re finding ways to manage the stress and you’re keeping you and the hubby healthy.

  4. You know, this whole blogging malaise thing really seems to be going around. I’m glad that you checked in, but sorry that things are tough lately. I really hope life gets easier soon, and remember that we’re always here for you if you need to vent.

  5. Oh wow, hang in there hon. We will all be here when things look up and you’re able to return to regular posting. πŸ™‚

  6. Girl, I could have written this post myself! HUGS!

  7. glad you’re still here and hope life gets a little less heavy soon.

  8. Glad you’re still here, hope things get a little lighter soon πŸ™‚

  9. What does not break us makes us stronger and this is the time that w need to delve into prayer. We are all going through some things now so don’t feel too alone. We must be thankful in the midst of the turmoil but I totally understand your frustration!

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  11. I sooooo know what you mean about life being heavy!! I feel like as soon as things start to get a tad bit easier then BOOM!! I’m hit with a ton of bricks!!

    Don’t worry about trying to fix your friends problems! Just be there for them – a shouldre to lean on and a listening ear – or a helping hand! That’s all you can to!

    I’ve missed you!


  12. Have to love Back to the Future!!!

    I know what you mean about wanting to fix other people’s problems, I am the same exact way. I am slowly learning that I truly can’t fix everyone else’s problems. I also know that I can’t change people who are just mean. In both cases I saw a little prayer for them and for me to have strength to deal with whatever comes in our way and to make me us a better person…

  13. “There’s that word again, heavy! Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there something wrong with the earth’s gravitational pull?”

    Keep writing Sis! We’re thinking about you and Joe!

  14. you sound just like me, i often wonder why I can’t care less when people are upset with me, even when it’s their fault!

  15. So happy to see you back. And thank goodness for twitter…otherwise it would REALLY feel like you aren’t around. There seems to be a lot of heaviness going around. But we just gotta hunker down and keep going. Hugs!

  16. Layoffs and financial strain has left so many people struggling right now. I hope you guys continue to have everything you need!

  17. so sorry things are so rough for you right now! I hope that light at the end of tunnel is very bright and comes very soon.

    What a bittersweet situation at your husband’s job… I’m really really glad to hear he has kept it, but wow, 500!! people who didn’t. That sucks.

    Bless your heart for caring about others so much!

  18. I’m like you — I draw into myself whenever I face struggles.

    *hugs* I know how you’re feeling, lady, and I seriously hope it gets a little lighter soon for you.

  19. The only good thing about rough, bad times is that they make us stronger. Keep on keepin’ on, girl.

  20. I’m just now getting to my reader, which has 1000+ posts to read. I think everyone is taking a bit of a break from the blogosphere (well, except those 1000+ post writers, ha!)

    Keep on keeping on lady! We’re here if you need us πŸ™‚

  21. Do what you’ve gotta do…

    I’ve been slacking a lot lately on my blogging, reading, and commenting (I’ve been meaning to comment on this post for WEEKS). But I know that I’m prioritizing properly. Some things in life are more important to me than the internet. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Much love.

  22. glad you r alive, lol!!!!!

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