Why I Feel Anciently Old

February 17, 2009 at 7:38 pm | Posted in Life | 19 Comments

During this past week I hung out with children whose diapers I used to change who:

  • whooped my bootie at Super Mariocart multiple times. And I was trying people!
  • sang an entire verse of the latest Pussy Cat Dolls song to me
  • have more electronic equipment that I do
  • are better at using my electronic equipment that I am
  • one of the youngest is now in the double digits age-wise
  • rolled their eyes at me because I said something “old-fashioned”
  • asked me multiple times why I don’t have any children
  • ARE GETTING MARRIED? Excuse me?!

God help me if they have a baby before I do!!!



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  1. I found out today that my high school boyfriend’s LITTLE BROTHER (who I remember being a scrawny little squirt) got MARRIED last fall. That makes me feel old.

  2. getting married?! there’s no way.

  3. yeah I just saw some kids I babysat 2 weeks ago…. 13! I was like- omg… I think I feel old now. Another one is in college (at my Alma Mater! tear! so proud!) and he thought it was cool he was going there.

  4. i remember a little while ago going to a borthday party where some high schooler cheerleaders came over and “schooled” all us old folks (people aged 25-32) in all the cool new dances such as Soulja Boys “Superman” dance. that made me feel old. and also, i just can’t move my body in that manner without a knee or hip popping.

  5. my 16 year old cousin whose diapers i also used to change told me that she would probably get married before i did.

    she deserved a whopping for that.

  6. Wow! Getting married?!?

  7. Don’t feel so bad! Colleen and I were talking about getting older, and she made a really good point- once we hit our 30’s we will finally get respect from “older” people, and be seen as a true adult, instead of someone “just starting out” in life. That always brings me comfort. šŸ™‚

  8. Oh yeah – I know the feeling! One little boy who I started babysitting when he was 3 months old is now a junior in high school…bleh…and I’m 28…bleh bleh

  9. i have definitely experienced that too, so crazy.

  10. My nephew kicks my butt at mario kart all the time. Don’t feel bad

  11. Woah! That’s ridiculous! I find it strange that some of the kids I babysat are in college now. It’s so weird!

  12. The pussycat dolls are still around? haha I am old and out of the loop

  13. try having your little sisters turn 18 and 20….and you turn 30!!! oh god, I’m so not cool anymore.

  14. no way. I cannot believe that they are getting married. You muist have been a baby changing babies’ diapers!

  15. Yeah I have realized that I am old now that

    a) Kids I taught have children going into kindergarten
    b) Former students are out of college making more $ than I am
    c) Kids I watched at daycare are graduating high school, getting married, and having babies
    d) My little sister is 23! Hello! I soooo remember that age!

  16. i hate when children younger then me ask me why i don’t have children… and why i’m not married!! it annoys me!

  17. It’s hard to see the young ones you used to babysit and see that they now wear makeup…and have boobs…sneak beer…and are getting ready for prom. I just want to be cool again!

  18. um, I totally know what you mean!! One of the girls I used to babysit is getting married too! And that does indeed make me feel old… old and ancient. šŸ™‚

  19. I just turned 18. Now that I’ve reached the adult mark, I feel…. strange.

    I sure as heck don’t wanna waste my youth (although I don’t feel youthful) feeling old. Actually, I don’t want to waste my life on that period.

    Ha ha!

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