Be Happy!

November 23, 2008 at 8:11 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 3 Comments

This has been such a good weekend. I don’t know if it is the holiday, the weather, or just life in general these days, but man life is good. It is kind of hard to say that though. Why? Well, cause some people in my life are having some really hard times. Like. Really. You all are some of them. Love and prayers to all. I love you. I am here if you need me.

That being said, this was awesome today. “I Will Be Happy, So Help Me God.” Seriously listen to it. Bask in it. Take it to heart. Everyone (including myself) gets so bogged down by life and it helps to put it into perspective.

Excerpted from my pastor’s blog 


mmemonsters_icon_small_web.jpgToday @ The Gathering we observed Communion, one of the most sacred moments that we get to enjoy together, gathered in worship.  It’s an exciting time to see families, children, parents; people of all ages bow in remembrance of the broken body and shed blood of Jesus Christ.  It reminds us that our hope is not in this world, but in a risen Savior who has redeemed us, and has not left us to our own devices.

We concluded our current series with a talk entitled, “I Will Be Happy, So Help Me God.”  It asks the question, “Which kind of person are you?”  The kind of person who says:


1.    You owe me.
God owes me.
I owe you. I have a debt of love that I can never repay.

We talked about the enemies of a grateful heart.

1.    The enemy of greed that says, “there’s never enough for me.”
2.    The enemy of 
fear that says, “everything is running out and I’ll never get mine.”
3.    The enemy of 
entitlement, which takes everything it’s given for granted and, with pride and arrogance, looks for more.

We also talked about what gratitude knows:

1.    Everything is a gift.
2.    Every place 
has meaning.
3.    Every person 
has value.

We were encouraged to simply make the choice every day, “I will be happy, so help me God,” understanding these three important realities:

1.    I am loved in order to show love.
2.    I am 
healed in order to bring healing into every situation.
3.    I am 
blessed to be a blessing.

Think of it this way.  When you enter a room, do you say, “Here I am,” or do you say, “There you are”?  It makes all the difference in the world.


Also, I just joined a little scarf swap that seems way too much fun for words. Head on over to SarahMarie’s to join in!



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  1. thanks for some good food for thought! it’s definitely something that makes you go “hmm…”

    i’ve seen the scarf swap on a few blogs, and i’m seriously considering it! i’m just afraid of letting someone down with one they don’t really like!

  2. Wow! Very inspirational and makes you think. Thanks for starting off my week in the right frame of mind!

  3. always a great thing to start your week off so happy.

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