Live-blogging Insomnia. Sounds Fun, Right? Wrong.

November 28, 2008 at 2:20 am | Posted in Thoughts | 8 Comments

Everyday I continue to learn so many things about myself. For instance, until today I had myself convinced I am all independent and such. Wrong. Big fat wrong.

This year our holiday found Hubby and I states away from each other. For someone who likes a little “me” time every now and then, I am hating it.  We don’t spend nights apart well, this we already know. Nothing wrong with a little time apart, but when you decide you want to be married to someone and you then spend appx. the next year and half sleeping alone, well, let’s just say that does something to you. Following the deployment that would never end, Hubby and I decided that we would do whatever necessary to never spend nights apart. So much so that I don’t participate in girls’ night slumber parties or all-nighters anymore. I drive home at 4am if need be. Everytime. We don’t sleep well without each other. Trust me, I never thought I would be that girl.

So, after a day of quality time with the family, I found myself wondering what to do with myself. The following is a ridiculous run-down of my contradiction to everything Destiny’s Child sang about in Independent Women.

8ish-Leave parents house turning down multiple invitations to stay so I don’t have to be alone. Arrive home to feed and relieve doggies all the while still contemplating returning to parents house with doggies in tow. Decide it really is too cold to turn and head back to be with family.

8:30-9ish-shower, prepare for bed.

9-10:30-crawl into bed and attempt to settle.

10:35-begin to paroose Youtube for old Friends. Watch way too many six-minute clips.

10:55-talk to Hubby for last time of the night.

11:30ish-click to the ever-trustworthy Hulu and decide a movie is too much of a commitment and land on an old episode of The Office.

11:45-Pick up phone to call Hubby to do a Michael Scott quote talk me to sleep. Put phone down in overwhelming wave of guilt on the chance I might wake him.

12ish-decide against all better judgement to view an episode of Ghost Hunters. I rationalize this decision by telling myself that I will only watch the All Access episode which technically is an interview of the investigators and should not leave me peeking out from under my comforter at every creak and noise. Wrong.

12:35-cringing under the covers at the one clip of the picture frame moving on its own at the old inn in Pennsylvania. Convinced I hear footsteps downstairs. Have minor panic attack and grab phone to call for help. Realize it is Ellie wandering aimlessly downstairs waiting for Hubby to come home. Go retrieve Ellie for both her comfort and mine.

12:40ish-TURN OFF GHOST HUNTERS. Turn to twitter. I am the only loser twitterer there. Great and well, sad. 

12:45-make first real attempt to sleep by making the dreaded move to the center of the bed. Decide it is way too quiet, and visions of picture frames moving still in my head, I decide on Pandora as my distraction of choice. Ingrid Michaelson station is the only obvious station of interest. Attempt to relax. Realize I am singing along against my will to “The Hat” and not sleeping. Recall the last time I sang along to that song was at one of her shows because she forces you to sing. Laugh out loud at the fact that participation is required at an Ingrid show, and if you don’t participate she will call you out and make you regret it. Remind myself that I am not at a show and attempt to stop singing. Fail

12:55-Must roll over to see who is singing the next song. KT Tunstall. Roll back over to turn away from the glare of the Mac that I keep taking off of sleep mode to devulge my curiosity at each artist singing the current song. 

1-1:15-Hear: Ingrid M. and yes, sing along again. Amos Lee. Kim Richey (Katie Herzig does it better). Rachel Yamagata-Skip. Keane-Skip. Death Cab for Cutie-Skip (It is nothing personal, they are singing about lovey-dovey relationships and I don’t want to hear it tonight). Norah Jones-Nearness of You. SKIP. Receive the dreaded “too many skips” notification from Pandora. Curse Pandora. Forced to listen to Norah sing about being near to people you love. Hate her for the rest of the night. Contemplate removing her from Itunes Library entirely to gain revenge. Get a grip on reality and realize I need to chill. Pronto.

1:30-Refrain from calling Hubby for the 8th time since hearing a random noise.

1:35-1:40- Facebook. Email. Twitter. All Lame.

1:45-Make myself again put down the phone. Decide (reluctantly) against texting.

1:50-Continue justifying calling Hubby on the hope that he is still awake after a 5am morning wake-up call, a ten hour drive, and a huge turkey dinner.

1:55-Make final decision not to call by placing the phone under the mattress. Rethink decision based on the fact that if either a masked murder or a ghost comes to kidnap me I will need to call Hubby to say goodbye. Remove phone but strategically place it far away so as to discourage late night desperate phone calls and/or texting.

2:00-Vow to never again kick Hubby in the middle of the night while screaming, “move OVER” when the two dogs and his snoring keep me awake. Continue to let Pandora play. 

2:05-Blog. Realize blogging isn’t helping and listening to doggies snoring only makes me jealous.

2:20-Vow to never again let Hubby leave. Ever. Decide my fate now lies in the hands of Regina Spektor, The Weepies, Brandi Carlile and the like. Accept the fact that I will be up for a long time.

Hope your post-Thanksgiving tryptophan-induced dreams turn out better than mine. Do not call me before noon tomorrow.

Here’s to hoping I get to sleep before dawn. Apparently, I am that girl.


Say Goodbye to the Pumpkins

November 25, 2008 at 9:03 pm | Posted in Life, Photos | 21 Comments

We, correction, Hubby, is in the midst of Thanksgiving preperation at our house. Every year he takes our decor pumpkins and turns them into homemade pies. It is hard for me to watch my cute little pumpkins die, I am not going to lie.






As for me, my entire contribution for the night focused on unpacking these beautiful pieces of art. My aunt Cora sent me these this past weekend. During our little visit, we discovered that I had not received anything from my beloved Memow when she died a few years ago. Living so far away just did not make it conducive to getting things from her home when they were packing and distributing. So, she sent me something tangible to remember her by. And they are already so precious to me. We are going to eat a pre-Thanksgiving family dinner on them tomorrow night. And if anyone breaks even one, I cannot be held responsible for turning into a complete Monica.



I know Bijou girl will appreciate the Swallows. I find them so interesting since my graddaddy used to be in the Navy and he lives to sit and watch the Martins in his backyard. He builds special houses for them each year. That is a whole story in and of itself. I wonder if he gave them to my Memow? He always did hold a special place in her heart, he was a great son-in-law to her.

I think they are so beautiful. It is a story from my family.

ANDDD for those of you who are telling me you have no idea what I mean when I say “pull a Monica.” Well, here ya go!

Be Happy!

November 23, 2008 at 8:11 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 3 Comments

This has been such a good weekend. I don’t know if it is the holiday, the weather, or just life in general these days, but man life is good. It is kind of hard to say that though. Why? Well, cause some people in my life are having some really hard times. Like. Really. You all are some of them. Love and prayers to all. I love you. I am here if you need me.

That being said, this was awesome today. “I Will Be Happy, So Help Me God.” Seriously listen to it. Bask in it. Take it to heart. Everyone (including myself) gets so bogged down by life and it helps to put it into perspective.

Excerpted from my pastor’s blog 


mmemonsters_icon_small_web.jpgToday @ The Gathering we observed Communion, one of the most sacred moments that we get to enjoy together, gathered in worship.  It’s an exciting time to see families, children, parents; people of all ages bow in remembrance of the broken body and shed blood of Jesus Christ.  It reminds us that our hope is not in this world, but in a risen Savior who has redeemed us, and has not left us to our own devices.

We concluded our current series with a talk entitled, “I Will Be Happy, So Help Me God.”  It asks the question, “Which kind of person are you?”  The kind of person who says:


1.    You owe me.
God owes me.
I owe you. I have a debt of love that I can never repay.

We talked about the enemies of a grateful heart.

1.    The enemy of greed that says, “there’s never enough for me.”
2.    The enemy of 
fear that says, “everything is running out and I’ll never get mine.”
3.    The enemy of 
entitlement, which takes everything it’s given for granted and, with pride and arrogance, looks for more.

We also talked about what gratitude knows:

1.    Everything is a gift.
2.    Every place 
has meaning.
3.    Every person 
has value.

We were encouraged to simply make the choice every day, “I will be happy, so help me God,” understanding these three important realities:

1.    I am loved in order to show love.
2.    I am 
healed in order to bring healing into every situation.
3.    I am 
blessed to be a blessing.

Think of it this way.  When you enter a room, do you say, “Here I am,” or do you say, “There you are”?  It makes all the difference in the world.


Also, I just joined a little scarf swap that seems way too much fun for words. Head on over to SarahMarie’s to join in!

The One Where Hil and I Eat with Keith and Nicole

November 21, 2008 at 8:26 am | Posted in Fun Times | 18 Comments

So last night Hilary and I were going to meet up for some discussion, vlogging, and all around fun times. Who knew how fun it could be? Let’s just say that apparently when the two of us get together crazy stuff happens!

So, pop quiz. What did we see:

A) Emmylou Harris sipping coffee at the coffee bar in only a trench coat, shorts, and Ray-ban glasses.

B) Hurricane force winds toppling over tables and forcing umbrellas down Hillsboro Pike as a 15 year-old Whole Foods employee runs after them aimlessly.

C) Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban freaking sitting right next to us. I swear we touched!

What did you say? All of the above?? YOU ARE CORRECT. 

But we were so flustered by the whole “Nieith” sighting (seriously, we need to give them a conjoined name) that all you get on this Vlog is “Nieth” craziness!

My Ultimate Blogger Meet-Up. Minus Pictures. Boo.

November 16, 2008 at 7:46 pm | Posted in 20 Something Bloggers, Blogosphere, Fun Times | 19 Comments
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I am so angry at myself. Why? Because I met one of the seriously coolest human beings alive last week and have nothing to show for it. We are both bloggers, both had cameras on our phones, and NEITHER of us took a picture! Seriously, I am sad.

So, who was the fabulous blogger I met last week? Well if you follow me on twitter you know, and if you don’t follow me on twitter, why not?

Ok, really, enough suspense. Last week I met the wonder EP from Stylish Handwriting (oh yeah, I might have mentioned that on a previous Vlog. So much for suspense right? I apparently suck at surprises.)

She was in town to see me visiting her boy who happens to be planted right here under my nose here in Nashville. So, when she came to visit him we decided to met up and “really” meet each other.


We met at one of my favorite coffee shops, which she knew how to get to, thank goodness. I planted myself in the window not sure which door she would come thru and as soon we saw each other we knew it was going to be a fun time. We hugged. We ordered. We sat. We talked. And talked. And talked. And talked. We talked so long her boy had to call and say something along the lines of “have you been kidnapped by some random stalker?”, “are you going to meet me for lunch, it is THREE hours later?”

Seriously, THREE hours later. And it wasn’t enough and we both had no idea we had been talking for that long. I thought it had been maybe 45 minutes or so. For real. 

Non-Bloggers People, for all of you out there who give all of us bloggers a hard time for having “imaginary friends” or “random stalkers”  (yes, I have heard all of this) you all can shut it. Seriously. I have met some of the sweetest, most genuine, most passionate and caring individuals in the blogosphere. Some of them I love much more than my real life acquaintances. You all know. Don’t hate.

There is something so amazing about meeting someone randomly who you have so much in common with and respect and care about who you might not ever have met any other way. I remember the first day EP and I “met” via 20sb. We both joined the same day and on a fluke friended each other and chatted the day away. It was so fun! Now we have met in real life and I am so glad to say that I count her as a Real Life Friend as well. She WILL be moving here soon. Half of our conversation may or may not have been eaten up with us conspiring how to get her here sooner rather than later, but whatever. I am so thankful to have met her. We will be friends for so very long. She is amazing and inspiring and lovely all the way around. 

It got me to thinking. I think we all have a group of bloggers who would be in our ultimate blogger meet-up. Who would be in yours? Nothing matters. It is totally imaginary. They can live far or near. Be famous or not. Who would you love to hang with for a day?

Takin’ A Fall Break

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Last week (yes, I said last week, I know I am behind-no judgement) was one of the best weeks. I had a few days off from the grind and that just happened to coincide with my Aunt Cora being in town! I am convinced that she and I are in many ways the same person. It is kind of like being a twin, but not. It is kind of scary. We spent one whole day just loving on my new nephew, talking, laughing, crying, and laughing more. It was fantastic. It is like we are in many ways living parallel lives. We married basically the same man, have the same dreams, feel the same on issues, religion, family. It is in many ways like talking to a mirror.

The next day we headed out for sushi, nature, photography, and shopping. Perfection. Thanks Aunt Cora. I LOVE YOU!


One of my favorite places in Nashville.


Pausing for a pic on a beautiful Fall drive.


The big boy loves to sleep!


Fall Awesomeness!

Why V-Blogging is like an Aerosmith Song

November 9, 2008 at 4:19 pm | Posted in Blogosphere | 16 Comments

This is a sick V-Blog let me tell ya. Sick as in *cough, cough* not as in fantastic. 

We Are Almost There

November 3, 2008 at 2:39 pm | Posted in In the News | 16 Comments

In less than 48 hours we will hopefully know who the next leader of our country will be. I am relieved and exhausted for many reasons. While even in the midst of such political, economic, social, and civic turmoil I still believe that we are the greatest country in the world. For all that is labeled “wrong” with our country (and trust me I could make a list just like any of you) at least we are free. Free to speak, free to worship, free to agree, free to disagree. We wake up each morning allowed to make our own choices. That is much more than so many people all over this world. For that alone I can be thankful.

I think this election has been so difficult for me because I know so many wonderful people on both sides of the political spectrum. Both sides I respect, both sides I can see their points. Therefore, it has been difficult for me to hear the constant degrading and disrespect slung from both sides. I just think that we as a nation should be better than that. Yes, we disagree and issues are important, but can’t we just do it respectfully? What good do we think we are accomplishing in the eyes of the world for us to rip each other apart every 2-4 years for the sake of winning an election?

Why do we choose to degrade the choices of friends, family, and aquantinces all in the name of a political party of candidate? Can’t we just respect that they are intelligent, free-thinking human beings who may have an opinion? Shouldn’t their opinion matter to us? Isn’t your relationship with that person so much more weighted and important than any stance or agenda? Unfortunately, as evidenced by this divisive election, our passions have lent themselves to lines being drawn. Lines I had hoped to stay very far away from. I didn’t want to be grouped with an “us” or a “them” side, instead I chose to stay right where I feel I literally am-in the middle.

I am concerned about people loosing their homes in this economy. I am concerned about people being one lay-off away from not having an income. I feel deeply about the sanctity of life in terms of the unborn, but I also am concerned about the millions of children across this world and yes, even in our country, who are not cared for and loved. I want our world to be a clean and safe place for our children, but I also know that to put food on the table and provide health insurance people (at this point) must still drive to work which keeps us a slave to the oil industry. I want my children and my friend’s children to grow up in a world free of tyrants and those who seek to kill and destroy their way of life. I also hope they never have to endure the hardships and separations of  an ongoing war.

So, where does that leave us? For me, it keeps me right in the middle. Both sides I see good, both sides I see bad. So what is a person like me to do? It has led me to do what I am hoping that everyone who chooses to take on the awesome responsibility of voting will do. To educate themselves, to know the issues, and to seek out God’s will in their right to vote. That is really all we can do. I hope you all are voting or have voted your conscience. I know I am.

And no matter what happens come Wednesday morning or January ’09, it is important to note that no matter who is elected our next leader they deserve our respect, our prayers, and our support. If their political stances differ from yours work to change them, after all that is your right, because you are an American. The next decade will not be easy, not matter who is in office. Just work to make this country better, don’t choose to become indifferent and detached, that is when we will all loose.

Vote your conscience.

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