C’mon Nashville!

September 19, 2008 at 11:05 pm | Posted in In the News | 26 Comments
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Guess where the only city in the nation is without gas?

Yep, my beloved Nashville. 

Natural Disaster? Act of Terror? Oil Spill?

No. No. No.

Rumors of no gas? Gas Hoarding? People who panic way too easily?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

People, we down here in the South are living up to our reputation. 

We are stupid. 

The same people who run out and pillage the bread and water bottle aisle on the one winter day a year when the forecaster call for 1-2 inches of snow have transferred their natural disaster panic mode to the gas pump.

All it took was for one loudmouth somewhere in the city to say, “Go get gas, due to the hurricane we will be out by the end of the day.”

This one statement set into motion a range of panic and an every man (tank?) for himself mentality. 


As I was driving out to meet friends tonight, Hubby and I were met with a line of cars dissecting our little town and stopping traffic. Now, we have had one station without gas most of the week, but no one panicked. But one statement about being the “only station west of town that had gas” sent our little town into pandemonium. My phone rang and Mae informed me that there was no gas to be had in town. Lines stretched for miles. Motorists were stranded. People literally fighting for their turn at the pump.

“They are saying that there won’t be gas for over a week. People are worried about getting back forth and to work next week.”

Well, since Hubby and I both commute, and we were both under 1/4 of a tank, we knew we had to join the frenzy because my job depends on my showing up. No choice to not get gas. We joined the line. I got to be in the short line because my tank is on the right side of my car-thank you and your German engineering Volkswagen- and I still waited over 45 minutes and I was third in this pump’s line! 

When my intial wait was over, it took me over 15 minutes to pump 3/4 of a tank of gas. The pumps were so slow. Teach a two year old to count to fifty and that would be faster than the ticker on the pump’s meter. Ridiculous. I had to switch to Premium during the course of my pumping just to keep it moving. Hubby was not so lucky. Well over an hour he waited only to be told her could only get a certain amount once he reached the pump. Let the rationing begin. 

Excuse me, do we live in a Communist country now? Apparently so. Ok, so I was wanting them to ration the guy in front of me who filled TWO of what had to have been 20 gallon gas cans, his tank in his car, and I think his jet ski. It took him over thirty minutes, I kid you not. So, I am torn on the rationing. 

And why all of this drama? Because people are silly. Some loud mouth preaching economic doom and shortage sent us all into hoarding mode. Some poor people tonight are still stuck on the roads, forced to stay home, and all around adjusting to having no transportation for who knows how long. Newscasters went on air telling people not to panic, instructing people to stop hoarding, and requesting people to only get what was necessary.

What did the people of the Mid-State hear?


And what happened? Yes, No Gas to be had. Anywhere. Yeah, we are not proving people wrong on our stupidity.

Not our best moment.

Don’t come thru Nashville wanting to get gas. You will enter the vortex of stupid and not be able to escape, unless a TDOT truck shows up and gives your empty tank a handout.

Oh wait, I am pretty sure they said they are out too. Guess we are all screwed.



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  1. I remember that happened to us once, no petrol to be found anywhere. It wasn’t anything to do with a hurricane but it was a similar mentality of one person saying we were about to run out and everyone going insane. It WAS insane.

    I’m glad I don’t drive. 🙂

  2. NC is just as stupid, VA as well I have been in both and witnessed first hand the kinda idiots that cause this kind of mess……and all they had to do was relax a little bit and STAY HOME

  3. good GRIEF taht would drive me up a WALL.

  4. wait nashville seriously has NO GAS?!? how is this not more national news?!?

  5. Preach it girlfriend. I’m at 1/4 tank, and I’m seriously avoiding having to get gas. I was out running errands early this morning, and sure enough there is a line stretch 1/4 mile down the road from the only gas station with gas in the area. I just wanted to roll my window down and start screaming obscenities at the people stupid enough to sit in line that long, but I’m too nice I suppose. The thing that worries me is that no one is letting up, and if we continue to be ridiculous about this, we honestly may not see relief for a long time.

    Thanks for voicing your frustration, and know it is a commonly shared view at this point!

  6. this is crazy! i hope you get more gas soon and people stop freaking out! good luck!

  7. Out of gas? The city of Nashville out of gas?? I think that’s about the craziest thing I’ve heard of. No one can drive to a city outside of Nashville for gas? I just think it’s the weirdest thing!

  8. Oh my. That’s really sad. And it’s what I fear is also happening with our financial markets. The media is creating a frenzy. People freak. And the country goes south. Fast. Hahaha. Pun intended. 🙂

  9. Ugh, that’s aggravating. Seriously. We had some shortages and prices raised when Gustav and Ike came into the Gulf (and we’re still dealing with the higher prices since Ike sucked), but we didn’t have a shortage. Not by the least.

    I hope it gets better soon. :/ Seriously. Needing gas and having no way to get it is obnoxious.

  10. wow that is seriously weird… hope this stuff all clears up soon. craziness!

  11. Oh, man. That’s harsh. Atlanta hasn’t been much better–I drove around today searching for a station with gass because people here are doing the same thing. Finally, I found a Shell that was still open *and* even had a relatively low price. I have to drive an hour into the city all next week, though, so my tank won’t last past Wednesday. Boo. 😦

  12. Tipp – your sense of humor just cracks me up…I know it’s not (totally) meant to be funny, but well..it is what it is…I hope you’re out of the gas crisis soon 😦

  13. Wow, that is really intense! I can’t even imagine waiting in line for gas.

  14. Holy crap, I had no idea that was going on! At least you were able to get yours filled all the way!

  15. Oh my gosh! That is crazy.. good luck with all of that!

  16. wow thats nuts! i didn’t hear about this at all. but virginia is the same way when it comes to 1-2 inches of snow. people freak out and buy all the milk, bread, and eggs from the store. french toast alert anyone?

  17. I cannnot imagine…

  18. Wow, people really freak out sometimes.

  19. SORRY… that so stinks! I find the whole situation crazy!!
    PS -how’s Ellie feeling?

  20. i saw this story on the news and sort of giggled. reminds me of a dr. seuss story actually, haha. crazy people.

  21. Too weird! I saw this story somewhere on the internet and thought of you. So crazy…

  22. Good grief. People are dumb all over! I live in Colorado–hello snow(!)–and people still clean out Walmart for milk, bread and beer when a snow storm is coming. HELLO! Why live here if you aren’t prepared 85% of the year?! HA

  23. I heard a story about that on NPR yesterday and totally thought about you! I’m glad you’re rational. I couldn’t believe the people who are hoarding gas – that’s so thoughtful of them.

  24. Happy blogoversary!

  25. oh my! That is funny and sad at the same time.

  26. Yeah! Charlotte went through this too. It was amazing because the news would report that gas was going to be delivered the next day and people would sleep in their cars at the stations! Insanity! But it is all better now and gas is down to $2.59 or $2.11 if you make a quick trip to South C.

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