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September 9, 2008 at 6:33 pm | Posted in Just for fun | 19 Comments
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I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, ahem-Mrs. Lilac, ask me about Pandora the other day. I thought everyone knew about this amazing music-lovers dream come true, but the more I talked to people it seems I was wrong about that fact along with many other things which I don’t find necessary to bring up at this moment.

Besides there are way too many. Moving on.

To sum it up it is an online website where you can type in the name of a song or an artist you like and it will create a “radio station” just for you which will play music that fits the same genre and mood.

To my extreme delight I found the Itouch application for Pandora. Fan-tastic. Itouch users get it now, it alone is worth the software upgrade to install applications. Just do it. You will not regret it-at all.

But, in my total tweeting mania the other day, where Ashley and I got into a Name That Tune sort of game, I realized that I was a little embarrassed to admit some of my stations on Pandora. So here we go, it is confession time. Here are my most embarrassing ones:

1. Nice and Slow Radio. I don’t need to give an explanation. 

2. Spice Girls Radio. Hey I am a child of the 90’s what do you expect?

3. Love Shack Radio. Who doesn’t love the B-52s?

4. DooWoop Radio. Ahh. Oldies.

Now. Don’t leave me hanging. I know you have some you are quite ashamed to admit. Go.



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  1. I actually just came across Pandora recently. A friend on Facebook introduced me. I don’t think it is really all the well known yet. And you should never have to apologize for your musical taste! Okay maybe for the Spice Girls Radio. LOL!

  2. yeah I didn’t know what it was either. however I didn’t have the time to look it up. lol. thanks for the info. now i really have to check it out. 🙂

  3. i loved pandora when my itunes crashed, it was my savior.

  4. I love Pandora. Pull it up at work any time I need a pick-me-up. Though, I’m not sure I’m embarrassed about any of my stations. Twisted Sister. Vanilla Ice. And Milli Vanilli. WHAT?!

  5. love name that tune….lol…

  6. i’ve actually never used pandora… i’m a girl, but i’ll have to check it out.

  7. Yeah Pandora! Woohoo!

    Um, how about Justin Timberlake or Tegan & Sara? Is that embarrassing?

  8. I’m actually currently listening to my Hanson station. And freaking loving it.

    How cool am I?

  9. I have a Spice Girls station, too!! :blush: One of my ‘secret’ stations (I guess not a secret anymore) is my Shakira station :blushing! blushing!:
    Also included: Manu Chao station, Norah Jones station,Five for Fighting station, Jack Johnson and John Mayer station 🙂

  10. I’m a child of the New Kids on the Block era back when and have their Greatest Hits album. I also have all of Janet and Micheal Jackson’s albums and the Thriller dance is a fav of mine to do 🙂

  11. We used to listen to Pandora at the student newspaper. It was a great way to listen to good music, and it was always a surprise what was coming next. That was probably the best part.

  12. I don’t use pandora that often, really, but it is neat. I bet i’d have a broadway musical channel. Definitely.

  13. I have a lot of country on my stations, which my friends make fun of me for a lot. That and I have an Abba station.

  14. Canadians cannot use Pandora anymore! It totally sucks so I am stuck using or

    But my most embaressing has got to be Rachel Stevens from S Club 7…. tsk tsk ashamed at myself.

  15. Yup…I had no clue about Pandora either.

  16. omg I bet I would get the spice girls radio too. I used to love them, child of the 90’s here too, I was born in 84. I’m going to go try Pandora!

  17. I’m still shocked at the amount of people who still haven’t discovered Pandora. When my coworker got his iPhone, I told him to download Pandora. For the next week or so, he acted like Santa had given him the ultimate present for Christmas.

  18. PANDORA IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. RIGHT NEXT TO SLICED BREAD. It has totally revolutionized my work day. Not only can I create endless new stations, but I can get a good feel for the music I really dig, and what I don’t. I didn’t realize that you could name your station something besides the artist name, so I’ll have to try that. My current stations are many: Sufjan Stevens, Josh Rouse, Ray Lamontagne, Ben Harper, Marc Broussard, Mozart, Patty Griffin, Keane, Lauryn Hill, and a gospel guy named Marvin Sapp. YAY.

  19. Oh and a Sigur Ros station. Very relaxing/creepy/cool. 🙂

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