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September 7, 2008 at 9:04 pm | Posted in Blogosphere, In the News | 30 Comments

The one where you all give a riff about who is on my hit list.


Dear Google,

Please fix the bug that continues to sign me out of my gmail account. Every day. Without fail. It is annoying.

About to go back to Hotmail,

Frustrated Incessant Emailer


Dear Baby Nephew,

I know you are a whopping seven lbs. and you think you are ready to make your entrance into the world, but you are not ready yet, hold on and hang out. 

And I want to kiss your face!


Aunt Tipp


Dear Lily and Ellie,

Stop hogging my bed. I don’t enjoy clinging for life to the edge of the bed each night while you and Daddy splay out and stretch. I need rest too. You know crabby Mommy is not fun for anyone. 

For your own sanity,



Dear People Who Want Me To Vote for Your Candidate,

Stop emailing, facebooking, tweeting, myspacing, snail-mailing, texting, pigeoning, and smoke signaling me your views of who I should vote for. I really resent the fact that after reading what you send me I need to spend countless hours on Snopes, Factfinder, and Factcheck to see if you really know what you are talking about when it relates to the issues. Mostly, I am finding that you don’t so please trust me to make my own informed decision. I am not an idiot. I don’t believe that Obama is not experienced and I don’t buy into the fact that Sarah Palin is going to ruin American if she is elected to the Vice Presidency. You all make me want to vote for the candidate whose supporters and party are classier, less annoying, and yell the softest. And yes, I know that is not a good way to pick my next President, but you are all driving me nuts with all the disrespect and mudslinging.

Wishing for Mid-November,

Annoyed Independent Voter


Dear Anonymous Hate Commenters,

Go away. You are not wanted here.

Best Wishes,

A WP user with great Askimet 


Dear Commenters Who Still Want to Persuade Me of Your Political Agenda,

See above letter to people who are trying to convince me to vote for your candidate. And yes, I will delete your comment. This is not a political blog and I don’t want your views published in my world, regardless of whether I agree with you or not.

Your Blogging Friend,



Dear Safari,

Please stop giving me the “Login Keychain” window. It is like my gmail-annoying.


A loyal Mac user who does not want to regret the switch from Dell

Sidenote: If you can tell me how to turn this off I will vote for your candidate.

No. Like I said I am really not that dumb.


Dear Google Reader,

Do you miss me? I don’t miss you- especially when you read over 100 every single morning.

I think we need to breakup,

Exhausted Blogger


Dear Facebook,

Stop taking up so much of my time, especially with Oregon Trail.




Dear Itunes/Pandora,

Way to go with the Pandora Application for my Itouch. This really rocks. It totally made my day.

Pleased with Apple,

A loyal Fan



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  1. Amen, sister. Amen. I’m glad I’m not the only one ready who has bleeding ears from the all these political shenanigans. I am SO OVER IT AHHHHH. I was out the other night and there were crews of people out after 9:00PM trying to throw their candidate in my face. I’m all, “Um, people? It’s dark outside. I’m out with my friends. Please don’t bother me. I will not wear your t-shirts. K, thx, bye.”

    Oh, and also? I hear you on the Google reader thing. Mine gives me anxiety attacks. Seriously.

    You’re a peach, Tipp! Thanks for keeping it real! (I don’t know if I’ve ever actually used the phrase “keeping it real” until now, but I just may start. Heehee.)

  2. I’ve been having that same issue with gmail too. I wonder what that is…

    And I think anonymous commenters are just asking to be deleted. Go for it…this is your domain.

  3. AMEN.

  4. {{{hugs}}}

    I know how you feel about your sleeping situation. Last night I wanted to to get into bed and Lila was lying on MY side of the bed on MY pillow. Cocky little bugger she is. 🙂

  5. Love your letters! Funny enough, I was about to email you. About a candidate. I KID. Sort of. Check out my blog today. Was wondering if you’d like to guest post on any topic you choose? I figure you feel strongly about the military and the war, so maybe you’d like to guest post on that? Let me know!

  6. Your letter to Google re: Gmail is the same as mine. Except mine must add, “Also, stop hanging and retrying endlessly to reconnect, because it only freezes my browser and makes checking my gmail take three times longer than it should.”

  7. My bf just bought a queen sized bed. I can not wait to sleep in it with the two pups. It is going to be like heaven after cramming all four of us in a full.

  8. Whew.

    You sound so frustrated, my dear. Drink some tea, breathe deep, and give your puppies a hug. 🙂

    Take care of yourself – don’t worry about blogging if it’s too exhausting. I always have to tell myself- it’s an ENJOYABLE HOBBY, not my job. (Even though I spend so much time on it, signs would suggest otherwise).

    I’m with you 110% on the political jazz. My roommate emailed me, outraged that I was voting for Obama. She bombarded me with stats and ideas – assuming I’m a baby killing, casual-sex-encouraging, gay rights activist or something.

    It happens on both sides. FOR SURE. It can be awfully difficult to deal with.
    Dialogue is VITAL. And all of this passion has been really challenging for me – but I’m so encouraged by people caring enough to educate themselves and be passionate about an issue/candidate.
    Last night, as I was reflecting on my frustrations by feeling constantly under attack from my family – extended & immediate, my friends, and others for my political choices, I came to the realization that this is democracy. The mere fact that we HAVE these conversations – that we feel empowered enough to struggle with issues, that we learn and discuss and debate – this is truly freedom.
    So then – I decided to try and stop complaining, and hope that people would truly educate themselves and not just judge. I can only control myself, after all.

    By God’s grace, I will be more patient with others.

    (And I need your patience for the HUGELY long comment I just wrote. It’s like the beginning of a blog post. Hmmm.)

  9. Thank you for this. Really, you have stated my exact feelings on the political persuading. Thank you.

  10. Yeah, I’m just coming off of a week-long blog reading hiatus. Sometimes it’s good to just step away for a little while!!

    And I totally agree about all of the people pushing their candidate. I’m glad that they’re passionate about their right to vote, but seriously, could we please talk about something else? I really don’t need their input and a facebook group probably isn’t going to make my decision for me.

  11. Well said! Now only if only our dogs could actually read! My dog hogs the bed too.

  12. Tipp,

    I would really appreciate it if would stop reading my mind and freaking me out.


    PS Stella wants to know if she can jump in too.

  13. I know how you feel re: google reader. I cleared mine last night, got home from work today and it was virtually overloaded again . . .I’ve spent the last hour reading blogs and haven’t done anything else!!!

  14. I’m surprised I’ve only received one bit of political annoyance and that is through snail-mail. Only once! How am I so lucky? I’m just glad they don’t call my cell, someone would get an earful for trying to use my minutes I didn’t want them to use.

  15. they were all so cute!!! especially to your lil mephew!

  16. I totally agree about the gmail thing! But I am glad to know that I’m not the only one experiencing this, I thought it was just my computer acting up.

    Also, just so I can wrap two comments into one, I 100% agree with you about respecting people who have or are currently serving in the US Military. I actually wrote a post very similar to it the other day! We must have been sharing brain waves last week. 🙂


  17. Amen, girl!

    I’m with you on pretty much all of these points…except that my dogs don’t sleep in the bed with us so I’m currently not having that problem.

  18. Great letters! GoogleReader can be tiring!!!

  19. wait, there is organ trail on facebook?

    ps. hope things get a bit less aggravating for you!

  20. I had google reader for about a day…that was enough for me. I’m scared to open it now.

  21. even if it does get overwhelming, i still love google reader. i don’t think i’d remember all the fabulous blogs i love reading without it.

  22. I definitely, definitely feel you on a lot of these! My Greader is awful right now, and trying to catch up is completely overwhelming!

  23. Your funny! I have avoided Facebook so far- but I am feeling the pull.

  24. great letters. I also hate it when people email me political stuff, my grandmother does this DAILY. DAILY. it’s ridiculous. especially when she knows I’m voting the other way. sheesh.

  25. I liked this post. I think I need to do something like this of my own…

  26. Tipp – I love your “Dear _____” letters! They make me smile! I’d love to be your friend on facebook, too! Let’s meet up! 🙂

  27. Dear Tipp

    Just found your blog – love it. I’ll be back.


  28. YOU MEAN TO TELL ME FACEBOOK HAS OREGON TRAIL!? I was going to kill it because of all the fbook chat wigging out, but I love ye olde Oregon Trail so much I just may let it live. And your blog? GOOOD STUFF.

  29. […] spending the morning leaving thoughtful, lengthy, serious comments on a few blogs, I realized I’m worn out and exhausted from all this analyzing, discussing, and being so […]

  30. […] spending the morning leaving thoughtful, lengthy, serious comments on a few blogs, I realized I’m worn out and exhausted from all this analyzing, discussing, and being […]

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