Intruders of the Four-Legged Kind

August 30, 2008 at 4:36 pm | Posted in Family | 20 Comments

We have an issue with an unwanted neighbor, the kind with four legs. This is Jack.


Jack is the proverbial neighborhood dog. He emerges from his doggie door each and every morning and proceeds to roam the entire neighborhood taunting other dogs and cats held hostage by fences, collars, and closed doors. He is the proud owner of the cul-de-sac and he does not fear anything. We also think he is part cat. In his almost nine years he has been kicked by a horse, bitten by countless snakes including a water moccasin, and almost been hit by many neighborhood cars. And he has lived to show it, battle scars and all.

And he is also an intruder. It is not unheard of for me to come downstairs and find him roaming around my kitchen looking for a snack. He just walks right in like he owns the place. His owner came over the other day and was joking about how much of a Houdini he is. They lock his doggie door and bar exits and still he finds his way out. We tend to think it has something to with this beautiful girl:


He is slightly infatuated with Ellie. Since she came to live with us in January of ’07, he has been making his appearance more and more. He always tries to sneak in the house to see her. Case in point the other day as I was leaving for work, I did the “Jack look” to make sure he was not behind me as I backed out. All clear. I back out. I figured he might have been off flirting with another neighboorhood doggie. I just happened to look back toward my house as the garage door was closing just in time to see four little legs running across the inside of my garage.

Oh, heck no. He has made it inside and is trying to sneak in. He was good at being a sneak and he almost made it. I had to stop the car, open the garage door and coax him out. He knew he had been caught. His ears perked up and he scurried off to the his house. I think I hurt his feelings-he hasn’t been back.

I always knew girls would be hard to raise, but this is ridiculous!



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  1. Sounds like good practice for raising teenage girls…if you have any of course.

  2. haha. cute story!

  3. err… i mean post. story makes it seem like you made it up. lol.

  4. He’s a gutsy little dog, isn’t he? We have a chihuahua that roams around our neighborhood. The neighbors actually thought he was our dog since he spends so much time pooping on our front lawn. He’s squeezed through the fence into the backyard a few times, but after meeting up with Rufus and Kaya he’s content to stand outside the fence and tease them!

  5. Aw, puppy love…

  6. Is he a Jack Russell terrier? He looks to be, from the picture. I’ve heard they’re crafty little fellas, and he seems to be consistent with that idea.

  7. Phil- yes he is. His owners were quite creative when it came to naming him! Lily is half Jack too, and we say she is smarter than most humans! ha!

  8. This is really cute 🙂

  9. Haha, that’s too funny! How does Ellie like him?

  10. This is adorable! Boyfriend and girlfriend living in the same cul-de-sac. You ever thought to ask Ellie if she is missing her man??

  11. Haha, glad you’re getting your practice in before the real teenage girls come! I think it’ll be tougher to get the teenage guys away though, coaxing them out of the house with treats doesn’t normally work. At least not with the guys I dated 🙂

  12. Jack Russels were one of the breeds we considered but as they’re so extremely hyper that wasn’t an option later on. Smart dogs too. 🙂 That’s adorable though. 🙂

  13. Awww! That is cute!

  14. so cute….

  15. He’s adorable but I would be a little weirded out by the neighborhood dog just coming in my house while I’m upstairs. Maybe that’s the “city” part of me.

  16. So sweet! Ellie is a cutie, its no wonder Jack cannot resist 🙂

  17. Aw, this is a great story! That Jack, he’s a sneaky one!

  18. Aww…cute story! I love Ellie’s eyes!

  19. haha that is so cute 🙂

  20. Too funny!!!!!

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