Blast From the Past

August 21, 2008 at 5:25 pm | Posted in Just for fun | 17 Comments

Thanks to Alexa, who sent me down memory lane, I found this old gem. This was my all-time favorite show as a kid. And if you say you are too young to remember this we will no longer be friends.

I am quite positive that the only reason I learned to rhyme was due to Muffy. Looking back though it is quite sad to see a grown woman spend most of her time with a make-believe plastic man, a mouse, and a couple of puppets, but it was my favorite and Jodie was my hero!



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  1. ahh, that’s kind of creepy, It must be Canadian.

  2. I totally forgot about that show!

  3. I have zero idea what it is. But that creeps me out a bit.

  4. today’s special!!!! man this makes me smile

  5. Oh my gosh!! I LOVED that show when I was little! It was one of our lunch time shows if I remember correctly. That, Maya the Bee and David the Gnome, possibly at different times in my life though. They all run together in my head though, ha!

    Also, I just realized that the cartoon version of Muffy looks a lot like the mice in the cartoon of The Night Before Christmas.

  6. I remember the show, it looks familiar, but I don’t think I really ever watched it. It looks kind of creepy, kind of like the magic kingdom Mr. Rogers.

  7. Ah what wonderful memories. 🙂

  8. I LOVED THAT SHOW!!! I am right there with you girl.

  9. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    Seeing that again brought a smile to my face 🙂

  10. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! This was totally my favorite show growing up! NO BODY knows about this show! Thanks for being so absolutely freaking awesome and for watching this show as a child, like the rest of the absolutely freaking awesome 80’s kids.

  11. Oh lordy, her jumpsuit! Somehow I don’t remember it being quite so tacky…love Today’s Special!

  12. love love love it.

  13. Ok, obviously I’m NOT too young to remember that (since I’m pretty sure we’re close in age), but I’ve never seen that before in my life…was it on cable? We never had cable as a kid…it looks like something I would have watched, though. Did anyone ever watch Harriet’s Magic Hats? Now that would take me down memory lane!


  14. That show looks really familiar, but I don’t think I ever watched it.

  15. Teri,

    I am in the dark on that one. Sorry. Looks cute though.

  16. awww, well I’m, unfortunately, not recognizing that show at all. HOWEVER, I didn’t grow up in the US. Ok so can we still be friends? hehe

  17. Ahhh, I loved Today’s Special. I didn’t know you got it in the States.

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