(Mis)adventures in Customer Service

August 14, 2008 at 1:03 pm | Posted in Life | 38 Comments
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This really happened to me. I pull up to Smoothie King after a very long, hot morning. 

Speaking into the speaker:

Me: I would like to order one small Grape Expectation with no banana. Only grape, papaya, and strawberries. I would also like one small Light and Fluffy.

Teenage clerk who speaks in 90’s surfer slang with a slight hint of valley girl.

Clerk: So that is one Grape Expectation with extra banana – 

Me: No, no banana in the Grape Expectation. 

Clerk: Ok, no banana in the Light and Fluffy. 

Me: No, I want no banana in the Grape and leave everything in the Light and Fluffy.

Clerk: SO you just want the Light and Fluffy with everything? Ok, that will be 3.89.

Me: No, I want a Grape Expectation, with NO BANANA only the papaya, strawberries, and grapes. I also need one small Light and Fluffy normal.

Clerk: Ok, so that is one Grape Expectation. No papaya with extra banana.


Me: No, NO BANANA in the Grape Expectation. Yes, I want papaya, grape and strawberry in the regular amounts.

Clerk: So you want extra papaya in the Grape Expectation?

-beats head against steering wheel. I am giving up the battle.

Me: Yes, yes whatever. 

Clerk: Ok that will be 9.15. (because the extra papaya times two costs more)

Me: Fine. 

And the big company wins again.



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  1. I bet if you write to Smoothie King they’ll try to win your business back.

    Next time, may I suggest writing down your order and going into the store, so the next time they screw it up you can hand them the piece of paper and just sit down until your order is ready. Sheesh!

  2. Oh God. I would have been so upset. Was there banana in it in the end?!

  3. I would have driven away. Or into the side of their drive-through window.

    Where have you been??

  4. No, no, no! I would have reached through the window and hurt them! And then asked to see the manager to get my smoothie for free. Because think of all the gas you wasted b/c that person is an idiot!

  5. This is how the conversation would have gone from there, had I been in the car:

    Cashier: That’ll be $9.15

    Me: Okay, so that’ll be $6.35?

    Cashier: No, $9.15

    Me: Oh. I overpaid by $4?

    Cashier: No. You haven’t paid yet.

    Me: Oh, I get it, you’re going to pay me $9.15 to drink my smoothies.

    Cashier: No. Pay me $9.15 for your smoothies.

    Me: Do you take Canadian Tire money?

    Then I would have driven off and gone somewhere else.

  6. lol, if it was my husband.. i’m pretty sure he would have got out of the car and walked up to the window…

    i would have stopped repeating after the 2nd time and just drove up to the window and asked to talk to someone else. haha.

  7. i’m laughing out loud at my desk right now. gotta love the teenagers.

    p.s.- hope the extra papaya was yummy!

  8. Sometimes I wonder if companies intentionally train their employees to be idiots. Too funny. 🙂

  9. I would NOT have the patience for this. I get really condescending when people don’t understand me when I feel I’m speaking AS CLEAR AS POSSIBLE. It wouldn’t have been pretty…

  10. hahahahahahah love it, I cannot stand it when this happens. My brother once pulled a prank at the McDonald’s drive thru he worked in when he was in high school, and he asked the employee for a 1/2 box of french fries. He stood there arguing with the employee for 20 minutes about how he would be charged full price for french fries since they did not sell half boxes. it was hilarious.

  11. At least it gave you something to blog about and make us laugh.


    Thanks for taking one for the team.

  12. I would have LOST it! I would have pulled over gotten out of the car, walked into the Smoothie King, and re-ordered.

    Stuff like that makes me looney!

  13. At that point I’d probably get out of my car, walk inside and call the guy an idiot (of course, after reordering and receiving my smoothies spit free).

  14. i woul dhave kicked her ass for that!! I have NO patience for anyone like that!!

  15. Wow. That’s even worse than our recent encounter with food service stupidity.

    We went to the local pizza place to get a slice & a soda for lunch. Ted and I go in.

    “We’d like two cheese slices and two cherry cokes.”

    “We’re out of slices.”

    We wait, expecting him to tell us how long we have to wait until more slices are ready.

    “Sooo, how long will it be?”

    “We’re completely out.”

    “You’re telling me that you a pizza place, and you are out of pizza?”


  16. Sometimes I think that stores train their employees to screw up, knowing that the customer will eventually just get so annoyed that they’ll take whatever the employee gives. And it usually costs more.

    At least, that’s what I’d do as the owner 😉

  17. I so would have asked for a manager. You probably did the smart thing – nobody wants a side of pee with their smoothies.

  18. uh wow…did you ever see the bon qui qui skit on Mad TV? search for it on YouTube…it might make you feel better 😉


  19. That is so obnoxious. I would have definitely put forth the effort to walk inside and through some papaya in his/her face.

  20. That’s exactly why I don’t do drive-thrus. I probably would have gotten fed up and gone somewhere else.

    That said, how was the smoothie? I hope it was amazing, for all the hassle. 🙂

  21. oh man that would have driven me nuts, young kids these days, haha.

  22. God I hate the drive thru. I would have asked Spicoli if I could speak to his manager, maybe he has more than a 3rd grade comprehension.

  23. ewww HORRIBLE. I hate bad customer service.

  24. you are so patient! I also dislike banana in my smoothies…this happens to me all the time :c.

  25. Ugh. That’s obnoxious. I’ve had this happen to me before. I’m allergic to bananas and that somehow doesn’t make a difference to some people. Yuck.

    Here’s to hoping the next time you go, they hear and get your order right.

  26. Luckily Smoothie King is not around me yet. Maybe someday when I win the lottery I can open one up LOL. It’s scary to think that orders can get messed up so badly. The franchise needs to train their workers better. Allergic reactions to foods can be very deadly. Then The franchise would have a nice lawsuit on their hands. Just a thought.

  27. Sounds like a yummy place. That girl is probably blissfully happy in her own stupidity.

  28. uuugggh. that sucks….but also, i didn’t know smoothie kings had drive-thrus!

  29. I would have cried. And then driven away. 🙂

  30. so do you blame the crappy technology or the crappy valley girl?

  31. You have to love customer service!!!

  32. Hey, just do it yourself–Oster blender, ingredients and off you go with a straw…Better, cheaper.

  33. Wow, you have a lot more patience than I do!

  34. how to be a good customer service..??? 🙂
    Open Mind and Get Spirit!!!!!!

  35. I love things like that. No, not when they actually happen to me, but I love reading about them because they’re totally one of those random are-you-serious moments. Like, “Is this for real? Is this seriously happening? Am I on camera?”

    JB’s comment made me laugh – oh, if only you had turned it around like that! Mua-ha.

  36. i would have parked and went inside and asked to speak to the manager because they will usually OVER accomodate you if something goes wrong.

  37. ugh seriously?!

  38. Hey,

    Very sorry to hear you had a difficult time at a Smoothie King store! Smoothie King is NOT a huge corporation. Its a bunch of owners like me, nationwide, who try to make our guests happy and to exceed your needs so that you will come back. Please e-mail me with the address of the store where you had this experience and I will get the information to the owner. One way or another, we need to make it up to you. Thanks.

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