Why It’s All About the Blog

July 30, 2008 at 8:06 pm | Posted in Blogosphere, Thoughts | 36 Comments

It seems like everywhere in the blogosphere I am reading blogs about other people not understanding their blogging. I must say I feel in that boat many a day too and I got to thinking the other night why we as bloggers are so passionate about what we do. We don’t get paid. We are by no means Dooces or Perezes. For those of us who do put ads on our page I hear the majority of the consensus is that it doesn’t bring in a lot of money.

So, why then? Why do we comment, set up subscriptions, create blogrolls, join communities to network, and all around spend so much dang time with this stuff? For the people we live with, socialize with, and are in relationships in real life with who don’t get it, it can be a source of frustration and contention. Why so much time is put into it. Why you choose to air your personal thoughts and feelings to the whole world with little to no knowledge of who is stalking or reading you every single day. Some would say we are egotistical and looking for attention. Some would argue that it is our need to feel validated and heard when it comes to our opinions and our convictions. I would say that those all could be true, but in the past few days I have really started to think about all of this and why it is such a driving force for so many of us.

And I have found the answer for myself. It is all about the people. Simple really. Not complex, not selfish. Curiousness or noseiness? Perhaps. But all in all I think that the draw of book deals, published articles, and revenue from ads is really not the heart of most bloggers.

It is about the relationships you build, the people you meet, and the friends who become important to you. Case in point, yesterday I was furiously typing away on my Gmail. I had two laptops open and working. One with personal business, the other with work business. Trying to keep up at both ends seemed pointless. It was around lunch and I had not yet had breakfast and lunch was looking more like it would happen around suppertime. I was having a long, hard, bad day. Deadlines were looming. Deals were falling through. People who needed to answer emails were not. My final week of school was demanding my attention. Personal complexities seemed to abound. Then I got a IM from a friend. A bloggy friend who I have never met in real life, but she is someone who I feel I have known for a very long time. I can tell you the day we meet in 20sb, the way we became friends, and we know more about each other than most of our bloggy friends do. She asked how my day was. I honestly told her. Now, I am not usually one to be honest about my feelings with anyone. I am an internalizer. I work through things on my own and when I have worked through those issues then I tend to come out of my cave. It is a very Mars-like male quality I possess.

I told her I was sorry and that I had not even realized or admitted those issues to even myself. She knew I was needing to vent. She told me to let it all out. And boy did I. She listened (read what I typed) and she offered great feedback. She was my therapist for the day, my ear, my outlet. And I apparently needed it pretty badly. It really surprised me that I could be as honest with her as I could about some things that were bothering me. It was like having a great conversation with a very old friend. The exchange was quick and to the point. She was amazing. I was shocked that I could be so forthright with her. But I trust her. I know that sounds weird, but the bonds you create with people who share your like interests create an amazing sense of community and connection. Reading about each other day in and day out, sharing each others joys and frustrations, and acknowledging each others accomplishments and defeats is an amazing journey.

And that people, is why we blog. Not for fame or recognition. Not for a hobby or an opportunity. But for the people who come back each and every day who take some kind of interest in your life and what you have to say. That is a very powerful thing. I am amazed every single day that people are interested in little old me. I am not very interesting. I am not very opinionated. I can, at times, be very downright boring. It amazes me that people find so many things about my life so interesting. But that is the way of the blog.

 Most of the people who read my humble words I will never know them, but I feel so connected with them like they are a part of my life. When they hurt I worry about them. When they reach a goal I am excited for them. And they all do the same for me.

So, I am sorry if you don’t get it. I hate that you don’t understand. But it is who we are and what we do. I have met some of the most amazing people through blogging. People who inspire me to be a better person, fulfill my dreams, and analyze myself. And I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for sharing this experience with me. Thank you all for being such an important part of my life.



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  1. I agree- 100%. You have totally inspired me to question why I blog, and I’ve realized that I did too much too soon- so I scaled down my google reader, and now I’m just commenting on the blogs that I really care about and have some emotional attachment with- for me it’s not about the comments that I receive, I want to sustain the friendships that I am building with the few people that comment on my blog and I comment on theirs-

  2. Agreed. I love the blogging community and the relationships I am forming with them. Emails, im’s they make my day because honestly? My blog readers know more about me than my real friends sometimes. I love them!

  3. I blog because it’s my release. The ‘friends’ I’ve gained because of blogging are just the added bonus 🙂 and I appreciate them everyday 🙂

  4. Agreed. I initially started blogging just to try it out (almost three years ago). I gradually found my own voice, and even discovered that I was meeting people. People who, as you said so well, take an interest in what goes on in your mind and in your life. People to bounce ideas off of, and to express concern, sorrow, happiness, or excitement. Meeting fellow bloggers in real life is amazing, because that first hello is like greeting an old friend. It’s great.

  5. You nailed blogging right on the head! One of my favorite parts is when someone comments about how a post I have written has cheered them up. I just love all of my blogging friends. You are also right that a lot of people just don’t get why someone would want to blog!

  6. I’d be completely lost with out my blog friends.

  7. I do love “meeting and getting to know” people through my blog. I totally agree with you.

  8. I love this! It’s so true! 🙂 You hit the nail on the head. I adore the fact that I have made so many friends through blogging.

  9. You put into words exactly how I feel about blogging and why I do it. Thanks.

  10. I TOTALLY agree. This is all well said. It’s definitely all about making connections with other people.

  11. So true and I totally agree! I love all my bloggy friends!

  12. This is a fantastic post Tipp. Those who DO get it know that it’s all about the relationships we build and communities we find and feel comfortable in. Sure the idea of a book deal or payment may linger somewhere in there…but that’s not what motivates me to post everyday. The fact that I believe whatever I’m thinking is extremely important is what motivates me 😛 I kid!

    You hit the nail on the head lady. Beautiful post.

  13. This really is a phenomenal post. Really amazing job at capturing the feelings that so many of us have!

  14. Great post, well put. I think, aside from the friends I have made through blogging (hi F&F) it also gives me a chance to vent. Think through my mind while typing.

    It’s a good thing 🙂

  15. Funny enough, I started blogging for me. Not really realizing there was a large community out there. And I have been overwhelmed with the kindness of people on the Internet and am amazed at the number of people I now consider friends. Despite never having met them.

  16. Thank you for posting this! I get a lot of eye rolls from my real life friends who know I blog. The thing is, a lot of my blog friends know more about who I really am then the people I see every day.

  17. I love this. Well said. 🙂

  18. I love that you wrote this. I am so tempted to send it to my boyfriend and say READ THIS! It is a huge point of contention between us. He just doesn’t get it and thinks it is an egotistical thing, but it is all about the community and the connections you make with people.

  19. Very ture! Blogging is a form of therapy. A cheap form of therapy!

  20. I look at blogging the same way you do. I am so lucky to have ‘met’ all of these fabulous people that I otherwise would have never known.

  21. I feel like you just went into my head and wrote down everything that was in it (that pertains to blogging) in this post. I couldn’t agree with you more. 🙂

  22. Amen sistah! I agree!

  23. Good post. 🙂

  24. You know I think you’re right. When I was blogging all the time, I really felt like I had this support system, a group of friends always there and I needed that. Now that I’ve started a new job, seen my family, and feel like I’m finally finding my place again, I’m not blogging as much and I think it’s because I don’t need to. I still like the friends and support system, but I don’t need it anymore. It’s definitely not the first thing I do every day.

  25. Way to go on this brilliant little blog post. I definitely have to agree blogging is a hobby, is therapy, and definitely a form of my socialization. I do not know what I would do without it but likely be in some crazy house somewhere.

  26. I love this! You’ve hit the nail on the head — it’s all about the people. And I know things would be different in my life is I didn’t have this amazing support group of bloggy friends. (:

  27. “I am amazed every single day that people are interested in little old me. I am not very interesting. I am not very opinionated. I can, at times, be very downright boring.”

    EXACTLY. You nailed it right on the head. I love the fact that I have this group of amazing ladies who I’ve gotten to know through their writing, who have, in turn, taken an interest in MY life, as well!

    For some reason, I’ve also grown to rely quite a bit on all you ladies. It’s funny how that works, but it’s true. I’ve never been a person who has a huge group of friends in real life…so part of me loves the fact that I have all these wonderful people from around the country who I consider my friends.

    My husband always mocks me when I talk to him about my “online friends”. Heehee. Oh, well.

    Great entry!

  28. This was a great post!! I too feel like it’s all about the people.. I have made som many great friends through my blog, I love it!! I really feel like I have people to lean on and talk to … Thanks for being one of those people!!

  29. So true! One of my friends was teasing me about “sitting around blogging about food” but I think it’s great that we bloggers have something to say about things that interest/are important to us and an outlet to express ourselves.

    I think it’s great that blogs exist – if they didn’t, we’d all be writing in journals or whatever and no one would ever get to read them!

  30. Amen, baby!

  31. AMEN.
    This is perfect. I completely understand. I know, for me, I’ve been going through some ups and downs trying to figure out what to do in a bunch of aspects of my life, and some blog friends have seriously helped me out. Calmed me down, and just helped. I never, ever expected what would come out of this but I’m so grateful for everything that has.

  32. that was fantastic.

  33. Thank YOU for being the woman!!
    As a new blogger, this is so encouraging to read. I am just now beginning to see how powerful this is to connect people to each other, and I love it.

  34. Just wandered over here after reading your guest post about the MIL…high five on this one.

    I have a coworker who refers to my blogosphere as my “imaginary friends” and a was a little surprised I think when I told him I had actually met readers, made friends “in real life,” etc. I should make him read your post.

  35. Want to let you know that this blog entry of yours cheered me up. My blog has been a slow-go, which is somewhat disappointing when I see others who started theirs around the same time – or later – receiving more hits and more feedback.

    But when you said that we blog “for the people who come back each and every day who take some kind of interest in your life and what you have to say,” you were right. I suppose it’s not so much about having thousands of hits, but those people dedicated to reading what I have to say because they are interested. For me, I guess it’s just finding more people who would find that same interest in my type of writing.

    So thank you! =)

  36. W.O.W. What a great post! I feel like you described me, and probably everyone else that blogs (or most of us). You are SO right! I’m glad I came across your blog, it inspired me.

    I’ll add you to my Google reader right now!

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