Another Reason Hubby Boycotts Movies

July 24, 2008 at 3:14 pm | Posted in Family | 30 Comments
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Or the one where Hubby grounds me from the computer and blogging forever. Or because you all love Hubby stories (even though he doesn’t!) 

I mentioned last week that Sunday after church we hung out at the theater, (yes, we go to church in a movie theater, how cool is that?!) to watch TDK. We were meeting Rosy and B-Man shortly after so we snuck in a lunchbox and some sandwiches so we wouldn’t starve to death by the end of the movie.

I ate when the movie began, but Hubby kept insisting that he would wait. I thought this was odd. I knew he was hungry because I was famished! I finished my drink and since he literally had not touched his I decided to take his.

Hubby: “That’s my drink. I am saving it for the ride home.”
I guess I should interject here that we are on a strict budget these days and apparently he did not want to splurge for another drink.

Me: “But I am thirsty, mine is long gone, and you haven’t touched yours. Why don’t you eat your lunch?”

Hubby: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

This is our code for “seriously, drop it” in our relationship. By this time the movie is well past half over. I let it go. Not my problem. But, I am thirsty!

Thirty minutes later I get frustrated.

Me: “If you aren’t going to drink it, I want it. It is just going to waste.”

Hubby: “No. I can’t drink it now. I have to (in an even more hushed voice) go.”

Me: “So go. What is the big deal. Just get up.”

Hubby: “No, I will have to step over at least five people and it is dark and I don’t want to.”

Have I ever mentioned that sometimes Hubby’s stuborness parallels that of five year old?

Me: “Suit yourself.”

Fifteen minutes later he is, shall we say, uncomfortable!

Hubby: “How long is this movie?”

He did not like my answer. Panic came over his face. 

Hubby: “WHAT?!”

I laugh. I can’t help it. It is about the only thing keeping me from having a psychotic break watching that movie. I tell Rosy because she thinks I have lost my mind in a fit of giggles. We both laugh at him. I am sure the people around us thought we really did have some kind of joker-induced psychosis.

He quickly gives in and crawls over about five people to make his way out of the theater. This is a token shy guy. He doesn’t even want to bother people at the movie theater even at the expense of his own personal comfort.

But I love him anyway.

You can’t tell him I told you this story, Ok? Great, just between us!



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  1. wait? sooo….did he have the drink? did he share it with you?

  2. That’s a cute story! He sounds like a sweetheart.

  3. that so sounds like something i would do. i hate leaving in the middle of a movie.

  4. wahahahha…That was classic…

  5. sooo cute…. very funny.LOL…

  6. My honey and I shared one of those ENORMOUS movie sodas when we saw Sex & the City last month. This was a HUGE mistake for both of us, because by the end we were squirming in our seats. Neither of us wanted to leave because there was no way we were missing any moment of the action. We survived to the end, and boy howdy did we sprint to the restrooms afterward. It was intense.

  7. Men are funny! This is why I always sit on the end in the theatre.

  8. So, this is probably TMI, but I had the same problem while watching The Dark Knight! And I was sitting in the middle of the row! So terrible.

  9. hahaha poor telling him that you told us! ahhaha i kid i kid

  10. Haha.. poor guy!
    Token shy guy, & then being embarassed on the blog =)

  11. That’s adorable actually. 🙂 When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

  12. Oh, poor guy!!! I can’t imagine how miserable that would be trying to hold it for almost 3 hours! I’m glad he finally gave in and just went, lol!

    And wow, how intense was that movie?? I could have used some laughter inducement somewhere around the middle also…

  13. Poor hubby…I know how he feels. I always have to go during movies and hate crawling over people!

  14. hahahahaha SO DID YOU STEAL HIS DRINK WHEN HE GOT UP TO “GO”??? hahaha

  15. That’s cute, Tipp. 🙂

    I love that you guys brought your own food. Mike and I like to sneak in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to share during a movie. (Although, our strict budget doens’t allow too many movies! Hence why the library is our BEST friend. haha)

  16. Oh gosh, that is the cutest thing! Shy guys are adorable.

  17. I feel for your hubby. That happens to me every time I go to a movie. But I’ve learned my lesson and always sit on the aisle.

  18. WOW.. lol.. *laughing* I feel so bad for him yet.. it’s just so cute


  19. CB- NO! He never did share. He ate as soon as he got back!

    La Petite Belle- I will not lie. I stole some. 🙂

  20. So did you like the movie at least 🙂

  21. Brittany- yes, I loved the movie. Hubby doesn’t remember as much about the plot as he should! ;)!

  22. I always try and sit by the aisle just so I can get up to go to the bathroom and not disturb anyone.

    BTW, you two are so cute!

  23. cute, i love this post. nothing like having to go to the bathrooom at the movies…..especially when it’s getting good.

  24. Auburn Kat- We will do that from now on!!

    dmb-I hate it to, our motives are so different!

  25. Hilarious! My hubby would just barrel across the aisle with no second thought! 🙂 We need to hang out more so our guys can balance each other out… 🙂

  26. That’s really funny, totally gave me a flash of what it’s like to go to movies with my buddy Ryan, guys!

  27. Aww. Poor hubby. It’s cute that he didn’t want to bother everyone else in the theatre from getting up.

    Also, I think it’s awesome y’all go to church in a movie theatre. Awesome.

  28. Bahahaha! Boyfriend was in the same situation when we saw TDK last week. We both knew it was 2.5 hours. We decided to get giant margaritas before the showing anyways. I’m a trooper. Boyfriend almost cried about an hour and 45 minutes into it.

  29. I refuse to go during a movie either. I would have enjoyed “Blades of Glory” far more if the toilet in Cineworld on the floor the screen was wasn’t out of order at the time. And then the cinema bar was ckosed on the way out . . . I nearly wet myself in my then-boy’s car trying to get home. Now THAT would’t have made a good impression . . .

  30. Aww! He sounds super sweet!

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