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July 22, 2008 at 5:41 pm | Posted in 20 Something Bloggers, Blogosphere | 27 Comments
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So, it is the middle of July and I have two, count them, two submissions for Blog Carnival Five.

That is two people out of almost 2,000 20Somethings. C’mon guys! You guys wanted this theme and Lisa gave it to ya! And it wouldn’t hurt making me look like a good editor if I get more than a few submissions, right?!

So, what is the theme? If you didn’t already know, I’ll let them tell you.

The theme is Summertime. Pretty broad right? 

Let’s review, yet again, how to submit to the Blog Carnival:

Email me at tipptalk@gmail.com:

1. The URL to the Summertime themed post you wish to submit
2. The URL to your 20Something Bloggers Ning page.

We will choose the most well-written posts to showcase on the 20sb Blog for the entire month. If chosen you will get great readership to your blog, exposure in the whole 20something community, and the membership rights into the secret club which is past Blog Carnival winners.

We are working on a secret handshake and everything! You know you wanna join us, don’t you?

If you are not a 20sb and you want to be and you are a twenty-something with a blog, email me and I will invite you to join us!

Deadline for submissions is August 5th at midnight.

Also, I am in the process of updating my blogroll. If you want to be added just drop me a comment and I would love to add you. I also just added a Real Life Friends category so you can read all the people I am around in my three dimensional life. They are all really cool people and great bloggers!



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  1. hmmmm. i should probably do this huh? i promise i will write something fabulous once i take my summertime vacation, and if i don’t, remind me : ) haha

  2. I guess I could probably come up with something…

    and you should totally add me to your blogroll because I am awesome!

  3. i seriously love that you put up this video, haha. now to perhaps get on that summertime post 🙂

  4. Oh jeez. So busy but will certainly contribute SOMETHING to the carnival…sucks that you didn’t get more submissions already.

  5. yes mam! i’ll get on it!

  6. ooook you’ve twisted my arm. I will try to write something fabulous and submit it to you 🙂 but after my fabulous fun filled wknd in Madison 🙂 I’m pretty sure that’ll be what my post is about.


  7. I really should write something for this!

  8. I’m working on it! It’s just taking me a while…

  9. I don’t have a whole lot to say about summertime but I’ll think about it. I’d love to be added to your blogroll though 🙂

  10. ohh god NKOTB? lol…I will have to see if I can come up with a decent post about summertime then.
    and yes, I would love to be added to your blogroll!

  11. Oh, NKOTB. Haha. I’m thinking of a post or two about the summertime, and I’ll try my best to enter. Promise. A certain puppy has been monopolizing a lot of my time, though. 😉

  12. Maybe after I get back from Colorado I’ll be more inspired to enter.. promise I’ll try! 🙂

  13. Everytime I sit down to work on something for the carnival it makes my head want to explode. the pressure! LOL

  14. I’ll try to write something for the Carnival…I just hardly have time to update my blog let alone come up with other random posts for things like this. There are just not enough hours in the day!

    Btw…I’d love to be added to your blogroll…you are on mine! 🙂

  15. I’ve always wanted to submit to these, but I never have a post that meets the theme. Unless you count me being excited about sunburn…

  16. i’ll try… I’m sooo bad i know. sorry!

  17. I feel too much like a alcohlic to submit my summertime stories. Maybe I can come up with one.

  18. Alexa- do it! Remind me to remind you!

    Erin- you are totally awesome, consider it done!

    Katelin- I knew you would love it!

    Ben- dude, seriously, tell me about it. You are catching a bus at 5something. Crazy.

    Chickbug- wow, I felt the authority in that! 😉

    EE-Yes for Madison!! Too much fun!

    AuburnKat- Yes, you should!

    MegK-Good girl!

    Brit- Think about it, and you were on there, I think in my moving around you were lost, so sorry! I will add you back!

    Susel-consider it done!

    EP- you seriously are a new mom, I remember that time. At one point it was almost me or her. Hang in there!

    SandyMc-You better at least post pics! AND soon! I would so go in your carry-on if I could loose 20 lbs!

    Maxie- I know what you mean, but just be yourself! It will be great I know!

    Anna- girl with a new job and all I understand! You are on it!

    Jenn-I do!

    Dana-girl, I know. Do it if you can. No pressure!

    Dolce- Give us one of your fancy smanchey newspaper articles Ms. Published Author Lady! 🙂

  19. Oh this might be perfect for me finally! I’ll work on this! FYI: Nice choice in the NKOTB video.

  20. Welcome back! Glad you’re mended and feeling better- I’ve been away too and excited about reading back over your guest blogs! I’ll definitely try and come up with something for the Carnival, feeling the pressure!! x M

  21. I’ll try to remember! And you are a saint for organizing all this!

  22. I will check into it. It sounds like something interesting. And I too would appreciate the add on your blogroll.

  23. Add me add me!!! I’m five…

    What sort of summertime posts?

  24. Wow, as a new 20sb this sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime! 🙂 I will be crafting something…

  25. Thank you for the timely reminder of the carnival! Also, we would love to be included on your blogroll.

  26. Jess- my Hubby would NOT agree with you! 🙂

    Gman- thanks for letting me know you are reading! You are on!

    Bijour- I love you girl! You are on!

    Hil- Yes, I have fully recruited you!!!

    Erica- DOne girlie!

  27. I’d love to be added! Also, I may have to join in this contest…has the deadline passed?

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