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Ed. Note: Today is another one of my favorite bloggers, Chickbug! We became blogging friends through our fabulous web designer Jess at Delicious Design Studio, when she did both of our blog designs! Chickbug is a great blogger who lives in NY and lives to tell us about it! Serving jury duty with Mark Consuelos certainly counts as exciting in my book! Go read all about her and her many other stories!

They say blogging about blogging is boring and unnecessary.  Sorry. I’m breaking that rule.  I have a lot to say about blogging, especially during this weekend of BlogHer.  Thanks to Tipp (and her hand) for allowing me the space to sort out my feelings. 

I have five quick questions for you.  Questions I’ve pondered over the last year since I started my own blog. 

1- Is blogging selfish?
When I started chickbug I wrote a few posts and then emailed my friends and said “look, I started this blog…you should read it!”  I needed an audience and they seemed like the obvious group.  But really, how self-centered was I?  Maybe they don’t have any interest in reading about my life everyday…they can just pick up the phone and call me.  I still feel uncomfortable talking about my blog a lot with my friends.   I know they all read it but I feel a little self-conscious about it.  And I’m very sensitive to make sure if I have news to share or a funny story, I tell them about it first.  Am I the only one who is concerned with this type of stuff? 

2- How do you decide which blogs to read?
When I started to branch out to the world of “networking” with other bloggers (20something bloggers, BlogHer) I was so excited to add people to my google reader.  But soon this task became overwhelming!  20sb has over 1,000 members!  And it became this weird superficial game. Who has a nice profile picture?  Who was apart of the same groups I was?  I’d click their link to their blog, read an entry…and if it didn’t grab me…off I went to next blog.  How horrible is that?  How could you ever judge a blog by one entry?  I’ve become a little more “savvy” with my blog reading….going through the blog rolls of bloggers I read, clicking on links when someone I haven’t seen leaves an interesting comment. How do you add people to your list? 

3- Do you ever get jealous?
When I blog about my inner-most thoughts and get 5 comments…and someone else blogs about their dog and gets 45 comments I stop and thing, what am I missing?  First, let me say, I know I’m not suppose to “blog for comments” but sometimes it’s hard not to be jealous of other bloggers who seem to attract such a huge readership.  Am I the only one?  But, I’m about to contradict myself in question #4.

4- Can you ever have too many readers?
I might be jealous of the blogger who gets 45 comments, but I also think that might be a little overwhelming!  Does that mean you read 45 other people’s blogs and comment on them? Do people really read ALL 45 comments?  If I see a blog entry has a gazillion responses sometimes I don’t comment myself, because I feel like what I would have said, has already been written.  See, clearly I have jealous issues.

5- Blog friends in real life?
If BlogHer was on the east coast I might have considered going, but I would have felt awkward, out of place and a little shy.  I love all my blog friends. The little community formed online is pretty amazing.  But I don’t know how I would fair in a real-life situation. Maybe these are my insecurities coming out…because in reality, my blog friends know ALL about my life. I just don’t know how I would do in a “meet-up” or attending BlogHer.  Have you met a blogging friend in real life?



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  1. 1- Is blogging selfish?
    No. And here’s why I think that: is socializing selfish? for some people it may be, but to me it’s connecting with people, which is something that can enrich your life in a way that nothing else can.

    2- How do you decide which blogs to read?
    I read blogs that I really enjoy reading. I’m a commenter- I love to comment on people’s blogs when I connect to their post, or even if it’s just to say “i’ve been there” or even if i disagree. I love the idea of online socializing.

    3- Do you ever get jealous?
    no, because the people that read other blogs may not like my blog and viceversa. I don’t look at stats or comment counts because in my opinion, it takes away from the main focus which to me, is to express myself. sometimes what comes out of my mouth shocks even me- so im not blogging with the purpose of pleasing me. my main purpose is to be myself because i find it hard to be 100% myself in the real world.

    4- Can you ever have too many readers?
    i don’t know.

    5- Blog friends in real life?
    totally!!!!! i think this would be awesome. im on the east coast, in the future if im still a bloggy, i’d like to organize a bloggy girlfriend weekend get together somewhere fabulous, like NYC.

  2. sorry, typo above. i meant im not blogging with the purpose of people pleasing.

  3. LPB- I love what you said about this,”sometimes what comes out of my mouth shocks even me-”

    THAT is so true! That is why I love blogging because in the midst of actually getting it out I work through the real things that may be bothering me that I didn’t even think about or realize. Great point.

    Awesome topic chickbug!

  4. 1- Is blogging selfish?

    I started blogging in a community setting called Yahoo!360. I essentially started it hoping that NO ONE would read it, because I wanted it to be my private space. But when I opened up to others, I was shocked that people did read it, and actually enjoyed reading.

    2- How do you decide which blogs to read?

    I like to read blogs that engage me as a reader. I read a wide variety of blogs, and have no specific preference as long as it’s interesting and well-written. I love getting to know people through this medium.

    3- Do you ever get jealous?

    Yes and no. Mostly my jealousy lies in my lack of computer background. I haven’t taken a single computer course in my entire life (which is rare for someone who’s 24 and every other person I knew growing up took a course at some point), so I’m self-taught on pretty much every level. Currently I’m learning PHP, and it’s going well, minus the fact that when I updated my website theme I screwed up my RSS feed somehow, which has me extremely frustrated.

    4- Can you ever have too many readers?

    I don’t think there’s a set number of readers that’s too high or too low. I get emails from time to time from people who say they read my blog daily, but have never commented. I had no idea anyone was even reading. So it seems that even if you think no one is reading, chances are that you’d be wrong. 🙂

    5- Blog friends in real life?

    I’ve met a number of bloggers in real life. The best part? When you meet them for the first time, it’s like greeting an old friend. It’s the strangest feeling to already know someone, and the moment you meet in person it’s very natural. Don’t worry about getting along well… if you’ve interacted well online, chances are you’ll get on famously in real life.

  5. Holy crap, is that a blomment or what!

  6. Phil- well said, in fact I could have written that exactly. Spot on.

  7. Hi Chickbug! I have told my friends about my blog but only two of them read it, a lot of people just don’t understand the blogging world at all! I’ve stopped telling people about my blog though, I like it better that way. My friends that I want to know already know about it! As for meeting blogging friends in real life, there are some that I definitely want to meet. I’ve only met one of my blogging buddies in life and I was SOO nervous! But it turned out great! Next time I’m in NYC we will have to meet up!

  8. AuburnKat- I have the same scenario. Most of my Real Life Friends don’t read my blog, which is fine. But when a friend who does read it mentions something about something they learned about me from my blog, I have a hard time understanding why the other friend feels left out. That I don’t understand! Anyone can read!

  9. A lot of my real-life friends know about my blog, my dad told me that a random neighbor of ours even reads it! re. meeting blogging friends IRL, I’m meeting a blog friend for the first time next week and I am SO excited!

  10. Great guest post! I just read your other one over on Tara’s blog and I’ve gotta say.. I’ll definitely be checking your blog out!

  11. Great post!
    1- Is blogging selfish?
    Yes! and fun too!
    2- How do you decide which blogs to read?
    I like to read ones that catch my interest,
    3- Do you ever get jealous?
    4- Can you ever have too many readers?
    NO! Well maybe…

    5- Blog friends in real life?
    I would love to be at Blogher!

  12. I always add way too many blogs to my google reader and then can’t keep up on them..I recently emptied it out and tried to limit the ones I read, but I love so many blogs so I hate to stop reading them.

    I do get jealous of people who have a lot of readers, but then I do worry about how I would handle all of them. I always like to read and comment on blogs of people who comment on mine and that would be so hard to do with a ton of comments.

  13. This is SUCH a great topic, I could say so much about it. 🙂 (And I totally think blogging about blogging is a GREAT idea, for the record.)

    Even with my itty bitty reader base, sometimes I feel pressure knowing that people are reading my blog. I mean, there are some topics I just can’t write about knowing that a few dozen people will read it. I imagine even with dozens of comments, you’d read all of them, they’d just get a bit repetitive. (I’m SO with you on not commenting on a blogs that have tons of comments already. I guess I’m weird like that, too!)

    As far as telling friends before they read it on my blog: not an issue. Only a few friends read it, and nothing that exciting happens that I’d feel bad not telling them first. (Oh, except that time I lost my engagement ring. I told them before I blogged, I THINK.)

    Sometimes I really think blogging is narcissistic. Then I shake it off and convince myself we’re all in this because we like to EXPRESS OURSELVES. 🙂

    Great post.

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