Women Who Blog and the Men Who Love Them

July 17, 2008 at 5:51 am | Posted in 20 Something Bloggers, Blogosphere | 13 Comments

Hi, there! I’m Ashley. I normally write over at my blog, Our Little Apartment, but seeing as how our friend Tipp is currently unable to write (Those steel rods at church will get ya! Watch out!), I’ve come over here to chat.

When Tipp’s husband emailed soliciting guest blog posts {An aside: I know! Is that not adorable! How sweet is he?}, I immediately thought about sharing tales of my own unfortunate injuries. How about that time I was go-karting too fast, spun out, crashed through a wall, and sprained my knee? Or when I was riding a bike and fell into a thorn bush? Or when I got a black eye from my wisdom tooth surgery? Sharing stories about our scars, injuries, and mishaps can be fun, right?

However, inspiration didn’t strike. Plus, that’s such an obvious subject, right?

Rereading Hubby’s, I mean, the Dukemaniac’s email, I laughed when he expressed his bewilderment at this whole blogging thing: “Learning all of this stuff is like another world.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I know my husband sure does NOT get this blog stuff. Or get blogging friends. Or why I care about getting to know people I may never meet in person.

“You just tell the whole world your feelings?!”

Honey, don’t flatter me.

It makes me wonder, though: What is it about women and blogging? Why aren’t more men getting into this enjoyable creative outlet? How come 99% of my readers and the blogs I read tend to be females?

Women are largely relational creatures – we love being social, developing relationships, and having friends. We know little girls are more likely than little boys to define friendships, be social, and express their emotions. And I remember reading a study that showed when at least one woman is present in a conversation, the depth of the conversation increases, because there are more meaningful, probing questions asked. So, maybe we love blogging because it’s another avenue for meeting and caring about some fantastic people. (Because, um, I’d definitely like to think it’s more than narcissism and self interest!)

Girls rule, right?

Guys (it there are any reading), you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

So, my husband may continue to laugh when I update him on my blogging friend’s lives, not understanding my weird hobby*, or he can create his own little blog world and enjoy the friendships created. (He actually just talked about creating a blog for “Men Who Love Blogging Women,” although I think he was planning on commiserating with other guys who don’t understand this whole thing.)

How about you ladies, does your boyfriend, husband, lover understand? Or are they as bewildered as mine is?

And any guys want to stand up as a man who blogs and is proud of it?

*Disclaimer: My hubby is actually quite pretty supportive. I love him. Mwah!



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  1. Great post! After I publish this comment I’m visiting your blog.

    And as for the blogging thing, my bf doesn’t get it either. Not even a little bit. He’s convinced everyone on the internet lies. (Which is rediculous I know) But even though he thinks that, when he calls me from another room and I yell back “I’m blogging!” he leaves me alone. haha!

  2. i think about this ALL the time. and i think that the boys that do blog are thought of as like rock stars by the ladies.

    it’s kinda funny actually.

  3. Woah! I’m somewhat alarmed by the “Possibly related posts” generated by my post.

    Hmm, really!?

    I agree with Alexa, blogging men are kind of like rock stars.

  4. Oh, how I wish my fiance understood! It would make blogging a lot easier. Sometimes he tells me things that I want to write about, so I change all the information and he proof-reads and gives approval. Also, he’s hilarious and I really should blog everything that he says but then he would stop talking to me. Boys!

  5. Great post!
    & I totally am with you.. my boyfriend finally (finally!) gets it. But in the beginning, he has no understanding of what I was doing or why I was doing it.

  6. What a great post!! Nice job being a Guest Blogger – you rule..

    Tipp – hope your hand is feeling better!!

  7. haha, i adore this post.

    when i told my girlfriend i was going to meet a ‘blog friend’ for lunch after we realized we work across the street from each other, her immediate reaction was, “uh, bring your cell phone, have 911 dialed and be ready to press send. ‘she’ might be a ‘he’.”

    she’s all warmed up to the idea of blogging now, and actually listens and cares when i talk about my blog friends. AND is even up for meeting them with me when we’re down in LA.

    now i’m working on trying to get her to guest blog for me in august when i’m away…. maybe i’m pushing things? haha.

  8. Speaking as one of the “few” male bloggers… For my part, I have to disagree with Alexa’s comment above, as I’m so small-time I don’t think anyone thinks of me as a blog rock star. Grin!

    My honey is one of my biggest blog fans. He reads every day and generally enjoys it, but he’s happy to leave the rest of the blog-reading and interacting to me.

  9. Hahaha. I definitely, totally agree. And it’s cool — I took the easy topic for tomorrow. 😉 Heh.

    My boyfriend doesn’t really understand it, but he’s supportive and will write for me sometimes. And he actually started a blog of his own, but moreso for discussing political things and stuff like that than his own life. He’s excited about it, though, and I think it’s totally cute.

  10. my boyfriend reads my blog all the time but instead of commenting he just talks to me about… he’s a strange creature.

    however he does think its absolutey adorable that i blog! :-0

  11. My ex thought it was a good idea that I blogged but he didn’t want me to write something that I wanted to. He also would tell me that I needed to get a hobby that wasn’t on the internet…he didn’t really understand the relationships that you make with your fellow bloggers!

  12. The boy has stopped reading my blog unless directly instructed to check it out..he reads stuff and takes it the wrong way. He’s also really picky about anytime I mention him. There have been so many times that I want to write about stupid stuff he and his friends do and he puts his foot down about it. He doesn’t understand why I put so much time into it, but he’s really supportive..as long as its not about him.

    Hope you feel better Tipp!!

  13. that’s a good post…i totally get what you mean, but never expressed it to myself in so many words.

    i do know a number of guy bloggers, my brother being one of them. for many it tends to be an avenue to express directionless frustration, like a game of squash. but i know many others who use it as a hobby, exchanging notes on food, gadgets, politics. it seems a very purposeful thing, not like us girls who chat about ourselves and make friends.

    my boy checks out my blog occasionally when he’s bored at work, and sometimes teases me when i write about him. he doesn’t really get it, but he indulges me 🙂

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