Wordless Weekend (Well, Almost)

July 13, 2008 at 7:12 pm | Posted in Life, Photos | 19 Comments
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Meet Gabe. I have had him three weeks now. I have not killed him yet. Fingers crossed.

I have been late to work three times now because of these guys. Do you know how long it takes for a turkey family to cross the road? I do. And it is no joke.

When we want to eat in peace cook-out, we are forced to gate out the kids.

Lily had a rough day at the Vet.

And she didn’t want to talk about it.



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  1. You are always surrounded by animals. I love it! That last pic is adorable.

  2. Wow family of turkeys? I bet those guys don’t move fast at all.

  3. It’s like a farm post. Or…something. 🙂

    Turkeys…that’s so interesting. Geese, I’ve seen. Turkeys, or the other hand…in the wild? Never.

  4. Danielle- I am like freaking Snow White over here. I just need birds to place a cape around my neck as I sing a very soprano tune.

    Jessica- NOT. AT. ALL.

    Ash- Hodge podge is what it is! They are everywhere out here. I refused to run over them so I have almost wrecked many times!!

  5. Awww…I hope Lily is ok!

  6. I once won a goldfish at a carnival. I kept it in a mixing bowl of my mom’s because I was sure it would die. It lived for years. Crazy.

    I hope Lily feels better soon!

  7. Aww, poor puppy! There are turkeys around you? How crazy!

  8. My favorite bird families are quail. They’re the cutest little things in the world. Love the fish, by the way! I’ve thought about getting one of my own. it could be a good grad school pet.

  9. Awwww, poor Lily!! **hugs her**

  10. A family of turkeys, huh? Strange.

    Poor Lily. She looks precious in the last photo, though.

  11. I love those pictures of Lily! So cute!

  12. Your puppy is so cute! As for the turkeys, I have to wait every morning for a family of ducks to cross in front of my car. Adorable, yes. Time consuming, very yes.

  13. Oh, the cuteness! I NEED A PUPPY. Well, I want to adopt an adult dog, actually, but you get the point.

  14. poor little peanut. I hope Lily feels better.

  15. i just love your pups!!

  16. Auburn Kat- Lily is fine. She has a “bum” situation and she hates to go for her “tune-up”. Poor thing.

    Erin- REALLY? I have already killed his friend Katie, so we’ll see.

    Tara- Turkeys are everywhere! We actually have a turkey season for hunting there are so many. I can hear them sitting on my back deck.

    Phil- I think a fish is a great grad school pet!!

    SJ- Lily sends hugs back. All the way across the ocean.

    EP- I can’t wait till you have precious pup photos!

    Anna- She is my doll!

    Lauren- AWWW, I like ducks better than turkeys. So cute! But yes, annoying!

    Jess- I Am ALL FOR you adopting an adult dog! So many need good homes and are waiting for you to take them home! Yea JESS! (Stepping down off of soapbox)

    Dolce- she is good now, she was just a little sore 😦

    Dana- They are the best things ever!!

  17. Awww…Lily deserves the peace and quiet. The Vet is no fun!

  18. So jealous of your veritable menagerie! Are those really your turkeys? Amazing you can live somewhere with so much space and outdoor life. Paris is a concrete block!

  19. I have a pet fish too. Her name is Princess Valentina of LaLa Land. My daughter named her. And yes, after a whopping 2 months, she is still alive under the care of moi. Cannot believe it!

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