Why Hubby and I Don’t Do Movies (Together)

July 12, 2008 at 9:07 am | Posted in Family, Fun Times | 15 Comments
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We spent last night watching The Sound of Music, the new digitally restored version, and I have to say I could tell the difference. It was amazing. What was even more amazing to me is that Hubby had never seen The Sound of Music. How this is possible I have no idea. I realize he is not really a movie person, but, really, The Sound of Music?

Hubbs never really invests in a movie he actually is forced sits and watches with me, but last night he invested. I have never seen him get so fired up. My biggest mistake was telling him that there would be Nazis. This was my meager attempt to get him interested from the very beginning, whereas if I told him it was a musical he would have jumped ship very early. So, for the entire course of the movie he is on war criminal watch like it is his career. 

Is he a Nazi? I bet he is. Hate him. 

First, he said it about Christopher Plummer, then about the boy Von Trapp children, but when he moved on to Maria and was trying to make the nuns from the abbey be in cahoots with the them I had had it.

JUST WATCH THE MOVIE. They will explain it all-I promise!!!

That’s when I realized why movie-watching is hard for him. Quite simply, he is as impatient as a kid (and quite possibly ADD) when it comes to waiting for something, like a movie plot, to unfold. Same goes for reading books for entertainment. He can’t do it. Books about sports, historical figures, and instructional books are no big deal because he basically already gets the gist of what is going to happen. But, put him in a scenario where he is forced to wait on an outcome, and it drives him crazy.

This is very strange for a person who is very laid back and patient in matters when it comes to real life. Who would have thought that some simple movie-watching would have sent him over the edge? After the movie, I had to look up the personal history of the entire Von Trapp family because he could not rest until he knew what happened to them after they crossed that green mountain. For me, I am happy knowing that they made it safely somewhere ( I used to firmly believe they lived in the woods behind my house) and I was content to believe that all was well in their world, but not him. No. I had to google all things Family Von Trapp and was forced to map their entire singing trek through America after they fled Europe. I was exhausted and didn’t get to bed until after midnight.

He was still asking me questions about the story as we went to bed. 

This is quite possibly the very reason we don’t do movies together. 

Or perhaps he is way smarter than I give him credit for and he thinks that if he takes all the fun out of the movie experience I won’t ask him to watch with me anymore. By Jove, I think I’ve got it! 

Oh, he is in trouble now.



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  1. Haha. & I’m sorry- maybe I’ll watch it one day!

  2. hahahaha.
    you crack me up.

    by jove? oh girl..

  3. too funny….

  4. That would drive me nuts! The Sound of Music is meant to be watched, enjoyed, and sung at the top of your lungs while swinging in the backyard. It is not to be dissected for factual information!

  5. This is pretty funny. I feel like I act like your hubby sometimes when it comes to certain movies.

  6. Hahaha. It’s sad he hadn’t seen the moovie before, but awesome that he got so involved in it. When my old roommate and I were watching it and my boy came over, we were both surprised that he knew the words to the songs. So who knows?

    I hope he’s not still asking questions, though. 😉

  7. haha 🙂 I am like ur hubby to a certain degree sometimes woops.

  8. That’s hilarious! 🙂

  9. That is funny!

  10. Sandy- DO it, and I will put this to rest.

    Jess- It felt like a by jove moment, no?

    Dana- Hubby is funny like that.

    Erin- and belted out in long car rides! Agreed.

    Jenn-I guess you guys would be good movie watching buddies.

    EP- I would fall over and swoon if a boy sang those songs to me. Hubby needs to get on it.

    Susel- I love him through it, I can excuse you too.

    SleepJane/Auburn Kat- Yes, he keeps me smiling.

  11. I’m just impressed that you were actually able to persuade him to watch The Sound of Music. I could never convince my husband to do that!

  12. […] my blog expecting me to entertain you, especially with stories (although [a]tippical thoughts had a great story the other day) . I am not a writer, I have never been good at going in depth. I’d rather […]

  13. LS- he had no idea what it was about. Therefore all the “macho” persuasions backfired!

  14. My husband does this too. He cannot just sit through a movie with me without asking questions and making comments about what is happening. I hate it and always tell him to keep his comments to himself until after the movie is over!

  15. *Raising hand from the back of the room!* I’ve never watched the Sound of Music either…I don’t know how’s it’s somehow escaped me all these years because I love Julie Andrews and musicals…I MUST watch this…I hope your hand is feeling better! 😦

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