The One Where We All Go…. WHAT?!

July 8, 2008 at 9:26 am | Posted in In the News | 21 Comments

Last night, did you all feel a significant drop in the air pressure as we all gasped in horror followed by screams of anger, howling dogs, and things being thrown and broken? It was most likely around 8:50 CST. Well, if you did don’t fear. I have an explanation for the natural phenomena. It is the moment where all of America and later, many other countries went. . . .

WHAT……THE………HECK????. . . .

It was the moment when Deanna picked Jesse.

Hold on. What just happened here? Did she really just pick the snowboard instructor who used words such as “rad” and “totally awesome” to describe his feelings for her? I have nothing against snowboarders, just this one in general. His quirky demeanor alone did not push me away from his fan club, it was the feeling that the entire act was a total farce. I have a friend who used to live in Colorado who actually knew the guy. He taught her sister snowboarding lessons and she said that this is not him at all. In fact, he is very much a jerk who makes all of his students cry during their lessons. I get he wants his students to be good at what they do and all, but to make teenage girls cry?! Not cool. 

Left to go home was Jason, the single dad who was romantic and loving and um, secure in his career and who wanted nothing more than to marry her. He had been hurt so bad before when his former wife left him to care for his son, and in his words he “let down the armour for Deanna” and poor guy got his heart sent packing.

Let’s compare:

There is Jesse who looks like he is being led to his death leading up to the big decision. I get that he was nervous, but I don’t think it was about him wanting to be with her, I think it was about marriage in general. When he went to pick out the ring he was bent over, head in his hands, literally freaking out and hyperventalating at the thought of looking at rings. Really? If you are so freaked out, let’s take a step back and figure out if you really want to be here.


I am all for finding love in all places, but c’mon dude, if you loved her so much you would have done a few things. 1) I think you would be a little more sure if you felt the need to propose. 2) You should have been able to win over her family more and convince them that you were the man for her 3) You could come up with more descriptive words for the woman you wanted to spend the rest of your life with other than 90’s surfer slang.

Now, to the guy she passed up. I am sure that women everywhere who are single are storming the ABC office this very morning demanding he be the next Bachelor and waiting in line to fill out an application to be on the show. Oh Jason, our hearts broke with you. The fact that she did allow you to get down on your knee and begin to propose only to reject you sent Deanna down negative levels in my book. You were so confident, and you were not the only one. She fooled us all. America is sorry. Go home and be a good dad to your son, and know you are the better for it.

And the three second proposal which consisted of:

Jesse: “Deanna, will you spend forever with me?”

Deanna: “Yes.”

Way to be climactic ABC. Could you not at least have given him something more to say when he was proposing marriage?!!

And all Deanna could say when it was over?! “I can’t believe I picked the guy with the pink shoelaces!”

We can’t either girl, we can’t either.




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  1. For the love of all things romantic whhhhhyyy?! Why did she let Jason get down on his knee? Ugh my heart breaks for him.

  2. WHAT?! is right!! Love is blind, I suppose, because I surely don’t see what she sees in Jesse. He is totally NOT rad in my eyes.

  3. Have never watched any of those shows. This is probably why. I find it upsetting enough when the wrong model goes home and she’s not usually getting turned down after proposing.

  4. greek girls have horrible taste in men, believe me i know that first hand. haha.

    i wish i would have watched the show though, i didn’t get into it this season.

  5. The only part of The Bachelorette I watched this season was the last 30 minutes of the finale, and I was as equally disgusted as you. Jesse is NOT ready to get married. How long do you think they’ll stay together? 6 months?

    ABC should definitely do The Bachelor with Jason. They’d get the best ratings ever after what happened to him.

  6. well. you know how i feel. i agree…don’t get it. but you have to admit, they did seem smitten with each other. let’s just hope it is enough to build a marriage together with.

  7. I would have married jason or jeremy in a second!!!!!!

  8. i couldn’t have summed it up any better. freakin’ insane how this all turned out. i thought she wanted to fall in love and start a life/family/etc. now, it looks like she’ll be gettin’ on the slopes and chillin’ while her man is ‘shreddin’.

    oh, and he totally looked like it was the end of the world when he was about to get the ring/propose/etc. not the look of love, that’s for sure. geesh.

  9. omg! I didn’t watch Bachelorette at all this season but I did happen to catch the finale. I could not believe it, even though I didn’t see the entire courtship, it was clear to me that the other guy was the most fabulous one. The guy she picked was almost hyperventilating while picking an engagement ring! um, seriously?

  10. I loved Jason from the beginning especially when he decided to tell her about his little boy. So sad.

  11. You’re tweets had me laughing HYSTERICALLY last night. I have ’em sent to my phone usually, cuz I’m a crazy texter like that, and I was sitting with my friends just talking and listening to music and then a new one would pop up.. I’d be like GUYS! CAN WE PLEASE TURN THE BACHELORETTE ON!? I NEED TO KNOW WHAT SHE’S TALKING ABOUT!!
    Nobody did. But it still had me laughing. 🙂

  12. The things that make you go “hmmmm” … I’m so over the Bachelor(ette) craze. Plus, our cable hasn’t been hooked up yet, so it was lights out in my house last night.

  13. i still don’t want to talk about it!

  14. The only episode I ever saw was the first one…and Jesse was annoying. I can’t believe she picked him, but she was smitten!

  15. I watched part of an episode and thought Jesse was an idiot, wow. Good luck lady. (Not you, Deanna) 🙂

  16. Hmmm – I have to admit that I’m on the TOTAL other side of the fence on this one! I thought Jesse was super-sweet and my dad actually knows his dad because he’s a truck driver who makes deliveries to his store once a week. He said how the dad is such a nice guy & it’s just a great family, in general. I was gasping (out of excitement) when Jason stepped out of the first car. I really hope that it works out for them…

  17. I was kind of aggravated that Jason tried to pin the responsibility on Deanna for her “letting him” get down on his knee. He didn’t really give her much of a chance to stop him, did he? I’m sure she was assuming that he was going to go into some sort of a speech first instead of delving right into it…that’s my two cents, though.

  18. Call me crazy, but I bet the TV network is getting insane ratings, not to mention insane publicity… which could be a plus for them. Good TV is dramatic TV.

    BUT! That doesn’t mean I’m any happier about all this. I don’t even watch the show, but at the very least… it seems that even though Jason didn’t win, he probably won’t have any trouble finding a fabulous girl now. He seems quite the eligible (and coveted) bachelor.

  19. Wow i’ve heard a lot of uproar about this. Just like Jen, making poor decisions. I would have gone with the single dad too. Rad? Not cool.

  20. Jen- seriously, I can’t think about it!

    Carrie Lea- love MUST be blind in this case.

    Ben- Oh, Ben. Jump on the wagon.

    Alexa- I love those greek references.

    K.Rae- I think she will hang in there for six months for her dignity’s sake, or what is left of it!

    Chickbug- I am all for trying to make a marriage work, I just hope that she realizes he is the wrong guy before it turns into marriage.

    AuburnKat- Girl, you actually have good taste.

    Jenny- I totally agree. Funny how she was looking for the man of her dreams, in a free-welling snowboarder without a plan.

    La Petite Belle- yes, seriously losing it. Not prepared for the big boy party AT ALL.

    PP- I think we all loved him from the beginning.

    SandyMc- it was me, Jen, Dana, and AuburnKat and chickbug. We were reacting to the horror we were watching.

    Nilsa- you must be getting tons of sleep these days!

    Dana- me neither!!!

    Dolce-he was annoying the whole time!!

    Tara- she needs all the luck she can get.

    PennStateCutie- I know tons of people who have nice parents who are still absolute jerks. Seems to be the case with this.

    Phil- I am sure their website got tons of hits today too.

    Jess-Rad hasn’t been cool since oh, sometime in the 90s!

  21. hahaha You and Dana are obsessed! She did the other guy a favor by not choosing him. Now there will be ladies beating down his door.

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