Ghost Hunters!

July 1, 2008 at 5:58 pm | Posted in Just for fun | 22 Comments

Today was my day home/work from home/do school work day. Around noon I realized that I was done with all I needed to do and decided to take a break. Twenty minutes later I was in my PJs, laptop in hand, surfing Hulu and looking for something to occupy my time. 

A while back, someone had told me to check out Ghost Hunters, so today I did.

Oh My Gosh. Instant Addiction.

A little background on me. I love all things spooky, haunted, and paranormal. I find it so very fascinating. So much so that in every town I frequent on vacation I must find a ghost or legend tour to do. So far, I have done one in New Orleans, Savannah, Key West, and even one near here in Franklin, TN. Hubby expects this as part of each vacation itinerary and is very supportive of my fascination. 

I think the love of all things haunted began early back during my Babysitters Club fascination. Dawn was my favorite and she had a secret passage circa Civil War/Underground Railroad era in her bedroom which had its own ghost. Ever since then I have wanted a creepy experience of my own. Wow, I just dated myself with the BSC reference. On another, more random note, I was not allowed to keep and read that particular book after my Mom realized they were performing seances in the book to reach the ghost. She promptly took that one from my collection.

So, back to ahem, a few years later, there I was all cuddled up in bed and becoming addicted to Ghost Hunters. This is a show about a team of ordinary plumbers by day and ghost hunters by night. And it is fascinating. They have the best and most advanced equipment to sense and detect any kind of paranormal activity. 

I love the history of each place they visit the most. Old Civil War prisons, Revolutionary War homesteads, old vaudeville theaters, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Have you all heard of this? Probably so, the no-cable lady is way behind!




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  1. I LOVED The Babysitter’s Clubs Books!!! I remember that about Dawn!

  2. I can’t believe you just referenced BSC. You rule my world.

  3. Speaking of addictions and BSC, I used to be totally addicted to the BSC. In 5th grade my friends and I ever created a club of our own! Haha!

  4. OMG Ghost Hunters is an amazing show. Sometimes I have to turn it off though, living alone, in my deceased grandparent’s house, the show has the tendency to freak me out! The show needs to be on during day light hours to stop scaring me!

  5. i sooooo love Ghost Hunters!

  6. Ghost Hunters and Babysitters Club… most definatly 2 addictions from Then and Now…

  7. OMG I had like ALL of the Babysitter’s Club books! I loved Dawn and Stacey. Anyone remember the Babysitter’s Little Sister books??? I’m bad with scary stuff but I’ll give it a shot 🙂

  8. Haha. I have not heard about this, but I would probably be fascinated about it. Something about paranormal things has always been interesting (even though I would not be OK if my apartment was haunted!) for me, too, and I am definitely going to check this out!

  9. Ha, I have seen this, but more so.. I was OBSESSED with BSC. So don’t worry =)

  10. Oh I absolutely LOVE Ghost Hunters. We don’t have DSTV at home but my dad records it for me on their DSTV so when I go over I can at least watch a few episodes.

  11. I haven’t heard of it! But I do love a good babysitters club book! Claudia was my favorite..

  12. I’ve never heard this, but I did love BSC too! I’ll check out Ghost Hunters though!

  13. this show is great. hands down. i’m so obsessed with the idea of ghosts. i want to see one so bad!

  14. I get sucked into this show often. My cousin is friends with one of the guys actually. That was random.

    I’d like to believe in ghosts. I’m a skeptic, but always wish someone could prove me wrong. What I don’t like about the show is that when they scream or ask if someone saw that…the camera is never there. We never get to see anything they see that is spooky.

  15. So funny – I wrote about ghosts today, too! Weird! Glad you made the most of your afternoon off!

  16. yeah this show would most definitely freak me out, i’m such a wuss 🙂

  17. Ooh! I’ll have to watch this. I love being freaked out.

  18. I can’t watch that show. I’m totally fascinated by hauntings, but they scare the living daylights out of me. My imagination is a wee bit overactive.

  19. I bet you would like Paranormal State too! I’m into ghost shows too and really enjoy that one.

  20. Oh man did I love the babysitters club. But my favorite by far would be Mary Anne – I read the book Mary Anne vs. Logan a Million freakin’ times.

  21. Oh my, count me in as another Babysitters Club fan. Ack, I think I would keep reading them if I could find them anymore 🙂

    J/K sorta…

  22. Ghost Hunters is da BOMB! Some of their stuff is a bit outlandish, but a lot if really interesting and tough to debunk… I love it…

    I’ll stay a skeptic until they catch a ghost in a mayonnaise jar and put it up for sale on eBay…

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