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June 25, 2008 at 8:05 pm | Posted in Music | 23 Comments
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. . . and don’t mess with it.

As if we needed another reason to think that Tim McGraw is the absolute man, he is now in the bouncer business. 

Not only is Tim a huge Country music star, married to a huge Country star, and a model father and businessman, we can now add bouncer, protector of women, and all around peace-keeper to his resume. 

According to, Tim kept a very drunk and out of control fan from hurting other people during his concert when he saw a man rush the stage and get into a physical altercation with a woman. When security couldn’t respond fast enough he pulled the guy onstage and proceeded to eject him from his show. At one point it looked like it was really going to get physical between the two when Tim cocked his fist. 

And the best part is, there is a video.


And the moral of the story is we, down here in the South, have real men.

That, my friends, is a Nashville man.




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  1. I love how he just transitioned smoothly into his song like nothing had happened–HA!

  2. very awesome! go TIM!

  3. Way to go Tim, defending the honor of women everywhere. We need some real men like that up here in the city.

  4. Although the guy who tried to punch the woman isn’t what I’d call a real man. But even though I’m not the hugest country music fan ever, Tim McGraw seems so much more awesome to me now.

  5. Ohh what a good guy! You know, I think I’m gonna make Nashville one of my next stops.

  6. I like Tim McGraw much more now. 🙂 And I’m not even a country music fan. lol

  7. I love Tim!

    I have to agree, there is something about southern men that makes my heart beat a little faster! I think it’s because they are different than the northeastern boys!

  8. And the best part is when he grabs him by the wife beater and cranks him up! Go Tim!

  9. Hahaha. I had NO idea country music fans could be so rowdy! And I think it’s awesome that he just stopped singing and grabbed the guy.

  10. LOVE Tim! Indeed, a real MAN!

  11. A couple things come to mind.

    (1) I’m not a country fan, but what Tim McGraw did was HAWT!

    (2) While you may have real men in the South, you’ve also got fat ones who wear jean shorts. Way to balance it out. ha.

  12. That’s great. Some celebrities are too scared of getting involved in stuff like that for fear of their own safety. I have a little more respect for the guy for putting ahead his own safety to stop someone from hurting other people.

  13. You’re turning into a News Blog with all your tidbits of info! 🙂 So Tim!!

  14. And by SO, you know I meant GO, right? Good.

  15. I love him! He is such a great guy! And family man!

  16. I love it! It was great that Tim just rolled into the song like nothing.

  17. Amen! Tim is tops on my list 🙂

  18. Love it. Tim is a man’s man ~ a good ol’ boy.

    I was lucky enough to see Tim & Faith when they came to Vancouver, triple loved it.

  19. What a man what a man what mighty good man *sing along!*

  20. Wife beater and man capris — rowdy dude looks like he lost a bet and wanted to take his anger out on someone. Too bad he was so drunk he decided to make that someone Tim McGraw.

  21. I’ve been to LOTS of his concerts working in Country radio and all. Do you remember when a woman grabbed his package on stage in front of his wife? WHoooo! Faith was pissed.

  22. That was classic! Love how he grabbed him by his belt and chucked him out.

  23. And then he kept on singing!! That rocked.

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