Our Walk

June 24, 2008 at 11:07 am | Posted in Photos | 23 Comments

I wish we could stay here all day!



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  1. This just looks so lush and relaxing. I really want a dog!

  2. awww, it looks lovely. Why can’t I enjoy the outdoors like that? I’d totally be thinking “omg, I think I saw a snake. is that’s a snake? oh no, it’s a stick. omg! I think I saw a spider. yes, yes, it’s a spider. (running towards the car)” what can I say? I’m a party pooper 😉

  3. Well, all day until the mosquitoes come out to play, right? I kid. That looks like a lovely walk. And I’m guessing everyone was happy, not just the dog!

  4. Ah that looks beautiful. So relaxing!

  5. I wish I could stay there!

  6. gorgeous. love it.

  7. Achoooo!

  8. Beautiful!!

  9. Wow! I love being surrounded by trees. Although, the last time I was in a spot that lush I picked up a tick.

  10. So pretty! And what a perfect way to have fun with the dog!

  11. How pretty!

  12. I wish I could stay there all day too!

  13. Love those photos. Nature and green space, we don’t have enough of that in the city.

  14. GORgeous. i wish we weren’t in for rain!

  15. It looks like y’all had a great, relaxing time!

  16. beautiful! Where is it? We should walk all the pups next week!

  17. Wow – that is gorgeous!

  18. That place is purty.

  19. Great photos! It looks like a good place for a long walk with the pup.

  20. looks so relaxing 🙂 I love taking my dog for walks..except where we walk, it doesn’t look that scenic 🙂

  21. That is so lovely 🙂

  22. how very pretty….

  23. That looks so peaceful! I bet you really got to play with your camera.

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