The One Where I Talk About Sports?!

June 23, 2008 at 9:46 am | Posted in Sports | 16 Comments
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I am in a mood today and a particular organization is going to get the brunt of my moodiness, so begin rant.

In our home we are Titans fans through and through. We love going, we love cheering, we love rushing home on Sunday afternoon to watch the game. One thing, just as in every NFL team, it seems there is always one bad apple that spoils the bunch. We here in Tennessee have been plagued with one very bad apple for the past few years that fortunately just recently left us to go to Texas. Of course I am referring to  a guy by the little name of Adam “Pacman” Jones. I say “Pacman” because during his entire tenure in TN when he wasn’t spitting on a woman in a club, beating up a woman during a shoot-out in Vegas, and generally not living up to his potential at his position, he was pitching an absolute hissy fit over the fact that his teammates, the media, and everyone in general MUST call him “Pacman” and not “Adam.” He had such a “serious aversion” to his real name being used in conjunction with his career. Some fellow players during his first week at training camp gave him a jersey with the name Adam on the back and he threw such a fit in front of the media, the organization should have at that point sent him to his time-out corner permanently. On top of the other serious offenses he was constantly involved in locker-room drama, runs ins with police,  and not to mention an illegal car-theft ring. One of those things alone should have given the organization the ability to send his trouble-breeding butt packing, but no, we had to wait until he actually was “accused” of shooting and paralyzing a person in a public place until it got serious.

One suspension and failed wrestling career later, “Pacman” has left the building and has found a home in Texas (good riddance), but he is still in the news here. I hear this morning, that now in his new home, he has refused to reply to or be acknowledged as “Pacman”, but now will only respond to “Adam.”

I have absolutely no patience for anyone so high-maintenance. You would think this guy is having a serious identity crisis or either the makings of a very spoiled overgrown child, probably both. If I felt he was making a valid attempt to begin a new life and set things right and play his sport, I would give every supportive and empathetic gesture, just as long as he stayed in Texas, to support him in his endeavors. However, everything about his demeanor and attitude only shows us that this is just another ploy to keep his ever-dwindling PR presence afloat.

As early as Kindergarten we are told that stomping our feet and throwing temper tantrums are not the way to make it successfully through this world. Unless of course you are an NFL player, then it seems to only advance your career.

What a great lesson for the next generation.



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  1. Arogant athletes make me nuts! Randy Moss? TO? Ugh!!! Why aren’t there more athletes like Brett Favre?

  2. That’s ridiculous. I can’t imagine people being like that but unfortunately there are.

  3. There is nothing that aggravates more than adults who act like children. The only thing that tops that is when other people allow this to happen.

  4. haha- I know nothing about football, but he was the big player while I was at WVU so this makes me laugh.

  5. I hate when children throw a temper tantrum – but adults!!! Even worse.. They should grow up!

  6. Doesn’t it seem like football players are the worst? I love football too, but sometimes these guys just drive me NUTS!

  7. You don’t need to tell me about hellish football players, I’m from MN, home of the Vikings. ACK!! I can’t stand football players and the people that worship them! It’s too bad a handful of bad seeds gives the whole league a bad name.

  8. Ugh, that is so frustrating!

  9. One of the Bills players just hit a girl and left the scene. Who knows what will happen to him! Nice huh? What would cause someone to hit someone and then not stop?!?

  10. I consider myself a patient person (hello, special ed. preschool teacher here), but I have no tolerance for adults who act like babies!

  11. Ha. I totally love it when I get into sports and then I’m like…wha-ha?

    Oh yeah. We girls can totally be into sports AND shopping AND chick flicks. There’s no contradiction!

  12. don’t get me started. if only he would put his all his passion for drama into becoming a better person.

  13. There is something about this guy that bothers me too, oh yeah he hates on and beats women. That’s why. Plus his nickname is lame.

  14. where did u get that pic, tho?
    he looks like an animal?
    like he is bout to eat someone up! geez

  15. easy now rudebwoiz me dunno n

  16. www

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