The One Where I Am Loosing It

June 12, 2008 at 9:03 am | Posted in Life | 18 Comments

I think I am loosing it. Like for real. I know I have been a tad scatter-brained lately, but when other people start to notice, well it is on. I am usually such a responsible person. I get frustrated when other people miss appointments, forget to/don’t return email, stand you up for plans, etc., etc., etc. I tend to think I am pretty organized. I love my drawer dividers, my cleaning schedule, my routine. I pay bills on time, every time. Just call me Monica.

But ladies and gentlemen I am loosing it. Like seriously. It all began a couple of weeks ago when Hubby was checking the budget via our online bank and the following conversation occured:

Hubby: “Did you take the deposit to the bank?”

Me: “Yeah, I took it on Monday afternoon.”

Hubby: “Are you sure? It isn’t showing up on the bank statement.”

Me: “Yes, I distinctly remember filling out the deposit slip, putting it in the deposit envelope and placing it in my purse to take to the bank.” (all the while I am saying this I am doing a form of mini-charades at my work desk, picking up the envelopes, and then my purse) As I look into my purse, of course, there it is, in the important place zipper section (yes, I have an important place zipper section, no judgement). sigh

The scary thing is I truly convinced myself that I had made the deposit. I have no idea what happened.

Then, there was the fiasco of me being purged from my class because when I was paying the bill online I inverted two numbers which caused me to pay thirty dollars under the full amount needed, therefore they dropped me from the class. I had to re-register late, repay, and I was playing catch-up on my assignments most of late last week. Not to mention, I forgot to order my book and I will spend the first two weeks of my class without a text. Oops.

This is not like me.

Then, there was yesterday. I was heading to lunch with Mae and Annie, when I called J to chat. She was sick and not feeling well. So, in the midst of us winding down our conversation this occured:

J:  “Tell the girls I am sorry but I won’t be able to make it tonight. I feel awful.”

Me: “I am sure they will understand, don’t worry about it.”

J: “Yeah, well I wanted to hang out with you too, we are all so busy all the time.”

Me: “What is tonight, did we have plans?” All the while I am hating myself!!

J: “Yeah, tonight was the showcase show, we were all going to go, you “replied all” to the email saying you were coming.”

Me: SO confused!  “Yeah, yeah, don’t worry about it, it is OK. I will check on you later. Feel better.”

Now, people, I still had no clue what she was referring too. I chalked it up to her being stoked out on pain meds and let it go.

Fast forward to lunch with Annie and Mae.

Me: “So J said to tell you she is sorry but she can’t make it tonight.”

Mae: “Is she sick?”

Me: “Yeah, she said she hated to miss the show, but I had no idea what she is talking about.”

Mae: “Tipp, the Katie show is tonight, you aren’t coming?”

Me: “That is tonight?! I thought it was NEXT Wednesday.”

Mae: “No, it is tonight, what is wrong with you?”

I am confused. I procceed to pull out my calendar to see where exactly I went wrong. This drives me crazy that I can’t keep my agenda on track. This is also the same calendar/itouch/all around needed commuiciation device that I left in a friend’s car later that day.

What the heck?!

Now, I NEVER want to miss a music showcase, especially a free one. I have no idea what I was thinking.

Obviously, I am even more scatter-brained than a girl on heavy pain meds, great! The rest of lunch my brain refused to kick into gear. I couldn’t hold a conversation without the terms, “what was I saying?” or “what are you talking about?” or “Who?!” or “What?!”

It was so bad. Annie and Mae were so confused.

So, help me out people, what could it be?

No, I am not pregnant, ROSY.

Yes, I am taking my vitamins.

Yes, I am getting enough sleep.

Heat? Old age? Is is possible for a twenty-something to get Pre-Alzheimer’s?

Now, what was I saying?

See. This is my life people.



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  1. everyone is allowed to get frazzled sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane is writing everything down. i even have a cute little notebook i keep in my purse.

    that’s my only tip, tipp : )

  2. I think we all have these times every once in a while. Now that you’ve realized it, you’ll get back on track. It’s okay 🙂

  3. I’d just chalk it up to warmer weather slowing down our brains. Our brains want us to go swimming and sip cocktails on the beach, so they’re sabotaging our lives in the hopes we give up and give in. Throw on a pair of sandals and blend up a margarita and you’ll feel fine in no time.

  4. Haha, poor thing. I’d have to say it’s probably the heat getting to you & the fact that you’ve just been so busy lately. Don’t worry- I’m sure you’ll be back to normal soon =)

  5. Oh no! This sounds just like me on a normal day, but it is upsetting, I feel your pain. I can’t thinkk what it could be but I’m sure it’s just a pssing thing. I say go with it!

  6. everyone goes through this , but I do know what you mean, I hate the feeling like as if im forgetting everything

  7. I’ve been feeling crazy scatterbrained lately myself! It drives me crazy!

  8. Poor, Tipp! I am like this all the time, too…well, not all the time, but I get overly embarrassed when it happens and I dwell on it, so I just FEEL like it is all the time.

    BTW – the Carrie Underwood Crying will probably be difficult for you to find except maybe on youtube since it is her actual performance of the song from when she was a contestant on Idol. We have sites where we can download the performances from! I don’t think you can get previous seasons, though 😦

  9. Oh man, that’s rough! It sounds to me like you’ve just got a LOT going on, and it’s completely okay to be a little frazzled from time to time. I know how frustrating it is when you’re generally so on top of things though–I really do think I’m starting to have “senior moments” so maybe that’s what it is for you too?

  10. Stress? Lots of stuff going on in your life? The weather? It could be any number of things. I would try not to worry about it too much!

  11. It’s called getting older! Too much going on. And not enough time to digest it all! Happens to the best of us. Maybe just slowing it down a tad – for a few minutes here and there – will do the trick? Next best option, get a personal assistant! ha.

  12. i have definitely been losing it lately and forgetting all sorts of things, it’s pretty ridiculous. i forgot to bring socks to the gym and walked out of my house twice without my car keys, gah.

  13. pregnancy brain

  14. We all have those times when we’re a bit more forgetful than normal. It’s not something to worry about. You’re not going crazy 🙂

  15. I think it’s stress! You need a relaxing wknd or two or three!

  16. Maybe you’re stressed??

    That isn’t very unusual for me – I’m like that all the time. *sigh* 🙂

  17. Are you sure you are not preggers? Only mommy brain can cause you get to get that frazzled. That sounds like my life every darn day!

  18. Are you really sure that you’re not pregnant?

    Either way, I’m sure you’ll be back to your old self in no time.

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