Blog Carnival Four: Good Causes

June 5, 2008 at 9:19 am | Posted in 20 Something Bloggers | 9 Comments

Hey 20 Something Bloggers!

It’s that time again! Are you ready to bring attention to a cause you are passionate about? Do you volunteer? Do you give? Do you see a need in the world and think, “what a great cause?!” Do you know of a non-profit that needs to be heard about amongst our 20something community?

Tell us about it!

Get the word out about all the good efforts out there that seek to improve our world!

If you are new to the 20sb Blogger community and don’t know about a carnival that is OK!
It is a collection of posts on a specific topic that are submitted to an editor (that’s me) for review and selection. We will feature the best and most well-written posts on the 20sb Blog in a magazine type format.

1. Write a post on the chosen topic
2. Email me at with the URL link to your post and the URL link to your 20sb Member Profile Page (you must be a 20sb member to submit)
3. Await the results at the end of the month!

We want your posts! Get to it!



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  1. Great topic!! What is the deadline?

  2. I haven’t wrote a post about this yet, but I will the next time I post if I don’t forget. I just wanted to mention the Ronald McDonald House. A few months ago some friends and I went there and made lunch and snacks for the families of sick children who were staying there. We also took in some different kinds of “art kits” for the siblings of the sick children. It was so rewarding!

  3. Cool topic! I’m excited to see the posts.

  4. That is a good topic, I think I’ll have to do this one!

  5. what a fantastic topic!

  6. Angela- we are closing submissions at the end of June. June 30.

    Andrea- that is awesome. I would love for you to submit a post!

    Jess, Auburn Kat, and Chickbug- Lisa and I thought so too, that is why we picked it!

  7. One day I will have a post to submit! One day!

  8. This is a great topic! I think I might submit one of my Autism posts from April!

  9. Great theme! Can’t wait to read the results.

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