Warning: Many Photos To Come

June 1, 2008 at 8:26 pm | Posted in Photos | 22 Comments

If you were watching the Twitterverse this weekend you most likely saw me waiting and waiting and waiting for a package that I was sure the FedEx man was holding hostage. I imagined him going about his route and purposefully pushing my delivery further and further to the back of his agenda. I was silently willing it to me. I had been patient. It was suppossed to arrive Thursday and by Saturday at 4:00 I was more than antsy. I was literally on the phone with FedEx Customer Service when he pulled up!


And this is what he brought me!

Somehow I continue to hear Stevie in my head singing, Isn’t she lovely over and over.

So here are the first shots with tons of Ellie modeling.

Ellie awake and ready to pose

She know she is not allowed in the leather chair, yet she sits there anyway

Winding down

So Tired

And Gone

Allright people, help me name my new toy! I am taking all suggestions.




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  1. I was the sameway when I was waiting for my camera to arrive in the mail…I keep looking at the tracking online to see when it was going to arrive!

    Cute pics of Ellie! I need to post some pics of my little ones!

  2. ooo what a nice camera! i’ve been wanting to get a new one as well but i’m brokers… I expect to see tons of new pics posted now! 🙂

  3. I love the photos of Ellie! I hope you post many, many more. In the first pic, Ellie looks just as excited as you are about the camera. Then she quickly gets over it. I think you, however, will enamoured of your knew gadget for quite some time.

  4. ah i’m JEALOUS! I want!!!

  5. Those are GREAT pictures! I want to give that pup a cuddle! Sooo cute!

  6. What kind of camera is it And where did you get it from?? I’ve been telling DH that I want one for some time now…I’m thinking he will go in on it w/ his mom for me for Christmas this year!

  7. Awww YAY for a new camera! It’s gorgeous! 🙂

  8. Beautiful shots of a beautiful pooch!

  9. Your puppy is SO cute!!!

  10. That’s AWESOME.

    My Nikon was the best purchase I ever made.

  11. I want a nice camera. *Whine*

    I think you should name it…Shooter McGavin – you know, from Happy Gilmore? Get it? Shooter??

    Not funny? Okay. How about Mr. Big…Camera? On second though, that wouldn’t be so good to say in front of people to your husband: “Honey, where’s Mr. Big??”

    Okay, I’m stumped. But congrats! Those pictures look fantastic!

  12. Yay! I love taking pitures. have fun!

  13. oh yay for a new camera! what cute pics too! can’t wait to see what else you take pics of 🙂

  14. Hurrah for new cameras! I’m currently waiting on mine to come in the mail, too. I’m all, “Darn you, standard shipping! Darn you!”


    Lovely photos, though, my dear. And as for the name…hmmm…I’ll have to think on that! Either way, let us know what you decide on.

  15. what an awesome camera!! and what GREAT pics of the pups… Those are really amazing.. I’m excited to see many more pictures to come!

  16. Wow great pictures and an awesome camera. Nice purchase! Very jealous. You’ll have to send me the specs. I like that word too, Twitterverse. Great one. I might have to steal that 😉

  17. Fun! How exciting for you! You are going to have such a GREAT time with that camera. And it makes me smile that you bought a Canon because I’m a Canon girl. (:

  18. I don’t know what to name your new toy, but I do know that I absolutely adore your dog. She’s so cute!!

  19. Love the new camera and cute pictures…Can’t wait to see more.

  20. The camera definitely looks like a “Jacqueline” to me. “Jacky” for short.

  21. Congratulations, and I think it’s definitely a “Cameron”.

  22. CONGRATULATIONS!! Just play with it, I think that is the best way. I am so so jealous.

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