Birthday Fun!

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As promised, here are some pics from my Birthday celebration last Friday!

Just a few highlights:

  • We pre-partied at Rosy’s house and almost burnt down her patio table
  • We ate at BB Kings’ Blues Club, one of my favorite places in Nashville.
  • I forgot my flats/dancing shoes in the car and asked Hubby to go to the car to retrieve them and he came back with a pair of black Crocs. He made a second trip to the car.
  • After dinner and fun at BB Kings, we headed to WannaBe’s Karaoke. Cause let’s face it, we are Music City and there are many WannaBe’s in this town
  • There was much singing and good times to be had by all. The guys made us the proudest with their rendition of Humpty Hump. Yes, there was choreography and a video. I may post it if they won’t kill me.
  • Rosy and I were brave girls and conquered a wild animal. I have an injury to prove it. Yes, there is a video of that too, though I can pretty much garauntee you will never see it. Right Rosy?!
  • Jen and Charlotte doing the “running man”
  • Adam crowd surfing
  • Fun times with great friends!


Fun at Rosy’s

Charlotte and Adam joined us on the first night back from their Honeymoon! 


It is tradition on my Birthday to wear and share the Birthday tiara so Matt took a turn.

Then Liz was the queen

And Hillary too!

Liz and Hillary before their big performance

Scott: “Should I sing ‘Bille Jean’?”

Erin: “Yes, do it!”

Hubby and I having fun

Josh and I winding down following the injury. I had a Coke. Wohoo! 

Adam, Charlotte, Scott and Erin at BB Kings.


Adam prepping for his big performance

Rosy and B-Man

The guys bringing down the house!

Fun times had by all!

Anne, Mae, and I getting ready to head out of BB Kings.

Settling in at WannaBe’s!

Prepping for their big song!

John, Ben, and Hubby

Rosy and I.

All the girls at BB Kings

Rosy’s turn with the tiara.

Mae and Josh doing “Summer Lovin'”

Liz, Hillary, and Mae 


 The best party planning committee ever!

Thanks everyone for a great night!

To those of you who are/were out of town and out of commission – we missed you!

So, have I convinced any of you to come hang out with my awesome friends here in Nashville yet?

We’re a fun crowd!


Country Comes To Town

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. . . and don’t mess with it.

As if we needed another reason to think that Tim McGraw is the absolute man, he is now in the bouncer business. 

Not only is Tim a huge Country music star, married to a huge Country star, and a model father and businessman, we can now add bouncer, protector of women, and all around peace-keeper to his resume. 

According to, Tim kept a very drunk and out of control fan from hurting other people during his concert when he saw a man rush the stage and get into a physical altercation with a woman. When security couldn’t respond fast enough he pulled the guy onstage and proceeded to eject him from his show. At one point it looked like it was really going to get physical between the two when Tim cocked his fist. 

And the best part is, there is a video.


And the moral of the story is we, down here in the South, have real men.

That, my friends, is a Nashville man.


Our Walk

June 24, 2008 at 11:07 am | Posted in Photos | 23 Comments

I wish we could stay here all day!

This Made My Day

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When you are in charge of organizing and keeping volunteers to work with children, you want them all to be exactly like this. This is an email I received tonight from one of our new volunteers. I have known this person for quite a while and they have recently been able to make time to work with my group. Thank God for people like this around me who are so willing and giving of their time. They make my job so easy. I am so thankful everyday to be surrounded by people who are so giving of their time, their talents, and their abilities.

Dear Tipp,

Thanks again for your reply. I am excited about beginning working with [another great teacher]! I appreciate your organization and passion. I will be looking forward to receiving the updates [via email]. If I can, I’ll try to attend some of the [extra] outings as well. I’m so lucky to be in a position to express the Love of God through any means possible, you’ve given me that opportunity, and I thank you for that! If you need anything else, You’ve got my email! I’m available for anything you ever need! I LOVE helping people. Thanks again.

Please send me more like this one! Good volunteers rock!

The One Where I Talk About Sports?!

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I am in a mood today and a particular organization is going to get the brunt of my moodiness, so begin rant.

In our home we are Titans fans through and through. We love going, we love cheering, we love rushing home on Sunday afternoon to watch the game. One thing, just as in every NFL team, it seems there is always one bad apple that spoils the bunch. We here in Tennessee have been plagued with one very bad apple for the past few years that fortunately just recently left us to go to Texas. Of course I am referring to  a guy by the little name of Adam “Pacman” Jones. I say “Pacman” because during his entire tenure in TN when he wasn’t spitting on a woman in a club, beating up a woman during a shoot-out in Vegas, and generally not living up to his potential at his position, he was pitching an absolute hissy fit over the fact that his teammates, the media, and everyone in general MUST call him “Pacman” and not “Adam.” He had such a “serious aversion” to his real name being used in conjunction with his career. Some fellow players during his first week at training camp gave him a jersey with the name Adam on the back and he threw such a fit in front of the media, the organization should have at that point sent him to his time-out corner permanently. On top of the other serious offenses he was constantly involved in locker-room drama, runs ins with police,  and not to mention an illegal car-theft ring. One of those things alone should have given the organization the ability to send his trouble-breeding butt packing, but no, we had to wait until he actually was “accused” of shooting and paralyzing a person in a public place until it got serious.

One suspension and failed wrestling career later, “Pacman” has left the building and has found a home in Texas (good riddance), but he is still in the news here. I hear this morning, that now in his new home, he has refused to reply to or be acknowledged as “Pacman”, but now will only respond to “Adam.”

I have absolutely no patience for anyone so high-maintenance. You would think this guy is having a serious identity crisis or either the makings of a very spoiled overgrown child, probably both. If I felt he was making a valid attempt to begin a new life and set things right and play his sport, I would give every supportive and empathetic gesture, just as long as he stayed in Texas, to support him in his endeavors. However, everything about his demeanor and attitude only shows us that this is just another ploy to keep his ever-dwindling PR presence afloat.

As early as Kindergarten we are told that stomping our feet and throwing temper tantrums are not the way to make it successfully through this world. Unless of course you are an NFL player, then it seems to only advance your career.

What a great lesson for the next generation.

It’s My Day

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So, Ya wanna hear a secret???

It’s my BIRTHDAY today!

Thanks for all the emails, tweets, comments, myspacers, and cards!

Rest assured I am enjoying the weekend doing exactly what I want to do, relaxing, being with friends and family and preparing for a great part-ay next weekend.

Oh don’t worry there will be pictures!

Trust me if I say, “but it is my Birthday” in requesting one more thing from Hubby he will boycott my day from here on out. I am a tad high-maintenance on my day.

Happy weekend!


We’re Crazy For Swayze

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Yesterday, after the culmination of a very bad couple of days, I finished all of my responsibilities and went to meet Rosy, Anne, and their four legged babies, Atticus and Duke, for dinner. We then headed to the airport to pick up Mae, who is quite the jet setter these days. We had a whole night planned. A whole Crazy for Swayze plan.

One of the greatest things about Nashville is the summer activities. Big Band dancing in the park, picnics, hikes, movies in the park, ghost walks, picking parties (guitars not fruit), Frist Fridays, etc. etc. etc. All so much fun!

Last night was Movies In the Park at Centennial, one of the city’s many great parks. Us girls, B-Man, Atticus, Duke, and a couple thousand of our closest friends converged on the lawn to watch Dirty Dancing.

We had all the essentials for a fun movie night. 

1. M&Ms-check

2. Sour Patch Kids-check

3. Twizzlers-check 

4. Three Muskateers-check

Oh yeah, and a couple of a blankets, doggie treats, and cameras. I however forgot that I had run the battery down in my camera so you will all have to deal with the run-down of the night without any pictures. Sad, I know.

We arrived with all the essentials in tow and tried to find a spot on the very crowded lawn. People were everywhere and unwilling to move their blanket a quarter of a inch to make a comfortable spot for us, so we wound up sitting on the side tyring to sneak peaks of the screen in between a million walking bodies, dogs, babies, and a few rogue tree branches. But, we were there and that is what counts.

As Mae and I annoyed everyone around us by quoting the entire movie, Rosy and Annie tried to maintain their four legged children. We all cheered when it came on the big screen. Watching a movie in the park amongst so many people will always be one of my favorite summer experiences. So many different people all around you all there to have a good time and just be with the people they love. And it is so awesome.

Well, almost all people anyway. During the last few scenes of the movie, some guy runs up to a jogger (seriously who jogs during movies in the park) beside us and starts asking in a very frantic voice where the park ranger was, where the security people were, wanting him to call 911, etc. He was very loud and I was annoyed because I did not understand the seriousness of the situation. Annie and I proceeded to shush him until we realized someone had stolen his friends purse at knife-point as she sat and watched the movie. Sure enough, sirens and crying woman made me realize that even in such a perfect place where all seems to be right there are still bad things that go one. We couldn’t for just a few hours feel like we were a community of people all just out to have a good time. Our perfect little world was shattered and as I walked back to my car Rosie and I remembered how back when we were in college no one ever came to this park at night. It is not the safest place at night even today, but really, to rob a woman in the midst of thousands of people is just unreal to me.

There is no such thing as total safety. Even with Johnny Castle around. Really, don’t we all just need a Johnny in our life to stick up for us and rescue us when we need it?

All in all, it was a very fun night surrounded by people I love. We all cheered when he rescued baby “from the corner” and when they did the perfect practiced lift at the end, and when they took over the resort hall. Seriously, a great movie experience. I am only regretting the M&Ms!

For Today

June 18, 2008 at 9:38 am | Posted in Thoughts | 8 Comments

My song for today and for the week.

Way to go Michelle Branch, you got it right!

If I just breathe
Let it fill the space between 
I’ll know everything is alright
Every little piece of me
You’ll see
Everything is alright
Everything is alright if i just breathe… breathe



Blog Carnival Four Reminder

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Hey 20sb!

This is your mid-monthly reminder to sumbit your posts for the Fourth Blog Carnival “Good Causes.”

Are you passionate about a particular cause or organization? Do you volunteer? Or are you aware of an organization and think it needs to be spotlighted? Do you think there is a group that exists to better the world that needs our attention?

Well, this is your chance!

If there is one thing I know about the 20 somethings, it is that we all are passionate about different causes. What gets you fired up and inspired to help change the world?

We want to hear about it!

1. The URL link to the post you would like to submit
2. The URL link to your 20sb profile page

It is that easy to participate. If you are a new member, old member, regular carnival submitter, or first-timer get us your entries today!

Deadline is June 30.

Winners will be posted on the 20Something Blog by July 5.

Help us out! Post this reminder on your personal blog to get your 20something readers involved!

An Angry Open Letter to CBS

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Dear CBS, Tony Directors/Producers, and the original and current cast of RENT,

I have a major grievance to air. For about a month now, you CBS, have been teasing me with reports of an original cast reunion of RENT on this year’s Tony Awards. Mae and Rosy and I jumped for joy. We vowed not to miss it. We knew this was a fabulous ploy to get all Rentheads to tune into this year’s edition, that alone should have boosted your ratings. We toyed with the idea of having a Tony’s party, but dismissed the idea on the grounds of it being Father’s Day. So, at home, I sat for hours in great anticipation of seeing and hearing the cast perform.

Insert Exhibit A: My Twitter panel from 7:00-9:35 CST 6/15/08.

  • Anthony Rapp is beautiful.

  • Might wrestle the remote from Hubby’s hands if he flips to the NBA finals ONE MORE TIME!

  • Thoroughly confused by the whole concept of Xanadu. Will not be wanting to see that anytime soon.

  • I don’t give a flip about Xanadu. I want RENT! C’mon Tonys!

  • If the cast of RENT doesn’t come on soon, I may die.

  • Love Kristin Chenoweth. “POP-u-Lar. I know about Pop-u-LAR!”

  • So freakin’ excited about seeing the original cast of RENT. Bring out my man Anthony Rapp!

  • Watching the Tony Awards!


Obviously, I was with you. Obviously, I was a faithful viewer the entire night (except for a few moments of flipping to the NBA Finals when Hubby commandeered the remote control against my will.)

First of all, you had us wait until the very last moments of the show until we were rewarded for our impatience  eager anticipation. I literally squealed with delight after each commercial in hopes that this was, in fact, the moment when it would all come together. But no, we were continually dragged down every single performance of the current and past shows of Broadway. You showed all the old highlights, heck, you even found the footage of Madonna thoroughly embarrassing herself years ago. If only I had known you were wasting such precious time.

Sidenote: Whoopi was very funny in all the montages. She was the only thing that didn’t make me want to hunt each of you down and shake you for making me wait so long.

Secondly, you gave an entire EIGHT minute spot to the cast of Xanadu.

What were you thinking?! Aside from the fact that this is the most bizarre show ever created I can appreciate a little lesson in diversity, but EIGHT whole minutes? Lily Tomlin took up five minutes just trying to introduce the stupid segment. I reluctantly muddled through. Obviously, I didn’t want to miss the performance I rushed home from my Dad’s Father’s Day dinner to see. (Yes, I did. Now you see why I am so irritated.)

Finally, the moment had arrived. I sat in front of my TV eagerly anticipating the moment of greatness. I could have cried. I almost did. Anthony Rapp is awesome (see above Tweet). Though he stumbled a little, I get it – nerves take over. After all, it is The Tonys and you had been advertising this montage as the biggest part of the show for weeks. He felt the pressure. He is still great. What I did not expect was the current cast of RENT on stage singing La Vie Boheme. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love them and appreciate the entire cast. I stood for over two hours in Times Square on Christmas Eve in 20-something degree weather on the slight chance of scoring RENT tickets. (The fact that I got third row seats is not important at this time, the point is I did it without any guarantees) I saw them, they were fabulous. Some of them even spit on me. Yeah. Good times.

Exhibit B: Picture of me being a crazy Renthead.


But I digress. The fact that the current cast seemed to get more time and coverage when the big shebang was to be for the original cast is inexcusable. I mostly wanted to see the originals. You had, I repeat, been harping on them for oh, about a month now, right?! They got a few lines each and one verse of Seasons of Love which they shared with the original cast?!

HELLO?! Am I the only one feeling jilted here? There was NOT enough of RENT, original or current!

Now, original cast members, I realize you are all busy leading fabulous lives and are crazy over-committed but I need some answers. Idina, between a new singing career and Taye you are more than busy, I get it. But, I wanted to see you as Maureen. Daphane, I realize that since your new-found fame a la your speaking part in the Sex and the City movie you are big stuff and all, but I wanted a little Out Tonight and some blue pants, even if it was just a chorus or two. Adam, you look just like you did ten years ago, I will let you slide. Anthony, you are my favorite. Freddie, your hitting the high note was the highlight for me. You go. And Jesse L. Martin, where were you? I was majorly disappointed you weren’t there. I need a good excuse. There’d better be a good excuse! Obviously, Law & Order wasn’t holding you hostage and the network wasn’t giving you grief, so what gives? And Wilson J. Heredia I am little worried about you. You need to eat something.


I am still in huge infatuation with RENT and Anthony Rapp. In another life where he is straight and I am single we will tango away together. (Just kidding, Hubby-not really!) I am still a Renthead. I am thankful to have gotten the little taste of excellence that I did. But, next time CBS, if your meager attempt at boosting your ratings ever causes me such heartbreak again I may have to take drastic action and forever boycott your programing (though let’s be real giving up Survivor, Big Brother, and Ghost Whisperer has not yet proved to have been that difficult). Take it to heart CBS, you have been warned.

All-in-all, I am a thoroughly discontented Broadway lover tonight. Seriously, get your act together!

Renheads everywhere thank you.


Tipp Rapp

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