Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming

May 29, 2008 at 10:08 pm | Posted in Fun Times | 29 Comments
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Is it really May 29th? Does that mean tomorrow is *gasp* really May 30th?!

If you do not know the significance of tomorrow to females under the age of 40, you are living under a rock!

Tomorrow my seven girlfriends and I are going to see. . . Everyone together now. . .



 So, the obvious dilemmas abound. What to wear? What to wear??

I am hoping you can help me out. I have narrowed it down to two dresses. Which one?

The purple floral?


Blue Abstract Print?



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  1. LOVE the blue one. and yay for the movie finally coming out! I’m still not sure when I’ll see it but… hopefully soon!

  2. Both are adorable but I LOVE the blue abstract. I want!
    I’m so excited, too!! I wanted to go to the midnight showing tonight, but unfortunately there wasn’t one nearby. But I will be going at noon tomorrow, the earliest I possibly can! =)

  3. Blue, blue, blue!!! It’s just got that little extra pizzazz 😉 Have fun! I’m going on Saturday and I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  4. My vote is for the blue as well– although they are BOTH so adorable. Have a fun Friday night!

  5. I have to say the blue one hands down! They both are amazingly cute, but the blue one screams Sex and the City! Hope you have such a great time!

  6. I agree – the blue one is SO pretty!! Have FUN!

  7. Blue dress! It’ll go well with your complexion. Have a great time!

  8. Blue!! 😀

  9. Def the blue one – have a great time, I’m going with a huge group of English girls to the showing in Paris, so exciting, we’re going to live it up with cocktails after too. Wooo!

  10. Seeing as I only own one thing that is purple and the rest of my wardrobe is blue I say BLUE, BLUE, BLUE!

    I am SO excited! I just posted about it!

  11. Blue Abstract Print!! So cute!!

  12. The blue one definitely.

  13. Blue for sure! Have a blast, girls!

  14. both are so cute! but i’ve been on a purple kick so i’m gonna say go with the purple floral!

    have so much fun, you are going to love it!

  15. I know it’s totally unlike me to vote against something purple, but the blue one is just so cute. I say go for that! And good luck finding seven seats together in the theater tonight!

  16. I like the blue one!

  17. Both very cute but I’m going with the blue abstract 🙂 Have fun!

  18. Depends on what look you’re going for! The purple is more Charlotte while the blue is more Carrie 😉

  19. Go with the blue.

  20. BLUE!! 🙂

  21. Wow! Looks like the blue has won pretty much hands down, Sorry Alexa!

    I will be sporting my blue dress tonight ladies.

    Thanks so much for the help!

  22. Have fun tonight!!!

  23. i can’t wait to see this tomorrow, eee!

  24. they are both oh so very cutre!! I am going to see it tomorrow morning(1st thing).. I promised my friend(who had a wedding otnight) that I would wait for her… So – Shhhh… Don’t tell me what happens, LOL…. Hope you have a great time tonight!

  25. How fun! You MUST tell me what you think about it! And my vote is for the blue dress — it’s totally cute!

  26. You are so funny! I hope I get to sneak out and see it tomorrow! I say go for the blue!

  27. I can’t wait to see this movie as well!!!! oh, and i like both dresses but seems like the vote is for the blue one 🙂


  29. Go with the bluey blue, although I think your date already happened. I am late on the draw but still wanted to play along 😦

    I’m going tomorrow hopefully. God help the person who spoils it…

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