Girlfriends Are a Necessity

May 21, 2008 at 10:53 pm | Posted in Friends | 16 Comments

Tonight I had a date with my three main girlfriends. I have missed them so much. It has been ages since we have all been together, just the four of us.

We used to have a standing weekly date, every week without fail. We had some good times. Now new careers, distance, school, and other commitments seem to keep us from being able to see each other as much as we would like. It seems that when a few of us can get together at least one of us is traveling, or taking an exam, or just plain slammed and unable to commit.

Well, tonight, for the first time in forever we all made it. I have missed my ladies and love how no matter how long we have been away as a group we can pick back up and just be the same way we always are together. We all need a great inner-circle. I would not make it without mine. These ladies know me, challenge me, and inspire me with the the way they live their lives.

We are all on different life paths and we all came from different places. We are very diverse, but we are also the same. We have learned to respect and love each other for our uniqueness and our different perspectives. We share the same love of so many things, yet find our passions lie in many different areas. Yet, we understand each other, love each other, and lift each other up.

Do you have people that inspire you and help make you a better person? People who know what you want to say when you can’t say it? People who know when to step in and when to back off? People who encourage you to fulfill your dreams? People who care about you and your passions and take an interest in your life? People who are always there, even when they are nowhere near you? People who tell you the truth, even if it is hard to hear? People who make you want to be a better person?

I hope so. I know I couldn’t make it without mine. Love my ladies.



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  1. What a gorgeous bunc of ladies!! 🙂 I’m glad you have that support system Tipp. Everyone needs at least one friend they know will always be there!! And yes….it DOES completely suck, the time difference. 🙂

  2. I have my friend support system too. I don’t know where I would be without them! They have really helped me through some rough times in my life and I am so thankful for them!

  3. It’s funny because I really think you find out who these people are during your 20s. It’s not enough anymore to just have classes together. After some really hard moments, bad falling-outs, and days feeling completely lost, the good ones shine through. That’s when you know that those are the folks that’ll help you move into your first home, visit you when you have a new baby, and mix you a drink when you really need it.

  4. Aw! I love spending time with my girlfriends. It always produces some warm fuzzies 🙂

  5. I’ve got some good friends like this that I never get to see anymore but love to death. It is amazing how some friends you can just pick up right where you left off. Like the hair in the picture by the way 🙂

  6. There is nothing like having your girlfriends! Priceless!

  7. from first reading your title i knew i would love this post.

    you are so right!

    my friends are there to bring me back to reality and knock me on the head when i need it. haha

  8. I ❤ my girlfriends. I took a vacation with 3 of my bffs last summer and it was amazing.

    You are oh-so-right. They are completely necessary.

  9. i love my girlfriends too. i really don’t know where i would be without them. glad you have them too 🙂

  10. I love my girls too! Don’t know what I would do without mine.

  11. That is so great, I love girls night out! Especially when everyone can finally make it! It was just like that with my friend in town. Girls day was awesome. Great picture!

  12. Awww- what a cute picture of you girls!

  13. Love the pic. Youre definitely right everyone needs girlfriends no matter where you are in life you always need some girl time. Sometimes more than less!

  14. Hi Tipp, this is my first time here – from 20something bloggers – loved this post, and made me homesick for London and my girls! All the best, Marianne

  15. I love my girls, too. They’re all amazing, and I’m going to miss them all so much since I just moved. Looks like I’m going to have to find some new girlfriends because it’s nice to have a group like that.

  16. I know I couldn’t make it through life with such ease without my girlfriends. They are irreplaceable!

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