Gabe + OTH = Love

May 18, 2008 at 6:39 pm | Posted in Music | 13 Comments
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Good Music Alert.

I have it on the best authority that my favorite local act has scored the season finale song on one of my favorite shows.

Tomorrow night The Gabe Dixon Band song Disappear will be featured on One Tree Hill.

Amazing song. It will be available for download tomorrow on itunes. Do it. It will be the best .99 cents you will ever spend. Wanna spend just a little more? I highly recommend the Live at the World Cafe album.

Here is a taste of the song featured tomorrow.


There’s no time for a warning
We’ve got to make our move
We can’t wait until morning
We’ll use the light of the moon

We’ve got love on our side
We’re one step ahead
There’s no time for lies
There’s no time for regret

Holding on to love,
we can’t give in ’cause
Right or wrong,
We’ll hear the angels’ song and lose our fear
And we’ll disappear
Yeah we’ll disappear

I’ll kiss your lips when you’re dreaming
I’ll keep watch when you sleep
And I won’t stop believing
When time makes me weak

Two of my favorite things, in one? Fantastic. If you have not heard Gabe’s music do yourself a favor and watch him! He is an amazing singer, songwriter, and composer. He will be famous. It is just a matter of time.

This is Gabe performing Five More Hours  at a show in Nashville last year. This the top played song on my ipod, that is how much I love him. I call it “Gabe-therapy.” For those of you who watch this and think, “Wow, I wish those people would shut up screaming so I can hear him,” all I can say is I am sorry. It is hard to compose yourself during a Gabe Show. This was also the night that I had to practically lay myself across a table for fifteen people for almost two hours to save my crew their seats. All turned out well though and we kept our stage-side table!





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  1. I like it…Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Okay so I don’t know if you watched last week, but I was definitely not expecting the last Luke and Peyton scene. Heartbreaking really 😦 I’m excited for the finale tonight.

  3. awwww Gabe….

  4. I can say I have never even watched One Tree Hill!

  5. Cool I will make a note to check that out on iTunes tomorrow. FYI: How do you imbed videos on a post? That’s the next thing I need to learn.

  6. i love new music suggestions! woot!

  7. I didn’t even know One Tree Hill was still on TV. I will definitely try and check it out!

  8. Did you notice how last night One Tree Hill was like one very long music video? Music played in the background the entire episode. Sometimes I caught myself listening to the song and not the words the actors were saying.

  9. I never saw OTH.. I was debating whether to catch up with it on NetFlix. Good song!

  10. Oh, One Tree Hill!

  11. I’ve never watch OTH but the writer went to my high school!

    Thanks for the congratulations, I can’t believe I’m done! I’m happy to be back, I was MIA for waaaaaay too long!

  12. GAH, I just noticed all the exclamation points I used ^^^. Guess I’m in a good mood. 🙂

  13. Yay, Gabe Dixon! How’d it sound on the show?

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