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May 16, 2008 at 10:15 pm | Posted in Just for fun | 15 Comments

I wanted to give everyone a chance to catch up on the show before I posted my observations from what I am calling “The Bounce-back Finale of the Season”. For all of you who are with me in reluctantly admitting that The Office has not been true to itself the past few weeks, we were totally rewarded with our patience last night! It was back and it was excellent.

The writers came back full force. New plots introduced, old plots stirred up, minimal charachters with fabulous lines. It was an enjoyable hour long escape. Now on to the good and the bad.

The raves:

  • I loved the opener. Classic Jim and Dwight. I don’t believe we have seen such wonderful magic since Season 2. A bouncing exercise ball and a pair of scissors comes to mind.
  • Pam following through on something for her. For once. I am glad she is going to NY. Her determination to pursue her goals even at the prospect of a seperation has been a long time coming.
  • Jim bucking up and not being such a pansy. I was starting to doubt my admiration for all things Jim. A backbone is a must if you ask me! It was high time he stood up for himself and called Ryan “the twerp not the temp” out. I was personally hoping for an office storming in New York, but hey at least he did it.
  • Jim and Pam continuing to being happy. I was nervous going in. I was so afraid some crazy plot would open up leaving us to wonder about the state of their relationship for many, many, more months. Honestly, I am not sure my heart could take that. A big shout-out to the writers for not screwing it up!
  • Jim’s discussion with Michael recalling how every important event in the PB&J relationship somehow revolved around those dysfunctional walls really was touching. Lesson: No matter how bad the environment, it is what you make it. Way to throw in a life-lesson BJ!
  • I loved that they sent Ryan out in style. I have been wanting to reach through the TV screen and slap him silly for weeks now. I thought the charge was going to be drug possession after the trip to NY, but no, they took it one step further and made his demise come from his own stupidity. It is called Karma and it will get you. My prediction: Jim will take his job and he and Pam will go to NY together. Just a thought.
  • The bit about Creed still not being able to justify or explain his job was P-R-I-C-E-less! Or should I say Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y.
  • Holly doing Yoda. Found his soul mate, I think Micheal may have. Herh. Herh. Herh.
  • Phyllis doing it up right and in yo’ face Angela! Go and watch the deleted scene of Phyllis not handling the pressure so well here!
  • Angela Kinsey for looking so fantastic as she is very pregnant. Props to the camera and editing crews for doing such a fabulous job keeping her incognito. Her acceptance of the six year old ring was exactly what I would have expected. Hubby was hoping for a Dwight/Angela love-child. After the images from the last moments of the show, anything is possible! Scary, but possible.

The Rants:

  • I can not even begin to tell you how much I do not think the story line with Kevin was funny. It hurt my heart to watch, I am not going to lie. Not joking material guys, no, it is not. But, as Hubby pointed out, there is not a subject that they have not touched that doesn’t bring uncomfortable issues to light. And that is The Office, take it or leave it.
  • After all of these years of wondering why Michael hated Toby and many, many, hints at us finding out the real reason behind their feud they just left it there. Like the “present” on Michael’s carpet. It is just there. No answers and it stinks.
  • I always want more Stanley. There was not enough Stanley. Or Oscar for that matter. What up with that?
  • Jan being pregnant via IV? Please tell me this is going somewhere. I see no hope in this story line. I thought it was going to at least be Michael’s and we could watch him wrestle with fatherhood. Maybe we still will. I haven’t missed Jan. Obviously.

Overall I was so glad to see the crew back and in full swing. It has been a long long time since we saw them in their true colors and it was about time. Positive outcome of the writer’s strike? Webisodes in July!

So all of you Office bobblehead wannabes. Thoughts?



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  1. I don’t know, the whole potential fatherhood thing with Michael seems like it could be really sweet and totally awkward. It’s not too out of the blue since he’s been talking about how much he wants children throughout the series, but I really hope that Jan has normalized a little and won’t go back to all of her over the top wackiness.

    He and Holly are so sweet though. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many “awwww” moments with Michael as I did last night!

    And how amazing was Jenna Fischer’s acting when she was taking the pictures with Toby. The heartbreak behind the smile was just so well done.

    The Office is BACK!! Well, I mean, it’s gone, but you know… it’s back!

  2. ITA with you on just about all your points. I did forget in my post to mention Creed and Phyllis’ rock star party planning.

    I’m thrilled JAM was still happy at the end. I had a bad feeling. I’ve been hearing rumors that the fact he hasn’t proposed yet might cause problems but I hope not. He does just need to do it though.

  3. I’m so lame for not getting into the office…

  4. i loved the episode for all its awesomeness!! i knew they wouldn’t get engaged, but was surprised when pam said toby was cute!!! omg.

  5. 1. Oscar had the best line in the episode. “The real crime, I think, was the beard.”

    2. I think they’ve made it VERY clear why Michael hates Toby. It is Toby’s job to surb Michael’s unprofessional behavior. Michael sees Toby as the person who destroys his fun.

  6. I’m with Ben. I’m not into The Office like everyone else it seems. I’m also not a Scrubs fan. Must have not watched my first show for each when I was in the right frame of mind I guess.

  7. This episode made me so happy! I was a little weirded out by the whole Jan pregnancy thing- I was expecting it to have been Hunter’s. But Holly and Michael? Love it. And Jim and Pam? Love it even more. The scene with Dwight and Angela was hlarious though- and am I the only one glad that Phyllis was the one that caught it? I’m obsessed. I’ll be watching season 2 during the day today =)

  8. I heard rumors about Dwight leaving the show…I hope it’s not true!

  9. Just to let you know I moved. Visit me when you get a chance. Formerly 1218blog.

  10. new http://girlinterrupted1218.wordpress.com/

  11. Sighhh…I’m going to say the predictable thing, and admit that I really wanted to see the Pam/Jim engagement happen. How am I supposed to wait that long?

  12. – I agree! More Oscar!! (Stanley, too.)

    – Here’s the thing about Kevin. I think your hubby’s right. Nothing is sacred to the show (I’ve squirmed soo many times!). Holly was very sweet to him, but I think their interactions really shed light on how condescending we can be to people who we perceive might be different (whether it be a foreign person or a disabled person). When I was laughing, it wasn’t because I was laughing at a developmentally delayed person, I was laughing because Holly was tricked. I could see the fine line between the two. Glad you’re so passionate, Tipp. It’s awesome.

    – As much as I want PB&J to get married and run off to start a family…I’m scared of change. What would that do to The Office? Where would it be without those two adorable people!? I guess it’ll be okay. I mean, I was nervous when they first started dating, too.

  13. Ohh I did not THINK of Jim taking the job! That’s good!
    I will say the last scene was um disturbing. Naked dwight!

  14. It was an amazing episode, it made me very very happy and left me wanting so much more.

  15. I loved the episode!! Good call on Jim taking Ryan’s job, that had never crossed my mind, but it would be amazing!

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